Where Does Elden Ring Take Place

Elden Ring is designed in The Lands Between, a huge kingdom below the Erdtree, the huge haunted tree can be seen from everywhere in the game. The Lands Between used to be ruled by Queen Marika the Eternal.

The area was prospered with the ruling of Queen Marika and the supremacy of the Elden Ring, an enormously powerful enchantment that controlled all of the things in The Lands Between in the orders of a Greater Will. The Greater Will was a type of plan that was divined and assured that everything is going efficiently.

However, as in some Soulsborne games, something got wrong in this game too. The Elden Ring was crushed, and the Lands Between were abandoned by Greater Will. On other hand, Queen Marika disappeared too. Her kids fought a grisly and heroic battle among themselves known as the Shattering, working to get a grasp of several ruins of the Elden Ring which is broken but still holds a vast amount of power.

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Marika’s kids, all of them were demigods, are now ruling their sides in The Lands Between equivalent to one of the different territories in the game. The game starts from the Tarnished in Limgrave, which is the Stormveil Castle home. Liurnia is conquered by the narrow and large Lake Liurnia & the Raya Lucaria academy, which is the Glintstone sorcery headquarters. Caelid is a fester and the scary area is destroyed by Scarlet Rot, a horrible plague. The Plateau of Altus is on highland close to the Erdtree, closer to the throne of Marika. Go higher and there are the Giants mountaintops, deserted by the creatures known as giants who used to live there.

These are the biggest areas of The Lands Between. However, there are also some smaller areas, counting areas that are underground and multiple dungeons and subways. Everything has been shared and can be acknowledged that The Lands Between has a large map.

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