Best Keyword Difficulty tools in 2016

Keyword difficulty is the major hurdle in your way to earn great amount of money from a high-paying keyword. Do you know what keyword difficulty is? Basically, it is the competition that you would have to face to get page one ranking on Google. It is very necessary to first analyse and calculate the competition that you will have to face to get first page ranking for any keyword before starting your SEO campaign.

Keyword difficulty tools

Even professional SEOs like Brian Dean, consider keyword analysis as one of the most essential things that you should do before starting your SEO campaign.

On his blog, he has always mentions the importance of keyword analysis in nearly all of his articles. Now to conclude everything, I will say that

Keyword research is the most important factor for your search engine ranking

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So today I am going to share few most valuable assets for doing keyword research and to find a keyword’s difficulty in any niche. So let’s start and here we go!

Google Keyword Planner

When it comes to search engines, the first thing which come in our mind is obviously Google, since it is the world’s most largest and most used search engine, Google have the most authentic data of people’s searched queries.

And what can be more good if they are sharing that data with us — yup, you read it correctly. Google has also an advertising platform called Google Adwords, where advertisers can first do a keyword research for any particular niche and once they have found some high-paying ones, then they can start their targeted ad campaign for those specific keywords.

But you really don’t need to be an advertiser to use that tool. In-fact, you can use Google Keyword’s Planner right now. Now I know that you are already familiar with Keyword Planner, but I don’t think that you have ever used it to find keyword difficulty.

If you have your keywords, then go to Google Keyword’s planner, sign-in and click on “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category”. Now enter your keyword in the first text-box and click on “Get Ideas” button.

keyword planner interface

Now proceed to “Keyword Ideas” tab and scroll down your page where you will see your searched keyword and list of other related keywords.

You will notice that Google not only shows you the average monthly searches for your keyword but also the competition level. For example, low, medium or high — and this is the key information for you.

If the competition is low, then you may get first page ranking easily. However, it would be a bit difficult for you to get first page ranking for highly competitive keywords — but at-least now you know about the competition that you will have to face for high rankings for your keyword.

keyword searches

Moz Research Tool

I know, this tool is not specified to check a keyword’s difficulty — but what if we can somehow make use of it to find the competition for the keyword that we want to rank for? It would be great.

So we are going to use it to find keyword difficulty. How? Well, I will tell you in a moment. Before you start using this tool, go to Google and search your particular keyword. Now note down the URL of all of the top 10 websites that are listed on page one of Google.

Now go to Moz Research tool and enter each and every URL one by one, and check for the amount of backlinks all pages are getting. If the amount of inbound links is high for all pages, that means that getting first page ranking will be difficult for you — because there is a lot of competition out there.

moz keyword difficulty

Also check for a page’s authority or PA. If the article or content that is on Google’s first page for your keyword has no or low amount of backlinks, then it means that getting first page ranking will be an easy job for you.

SEMRush Keyword Difficulty tool

Now here comes one of the most richest platform in terms of features for SEOs. SEMRush is always my first choice to do seo keyword difficulty check-up, keyword researching, competition analysis and to hack my competitors’ keywords.

Now we are just going to talk about SEMRush’s keyword difficulty tool — go to the link and put your keyword in the blank textbox, now press “Show difficulty” button.

semrush keyword difficulty tool

Data Analysis

Now this is not a tool, in-fact it is a tactic that we are going to use to find-out the difficulty that we can face to get first page Google ranking for any keyword.

Go to and search for your keyword. You will see that within no time search results will appear that can be from few hundred thousands to millions or if there is not enough content available on internet for your keyword — then it can be even zero.

And this is the key point for us — look for the search results that Google has generated, if the number is high, then it means that getting high ranking in Google will be tough because there are already hundreds and thousands of people who have already written a lot about it.

Google keyword difficulty check-up

Wrapping it Up

So now you have a good list of your tools to analyse your keywords’ competition and that is great. Just use these tools altogether to beat your competitors on Google. There may be few other tools that I haven’t mentioned, but if you know few of them, then share them with us by posting a small comment.


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