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Best Places To Buy Backlinks For Niche Sites

Backlinks are still the backbone of your search engine campaign — I cannot find anyone ranking on page one of Google for any highly competitive keyword without any backlinks. Backlinks are the key, and you must have to have them in order to grow your business and to get more leads and sales.

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And today we are going to talk about few of the best places that you can go for to buy high quality backlinks. I know it sounds a bit black hat and Google has always encourage people to build natural backlinks that are not spammy and not made in intent to get high rankings.

But if everything has failed for you, or you do not have enough time to spare to build natural links, then you don’t have any option left rather than buying links.

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And you should even not hesitate in doing that, since there are already numerous people who are using this black hat tactic to get first page Google ranking — and maybe your competitors would be doing the same thing too — so why don’t you try your luck too?

Best Platforms to Buy High Quality Backlinks

Ok so now, we are just about to find-out 7 most efficient backlink purchasing platforms that I recommend to boost your search engine ranking. From these link building platforms, you can buy links on permanent and rental basis.

It really depends on you, if you don’t have the money to give a single time payment to own that link for always, then just buy it for a month and see if it works.

Before you start buying backlinks, first make an in-depth keyword research.

Ok now, so here we go!


When it comes to buying links, then LinksManagement is my first choice for so many reasons. The number one reason is that they allow you to first have a glance of the pages or URLs from where you can buy links — this feature is awesome because you can choose what to buy and what to not.

They will show you a list of all backlinks available to buy, and you can choose anyone of them which fulfils your requirements or is related to your site for which you are buying links.

They also offer a free and dedicated SEO expert that will run your link building campaign if you choose. All he will do is that he will use your balance to buy links for you. However, I will recommend to buy links on your own or you will see your account balance perishing within no time.

You can buy high-quality PR 1 to PR 9 backlinks which are extremely powerful and will enhance your search engine ranking. You will also see few no PR sites — but don’t underestimate them — if they have good Domain authority and Page authority, then go for them.


BlackHatWorld is one of the most highly used forums, used by literally spammers and black hat boys. But wait a second, it is not just a forum — you can buy high quality and high PR backlinks from there too.

There are many people selling links on BHW at really cheap prices. Just go to BHW marketplace and search for links. You will find few very good links at very reasonable prices.

Always make sure that you aren’t buying links from anyone who has bad reputation in the industry. To make sure that you don’t buy links from spammers, search for reviews and feedbacks before buying baclinks.

Black Hat Links

Black Hat Links can be considered as one of your most top priority when it comes to buying links from someone. They offer backlinks in bulk which means that you can’t just order one or two backlinks. In-fact you have to buy the most suitable backlink pakage for you.

You can choose different packages — they offer Wiki Links, Web 2.0 backlinks, Blog comments, Social signals and bookmarks. It is recommended to first buy small backlink packages and then buy any big one.

Buy High Quality Backlinks

They are one another prominent backlink selling company that provides you the platform to search and buy high quality backlinks at very cheap prices.

They offer different plans and packages — only choose one that will suit you best. You can buy PR1- PR9 backlinks — they also offer .edu, .gov, Wiki and Angela backlinks that are obstinately powerful. is one of the most oldest and most recognized platforms for buying and selling links. You can use your debit or credit card to purchase backlinks or if you have a PayPal account, then it might be a much better payment gateway for you.

They also offer few extra-ordinary features like Integrated SEO Intelligence, SEO Automation with Link queues and Quick-Start Link Campaign Wizard for both buyers and sellers.


Fiverr is a popular online marketplace to offer or purchase services — everyone of you should be familiar with it. Generally, You can buy any service by just spending 5 bucks — you can buy any service, whether you want anyone to design your logo, create a video for you, animation or anything.

And when I say anything, then this also means that you can buy backlinks from Fiverr too. There are dozens of people on Fiverr who are selling links for just $5. But make sure that you only purchase from trustworthy people who have good feedback and reputation.

Private Blog Networks

Links from PBNs can be very powerful because PBNs are made on high-quality expired domains who have great amount of link juice to pass onto linked sites. Search for a SEO company or a private SEO who has a Private Blog Network.

You can find many on WarriorForum and BlackHatWorld — search for a PBN backlink provider who has good track record and buy links from him. But do not buy cheap or low-quality backlinks because they can lead you to a Penguin penalty. Instead of purchasing poor quality permanent backlinks, you should search for high-quality PBN links — even, if they will cost you a bit more.

Wrapping it Up!

These platforms should be enough to search and find contextual backlinks that are related to your niche. But be very careful when buying links — if you have a big budget for SEO, then don’t just keep buying.

Always check the URL or page’s authenticity from where you are buying links. Always try to avoid penalized pages and URLs to buy links. I will recommend to hire a SEO expert before starting your link building campaign.


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