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Keyword researching is a big phenomena in online marketing world. A smart marketer pays much attention to his keyword research strategy in order to earn more income and leads. And it’s mandatory to pay so much attention to keyword researching because if you are not doing it correctly, then no matter how many backlinks you will have or how great your SEO strategy will be – you will not be making money.

Why? Obviously, because no one is searching for the keywords that you have targeted in your SEO strategy. For keyword researching people normally use few popular tools like Google Keyword research, SEMRush etc and there is no problem with them, but the problem is with your strategy and today we will talk about some very basic points where you need to fill the loopholes  in your keyword research strategy.

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So first thing comes first, Yup! we are talking about Google Keyword planner. Majority of us know that how to use this tool but still some are still not familiar with a feature that Google Keyword planner has.

What we basically do is that we will open Google Keyword Planner, sign-in and then we will directly go to “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category”.

After that we write few words or phrases and then we hope to find some high paying keywords.

Well, this strategy is not bad but there can be more good than this. Normally, when you do such kind of a keyword research you get high paying keywords which are very competitive.

And this is the biggest problem that we have. No new site with bunch of content pieces cannot beat a highly reputed website which has tons of backlinks.

So what? Should you abandon your marketing career at this stage? Or there is still something that you can do about marketing career? Of-course there is.

Let’s assume that you have a car selling website. You want to target people who are willing to buy cars, then you must only target those keywords which are high paying but not very competitive which means that the keyword will help you to earn more leads and sales but there are not many to compete with you for that particular keyword.

So how to find such keywords? Well, here is a hidden secret which Brian Dean revealed in his E-book. And that really worked for many, so what is that secret? Is it a trick or a hidden secret?

Well, it is not any of them but a simple and easy way of finding high quality keywords. The only reason why it is a secret is because many of us missed it completely.

Go to Google Keyword Planner again,  and click on “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category” again. But do not write phrases this time, instead go to the second input field which is below “Your landing page” heading. 

keyword research tool

Now what you need to do is to put your competitor’s blog or website’s URL here. As I said, if you have a car selling website and you live in UK then Autotraders will be your first competitors.

Now copy their website’s URL which is, paste it on Keyword Planner, Press Get ideas and you will find tons of high quality, high paying but less competitive keywords.

keyword research

You can see that there are some very high paying keywords which have only few searches a month which means that not many people will be competiting for them. And if it is true, then this is the right chance for you to grab this opportunity.

Make a small list of such high paying and noncompetitive keywords. In our case, new vehicles, used vehicle deals, new vehicles for sale and cars for sale are our keywords that should be in our list.

Next, you should create high quality content for these keywords. Have your SEO campaign running for them and then hope for good results.

If you want to learn more about link building and perfect SEO campaigns, then start reading the most finest SEO copyrighting blogs on internet.

My favorite ones are:

  1. Backlinko
  2. Search Engine Jounral
  3. Search Engine Watch
  4. Matthew Woodward’s Blog

However, for now you must read about some high quality link building techniques that have helped many marketers to boost their traffic.

You can use The Skyscraper Technique, The moving man method or Tiered Link Building, but the finest way to get backlinks is to get backlinks from blogs and websites which have good reputation in search engines and are related to your niche.



Hasnain Haider Abbas is a 25 years old web entrepreneur and founder of In the early stage of his life, he fell in love with technology, His expertise is in SEO, Content writing, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Web development, and Business promotion.

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