Best Grenade Spot – Dust 2

Dust 2 is one of the most famous maps in Counter Strike: Global Offensive also known as CS: GO, where strategies are important. This is the reason we have shared the best grenade spot list for Dust 2.

It’s been more than twenty years since Dust 2 has been released for Counter Strike. The map was formerly released in the month of March in the year 2001 on their second version of the game called Counter Strike 1.1. Afterward, the map was also introduced in both Counter Strike games known as Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO) and Counter Strike: Source.

Dust 2 is a signature map in Counter Strike, as we know it is one of the oldest maps but is the most played map in Counter Strike: GO. Dust 2 rate has been calculated and looks like 19.8 percent of match-making is played on Dust 2 and ranked on 3rd after Inferno and Mirage as the most played maps for CS: GO. For the reason of its popularity, developers have also released several 1v1 maps similar to Dust 2 in CS: GO.

It is good to know all the best smoke spots for Dust 2, but it would be even better to acknowledge the best spots for a grenade. Continue reading to know the best spots for grenades in Dust 2.

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Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2 – A Site

Let’s check out the best spots for the grenade in Dust 2 – A site. Different grenades include HE grenades, Molotov/incendiary, and pop flashes that are beneficial for both Counter Terrorists and Terrorists. Do not forget to maintain your consistency of lineup in CS: GO

Best Flash Spots

  1. Pop Flash on A-Long Doors

The grenade that comes on the list first is a pop flash. It is best for entering via long doors. Normally, Counter Terrorists (CTs) can rush on A-long and when their guns are aimed. Throw this pop flash and with it, players can easily enter through the doors and might get you kills.

  1. Flash on Site Entry from Short

Here is another good spot to flash for terrorist (T) side players. Users can throw a flash from the catwalk / A short side and can make their enemies blind who are hiding and defending the bomb site. Don’t forget to look out for CT players hiding in a car or A-long.

  1. Aggressive Flashes on Long Doors with Team

Next, we will share flash spots for Counter Terrorists who are planning to play aggressively and rush to long doors. The strategy we will be talking about should make terrorists blind while pushing and exiting from long doors. Sadly, a player cannot throw this flash alone and will need support from the team to throw the flashes.

Get the best headsets and rehearse this flash strategy with friends. This flash is the most powerful flash so no worries if a player does it in the right way the enemies won’t be able to see it.

  1. Pop Flash on A-Short Stairs

The next flash strategy we will be sharing here is beneficial for both taking back and attacking. Pop flash is thrown from the catwalk (A – Short) and will blind whoever will be on the stairs or short side. This is one of the best strategies for fighting against players who are aiming someplace in short. Besides that, this flash is tough to dodge as it is thrown from a higher spot.

  1. Flash on A-Site Catwalk

This Flash strategy is a great way for Counter Terrorists to throw a flash from A-ramp. Throwing a flash is pretty easy from this side and can be difficult for enemies to dodge as they won’t be able to see it coming. Throw it in the right direction and it will blind all individuals moving towards the spot from A-short.

  1. Throw a Flash From a Pit To A-Long Doors

There are some times when users have to play with different strategies to shock their enemies. One of the most popular strategies in this game is to play from the inside pit. Well, this strategy normally works on one kill and move on. Sometimes to get extra kills what players can do is throw a flash from a pit. This will blind whoever will be coming from long doors of the A-side and let the player kill those who are flashed.

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Best Spots for Molotov

  1. Molotov on A-Site

Let’s talk about Molotov now. Incendiary and Molotov grenades burn and spread as soon they explode after being thrown. This grenade is the best item to clear corners without rolling an eye out there. 

The spot we are talking about right now is A-site, throw a Molotov there and clear the site in a faster way to plant a bomb.

  1. Molotov On A-Site Goose

Goose can be seen on the wall at the top corner of the A-site. Goose spot is a good spot to hide and stay safe from A-short while having your aims on A-long. Normally, Snipers or AWPers play at goose spot and move to the corner when they need to hide. Throwing a Molotov grenade at this place is the best idea to kill or injure players while moving in from A-short.

  1. Molotov on Car

At last, we have another idea for A-site. Throw a Molotov on a car over there whereas it is the last spot on A-site to throw grenades. Playing from the car side is the most common spot as players can cover both A-long and A-short. It would be better to throw a Molotov over there and make sure that no opponent is hiding over there.

  1. Molotov on A-Long Doors 

This strategy can be used to slow down the Terrorist rush from A-long doors. A player can easily throw a Molotov while moving towards A-long and throw it directly on the exit of A-long doors. After throwing a Molotov, players can easily avail this opportunity to aim and hold for anyone from the terrorist side who tries to move on. Be careful and stay alert for flashes.

Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2 for B-site

Here are the best sports for throwing grenades on the B-site in the Dust-2 map. Lineups normally involve jump binds for more accuracy. Ensure to arrange and customize your best layout for the keyboard on CS: GO to throw these grenades precisely using jump binds.

Best Spots for Flashes

  1. Flash on B-site Entry

The next two flashes are useful and are used for moving towards B-site. Both of the flashes are thrown from different areas and make players blind from different directions. The first flash point is good for closer angles and will blind the players waiting at the B-main site.

  1. Deep Flash on B-Site

The next flash on B-site will go further than the previous one and should make players blind can be seen at B window, outside the car on B-site, back plat, and fence.  It is recommended to use both flashes right after the first one and make sure that in case those who aren’t blinded by the first one get blind on the second flash.

