The Ultimate List of Free Flight Simulators (2021)

In 2021, people were searching for the best Flight Simulator and were exploring the niche. As the result, they got X Plane 11, War Thunder, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and others. But that left us with one question and that is, which one of these games is the best free flight simulator game.

free flight simulators

We’re here to tell you guys which one is the best. Although, there are many of them we simplify it and summarize the list so that you can easily choose.

We made a list that offers different and unique simulators with distinct features for an energizing experience.

Our List of Top 5 Free Flight Simulators

Here is our list of top 5 Simulators:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Extreme Landings
  • Flight Gear
  • Digital Combat Simulator World
  • PicaSim
Microsoft Flight Simulator
microsoft flight simulator

If you’re talking about the best simulators, tycoon games, and much more then you shouldn’t neglect Microsoft. It is known for creating the best games. These games bring realistic and authentic feelings.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the best flight simulating games. The graphics are quite authentic and realistic with mesmerizing mechanisms.

Moreover, this game is compatible with VR. This will allow you to have a real-life-like experience via your VR headsets. You can showcase your skills by customizing your controls.

This game will bring real-life experience into your life. By playing this game you’ll face many challenges. Like taking off the plane from the airport, or it could be landing it!

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Extreme Landings

Are you wondering why extreme landings is in our list? Well, why not? The graphics of the game is realistic. It will also bring a combination of problems into your gaming experience like taking off the plane into the sky.

At the starting of the game, you will have a single plane which you’ve to fly from one location to another. In this, you’ll face many problems and challenges.

All the challenges may vary from mechanical problems to weather conditions. There is a mode in which you will play as a pilot to advance the flight simulator further. That mode is called “Career Mode”.

The more you advance in the levels, challenges will become harder and harder!

The Extreme Landings is available across all the big platforms like Mac App Store, Linux, and others. As we’ve mentioned that you’ll start with only one plane. If you want more planes then you’ve to pay a little amount to unlock them.


There is a flight mode available on Google Earth that allows you to move around to get a flight-like experience. But that is not an app or a simulator exactly. So, for the substitute, we’ve FlightGear on our list.

The interface of this game is easy to understand which makes it user-friendly and any beginner can easily play this game. You can create models, and can also create different scenarios to test your flight models.

Making scenarios to test your models will help you to design better air crafts, and you will get a better understanding of the flying conditions.

Moreover, FlightGear has almost the realistic controls. From which you can learn, how to land a plane and how to take off the plane. This knowledge will benefit you even in your real life.

Furthermore, this game is available on all major platforms like Mac, Linux, Android, and others which ensure the availability of the game. It is one of the best free flight simulators we can get on our list.

Digital Combat Simulator World

If you’re looking for something that has more action and thrill, then the Digital Combat simulator would satisfy your need. It comes with a wide mixture of planets and realistic graphics. The game comes with different modes, from one player to multiplayer. You can join the pre-existing mission or can create your own mission, or you can join campaigns.

It’s not just a simple flight simulator, it more about fighting by using your jets. You will face both ground units and air units. If you’re seeking action then this game is just for you. You’ll have the dog-fight thrill.

You can always train yourself in training mode which will help you to get practice for the intriguing digital combat simulator’s world.

You can download this game on your computer, pcs and on macs. This game supports MacOs as well. This is the best game if you’re looking for the best free flight simulators.

Furthermore, you don’t have to spend any amount to get more content and maps. It’s totally free!


PicaSim is one of the casual approaches to a Flight Simulator. It’s not expensive as others we’ve on our list. The game is available on almost every platform such as Android, Windows, or iOS which means you can download it on your mobile device and pc as well.

The game will bring you gliders and RC aircraft to use. This game is totally free of cost, you can donate some amount to the development of the game if you want to.

PicaSim has a number of maps of 3D simulation, also you can get access to the vast variety of buildings, sceneries, and aircraft for free. The game is mostly easy to play on windows operating systems. It is one of the best free flight simulators game where you can control a plane for flight or land it at airports.

If you’re willing to achieve new heights, then this simulator is the one you should surely give a try. It will give you a casual experience of flight, cockpit, airports, and other stuff.

Frequently Asked Question about Flight Simulator

What purpose do Flight Simulators serve?

The purpose of flight simulators may vary. Some will offer you the warlike War Thunder, others will give your flight access like Microsoft Flight Simulator. They all will help you to become a better pilot, they will help you to focus on the smallest detail. Most of the best pilot schools in the world use flight simulators to give education.

What are the system requirements for the game?

As of now, we didn’t find any particular system requirement. These games bring something for every engine. What makes flight simulators the top choice, is that they offer a high level of scenery, graphics, and features.

Is it ok to use Google Earth as a simulator?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Google Earth isn’t a simulator. It just gives you the flight to run around but it is not a flight simulator. It is not a game, it will just allow your to choose different locations on Google Earth and take a flight.

However, there are other games like Microsoft Flight Simulator and others we’ve mentioned on our list.

Is it necessary to get a VR for Flight Simulators?

No, it is not! There is no doubt that VR will deliver a distinct outlook to education. It can be a considerable choice but it is totally not necessary.

However, it can be useful if you’re willing to become a pilot. It will allow you to understand the scenario in a much better way. Some of the VR content distributors are working on stuff like submarine simulators, flight simulators, and other similar games to tempt the users.

Is there any air balloon mode in these games?

No, there is not! If you’re willing to fly one, there are simulators for that also.

Final Words:

X Plane 11, and War Thunder are considerable mentions, but these are more game-oriented and will not give you a real-life experience. We will wrap this article here. We’ve listed the best games so far to help you choose.

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