How to Get BuysellAds approval in 2015?

buysellads approval

How to Get BuysellAds approval in 2015?

Buysellads is the most growing network around the internet which allows advertisers to search quality blogs with great amount of traffic to publish their advertisements there. It also gives an opportunity to Bloggers to monetize their Blogs by providing a solid platform where hundreds and thousands of advertisers are searching for quality Blogs to advertise.

If you are a Blogger searching for a way to monetize your Blog then believe me Buysellads is the best opportunity for you. But to get advertisements from BuySellAds you will need there approval.

Although, BuysellAds is a great platform to find quality websites and Blogs for advertisements but in this particular article we are going to talk about BuySellAds approval, specifically.

So, for a BuySellAds approval you will be needing a quality Website or a Blog with decent amount of traffic. You will also need a clean and professional design that is user-friendly and not cluttered or chaotic.


Additional information is given below which is officially declared by BuySellAds authorities.

  1. Your website should exist on its own domain and not a subdomain of a blog or website service. Exmaples include Blogger, WordPress, etc…
  2. Your website should have a clean and professional design that is user-friendly and not cluttered or chaotic.
  3. Your website should be free of errors.
  4. Your website should have real, established traffic with at least 50,000 page impressions per month. If a publisher registers a domain and then quickly uses a service to purchase bulk / false clicks to increase page impressions for the purpose of selling ads, the site would be rejected. (These unethical traffic practices also have a very negative effect on domains and future interactions with ad networks, so establishing traffic in this manner should never be considered for any website.)
  5. Your website should not already have an abundance of ads. The more ads on your site, the less exclusivity you have to offer.
  6. Your website should be updated regularly with unique content. If you submit a blog and have only posted a few blog posts so far, then your website would not be accepted because it does not yet have enough content (and more than likely, not enough traffic yet).

My Tips for BSA Approval

  • Well, These instructions are quite clear but are not easy to follow. However, If you are new to Blogging I will recommend you to use WordPress. If you have some budget then buy a theme which is created on HTML 5 code(Personally, I will recommend Genesis Theme Framework).
  • Post unique articles on regular basis. Sometimes you can write on some familiar topics.
  • Try to achieve better rank on Alexa, For this you will need decent amount of traffic. Share your content with your friends, family and your Social network to engage as many audience as you can.
  • Put the alexa widget somewhere in your Blog or Website.
  • Try to post an article about Buysellads.(Don’t know it works or not but I have heard many people who have advice the same)
  • Get some consultation from those guys who have BuySellAds approved Blogs.

Don’t believe me? Have a look of Buysellads own tips to get their Approval.

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