  1. Flash from Window for B-Main

As we are talking about flashes, here is another strategy for throwing flashes in the best way to stop enemies from rushing towards B-Main. The way it can be done is to throw a flash from the window side of B and it might blind all the players who try to rush towards B-site. Make sure to connect the flash in case there is a player on the back plat and that flash will make him blind too.

  1. Flash on B-site for Taking Back

Finally, we have a good strategy on flashes to take back B-site. This flash grenade can be thrown outside the window on B-site and that should make all players blind available on-site, including players covering B-window and enemies covering B-door too. It is the best and most rapid strategy for flashes that covers a big area.

  1. Counter Terrorist Flashes from B-Site

This flash strategy is used to stop from taking back or backing up team players who are recently spawned. Throwing flashes from this spot will make all players blind that are coming from counter terrorist spawn area or mid and has a huge area in radius. Players can also get a teammate to peek via the window or door of B-site to utilize your flash maximum.

Best Spots for Molotov/HE

  1. Molotov at Back Platform

The back platform is a famous place for snipers or call them AWPers as they have a complete angle. Players can easily make them move by throwing a Molotov over there. That AWPer will either move or get out of the cover and you can easily kill that player or he can also get burned from your Molotov if not moved.

Just ensure that you are on a defensive spot and have a cover as that spot is almost open from all sides. Throwing a smoke grenade at B-site will assist you a lot.

  1. B-site Molotov for CT Spawn

This Molotov spot is good for stopping enemies from quick turns via CT spawn. It covers a wide area, and enemies won’t be able to walk through until they throw a smoke grenade to put out Molotov otherwise they will be injured if they walk through it.

Sadly, this spot for grenades will only work if you have captured B-site and have complete control as the Molotov on this spot is thrown from a wide area.

  1. Molotov on B-Main / HE from Doors

The next Molotov spot we will be talking about is for Counter Terrorists (CTs) and it can assist to stop enemies from rushing to B-Site. Teammates can work together and throw a grenade after Molotov, or you can do it by yourself to buy more time after the Molotov fire ends.

  1. Molotov from B-Main / HE from Window

Like the previous grenade spot, players can also throw a Molotov or High Explosive grenade (HE) from the window of the B-site, and it will work same as the grenade that was thrown from the previous spot. This spot is a better spot to throw the grenades if a player is using a sniper from the window.

  1. Molotov Spot for Retaking B-Site

This Molotov spot is a good way to retake B-main control as Counter Terrorists. Players can easily throw near B-site boxes and can help counter terrorists to take back control of the B-Site again. This spot can also be a good place to stop terrorists from planting a bomb.

  1. Molotov on B-site Car for Retake

B-Car is one of the most popular spots after planting a bomb on B-Site. That spot gives protection on that site and will give players a good view of the window and door of the B-Site. When retaking an area, throwing a Molotov on a B-car spot is a good way to decrease the number of angles players have to cover when entering the B-Site. The Molotov should clear that B-car surrounding and that will allow players to keep an eye on other directions.


Best Grenade Spots for Dust 2 – Middle Area

The last thing we will be talking about is the best grenade spots for Dust 2 – the middle area. Don’t forget to get the best gaming mouse so you can play with better performance. Purchase grenades and keep them ready for tunnels, mid doors, and short.

Best Spots for Flash

  1. Pop Flash on Mid Doors

The first spot we will be talking about for the middle area is mid doors. It is a perfect spot for rushing via mid from tunnels. It will be surprising for enemies to aim behind mid doors. Normally, AWPers are the ones holding mid doors, and sometimes enemies get close for aim. All of the players standing behind doors will get blind from the flash you throw.

  1. Pop Flash on Mid Doors (Spot for Counter Terrorists)

This flash spot doesn’t always come in handy but it can be quite helpful in some situations. Players can use the pop flash on mid doors if they think enemies are trying to rush through mid-doors. Throwing a pop flash on mid area makes all players blind whoever playing close to mid doors and can make it easier for you to get a free kill.

Best Molotov / High Explosive Spots

  1. Molotov on Mid Doors

This is one of the best spots for throwing Molotov if you don’t want to rush through mid doors. The Molotov you throw will land right on mid doors and will cause damage to everyone standing in the close corner of the doors.

  1. Molotov on Short Stairs

The next spot we will be talking about is short stairs. Throwing a Molotov on short stairs can stop Counter Terrorists from rushing and buy you time to push through mid doors or tunnels. Don’t lose yourself and be ready to fight as enemies can still rush through the Molotov.

  1. Molotov on Short for Defenders

This spot is for Counter Terrorists as they can throw a Molotov and stop enemies from rushing towards A-Short. Throwing a Molotov on this spot will get CT more time to find a better spot and aim.

  1. Molotov From A-Short to Mid Tunnels

Throwing a Molotov on a mid tunnel can be useful as it can stop enemies from rushing towards mid from B-site. It can be thrown from the A-short side and will land at the bottom area of the tunnel. It will assist you to push forward and get a better aim before enemies can peek back.

  1. Molotov From Mid to Catwalk

The last spot we will be talking about is a catwalk, it can be thrown from the mid door. It is a good spot for throwing Molotov as you use it to support your teammates covering A-short. After throwing it will be landed on the catwalk ledge and starts spreading and covering a wide area as it spreads till Xbox and burns players standing near A-Short.


That’s it! These were the best grenade spots for Dust 2 in CS: GO. These grenade spots can bring a twist to the game if used in the right way. If you can, try to memorize some of these spots to help you with better gameplay in ranked games.

It’s been more than 20 years since the Dust 2 map has been released in Counter Strike, and 5 years since its redesign in CS: GO and after some months the map was updated again in Operation Riptide. There might be many more grenade spots that players have revealed.

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