Tiered Link Building: New Strategy to outrank your competitors

Tiered Link Building is a popular phenomena which SEOs and marketers have discussed a lot. I was introduced to this link building strategy in 2014 by Matthew Woodward. Since then, I have been trying different things with this technique and today I have a strategy that should be the core of our SEO strategy in 2016.

tiered link building new strategy

What will you learn?

  • What is tiered link building?
  • How to build tiered links?
  • What is the new strategy?

What is tiered link building?

Tiered link building can be considered as an art that is used by SEO. Basically, this is a strategy where you create posts and pages to link your other sites, these links can be either tier 2 links or tier 1 links — we will talk about the difference soon.

It’s type of a Pyramid link structure, where you create links to empower other links. Now I will not make it any more complicated at all.

See the image below:


As you can see in the image that we have made has a Pyramid type structure where tier 3 links are pointing towards tier 2 links and tier 2 links point towards tier 1 links. Eventually, tier 1 link sends all the link juice to our money site.

In this structure tier 3 links pass link juice to tier 2, later tier 2 links use this link juice to strengthen tier 1 links by passing that link juice to tier 1 links.

This common tiered link building strategy is still used by webmasters and SEOs widely to build a high quality backlink structure that cannot be caught neither penalize by Google.

But wait! There is a hidden tactic that they use — but I will tell you about that later.

How to build tiered links?

Now this is a genuine question to be asked “How I can make a penalty proof tiered links structure?”. This can be done easily — all you need is good knowledge and expertise which you will earn once you will start doing things at your own.

Now I know you are thinking about the expense that can occur when making a tiered backlink structure. Well, you don’t need to worry about it much — because you will not have to invest some big money to build a tiered backlink structure.

In-fact it is ten times less expensive than a private blog network. It all depends on you, whether you want to make hundred backlinks or two hundred. Don’t create two hundred if only a hundred backlinks can work.

Tiered 3 Links

Let’s talk about tier 3 links first — because they will be the biggest factor for your tiered links profile. These links can be from spam comments, low quality article submission directories or from 200-300 words content that you can publish on your different blogs.(Extra tip: Use Tumblr or WordPress.com to build free blogs.)

You can use spun content for your tier 3 blogs, to spin content you can use many article spinners. Once you have spun the content — publish it and make a backlink for your tier 2 site(Don’t use keyword rich anchor text) — only link one tier 2 site from one tier 3 blog post.

Remember, these tier 3 links are core of your tiered link building strategy. But making them can be very time consuming at your own. You can do one thing to avoid this hassle — and that is to outsource them.

By outsourcing, I don’t mean to hire someone to create those 200-300 words articles for you and later publish them, instead buy cheap links.

Yup, buy links as your tier 3 links — I know it is a bit controversial but you have to do it. There are lots of people who sell cheap backlinks on internet. And don’t worry if those links have low quality or they are from spam sites — just buy them as your tier 3 links for your tier 2 blogs — doesn’t matter if they are in shape of blog comments or directory backlinks.

Make sure that you do not use keyword rich anchor text to link your tier 2 blogs or Google can penalize your tier 2 blogs. To make sure that you avoid a Google penalty use long-tailed keywords.

For example: If your keyword is “london locksmiths”, then you can use a long phrase anchor text like this “nearby london locksmiths” or “my favourite locksmiths in London”. This will surely save you from a Google Penguin penalty.

tier 3 links b

Tiered 2 links

To make tiered 2 links you need to put some effort. For that you should first build few tier 2 blogs. You can buy expired domains to build tier 2 blogs or use free Tumblr or WordPress.com to create free blogs.

Once they are all set, post few articles on them and finally post a quality article having a backlink for your tier 1 link.  The article must contain 500-700 words — you can use spun content too.

Now here is when the hidden strategy comes into play:

Buy PBN(Private Blog network) links for your tier 2 blogs. First we bought few low quality and spam links but now we want to pass some quality link juice to our tier 2 links.

It completely depends on your niche that how many you need to buy. An average keyword with average competition should not take more than 2 PBN links for a single tier 2 blog.

You can buy very cheap PBN links on Fiverr or Warrior Forums. Ask the seller to link your tier 2 pages. You can buy up to 100 PBN links for just $5. Again, make sure that your links do not contain keyword rich anchor text.

tier 2 links

Tier 1 Links

Tier 1 links are the most important factor of your whole Tiered link building campaign. If you will not make them correctly — then all your efforts are in vein.

Before making Tier 1 links make one thing very clear in your mind — do not put spam on your tier 1 site. You will not want any of your tier 1 sites penalize.

First put some valuable content on your Tier 1 sites. Maybe five articles will be enough — then post a final article with a backlink for your money blog.(Don’t ever use keyword rich anchor text to link your money site)

backlink to money site

Make sure that every tier 2 blog is linking to your Tier 1 blog post from where you are linking to your money blog. Again, don’t ever use keyword rich anchor text.

Now here is the next trick, Go to www.linksmanagement.com and buy few high quality backlinks for your tier 1 blogs — make sure that you only buy links from relevant pages. LinksManagement allows buyers to first have a look of pages from where they are buying links.

tier 1 links

By using this tool effectively, you can super charge your Tier 1 blogs ranking — subsequently, your money site will gain more link juice. Now don’t buy so many expensive backlinks — if your niche is less competitive, then just buy few PR2 backlinks for each Tier 1 blog.

Only buy backlinks from those websites whose PA is above 25. Before buying a backlink, open the page yourself and do some inspection — if the site has relevance to your Tier 1 blog posts — then have a go and buy it.

Every backlink that you purchase must only link to your Tier 1 blog post from where you are linking to your money blog. Make sure that you do not use any keyword rich anchor text to link your tier 1 blogs.

What now?

After creating all these tiered links structure — all you have to do is to wait. Share your tier 2 and tier 1 blogs on Google+ and Facebook to make sure that your tier blogs are indexed by Google.

You should not forget three things:

  • Your tier 1 blogs should look natural and must not be penalized
  • Never use keyword rich anchor text to link any blog
  • Get as many tier 3 links for your tier 2 blogs as you can — even if they have low quality

You can link to other high quality sites that have relevance to your niche — but never give a backlink to your competitors — especially from tier 1 pages.

Hasnain Haider Abbas is a 25 years old web entrepreneur and founder of Articlesteller.com. In the early stage of his life, he fell in love with technology, His expertise is in SEO, Content writing, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Web development, and Business promotion.

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