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How to Download Kik on PC

Kik is a messaging application that allows its users to get in touch with their family and friends using the mobile data network or through Wi Fi connection. . Customers would need only an email address to sign up on Kik and no details of phone number is required. Kik is also compatible with Android, iOS, and Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

KIK for PC

In the world of today, there are a number of messenger applications available including WhatsApp and iMessage, however, Kik holds a particular identity due to its increased privacy and anonymity. With only the requirement of an email address, Kik has millions of registered customers around the globe. Kik allows its customers to send and read unlimited messages for free and without loss of any time. The users have also the option to download Kik on PC using different Android emulators.

History of Kik

It was the students of the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada who came up with an idea to engineer a product that can cross over every hurdle in modern-day communication and ended with an amazing application by the name of the Kik messenger app, which was launched in October 2010.

kik on pc

The application was a game-changer in the messaging world and today, Kik has a customer base of over 200 million accounts which is increasing day by day.

The application provides a mechanism to its customers which helps them to send text messages, pictures, video chats, voice recordings to the recipients around the globe.

Download Kik on PC for Windows 10, 8 & 7 By Using Android Emulator

Install Kik on your Android, iPhone, and Windows, however, the Kik messenger can also be downloaded at the computer devices with the help of an Android emulator download and install option through the following installation process:

KIK for PC version
Step 1:

To install KIK on your PC, download “Andyroid” through the official portal “”. Once the application is downloaded on your PC through the download option, go to the android emulator in the Downloads folder of your computer.

Step 2:

Open the Andyroid button, which asks for confirmation. The user will notice a significant change in the desktop of their PC due to the availability of Andyroid, which will change from Windows of your computer to that of Android.

Step 3:

User has to tap on the “Google Play” icon and have to use their Gmail account details to sync the data. Please note that if Kik for windows is already installed on the PC device, the application will synchronize everything on its own.

Download and Install Kik Messanger on PC Through Bluestacks

In order to download KIK for PC using BlueStacks Emulator, customers need to have an active Google Play Store account. The process to download Kik messenger through bluestacks or an emulator on your computer is:

KIK Android emulator or bluestacks  apps on PC devices
Step 1:

To install KIK, customers must have to download the BlueStacks emulator on the PC device and make it functional by entering the required details.

Step 2:

On completion of the download, the user has to type KIK Messenger on the search tool and have to hit the downloading option to go further.

Step 3:

KIK is operational on the PC, but to enjoy it fully, the user will have to fill in the details.

Step 4:

Kik for PC is downloaded and ready to use. through bluestacks at your desktop.

Kik for Windows 10

Windows 10 is friendly for KIK Messenger, provided that a user downloads and update the messaging application using an Android emulator or Bluestacks emulator. The process is as easy and fast as it is for Windows 8 and Windows 7.

KIK features on Andy

Install Kik Through Andy – Android Emulator

People can install and use the KIK messenger app features by navigating the Andy website. For Andy’s download update, nothing is required but to have a google account username.

KIK messaging application can be accessed through the mobile device or by Andy, Android emulator on the PC.

Important Features of Kik Messaging Application

1. Customers of KIK will get into a habit of using a Kik account due to its user-friendly features. The KIK application is extremely easy and well-devised which makes the users more comfortable than by using any other application.

KIK features on Andy

2. KIK for PC penetrated the market of instant messaging due to its capacity of enabling customers to help in searching the web browser within its domain.

3. KIK uses the names of the users for their identification and never displays the personal information to the public. Therefore, there is plenty of defensive works for the personal information.

4. Users wish to send invitations to their friends and family members, who are not on the messaging app, they can do that by sending them SMS, emails, or social media sites.

5. KIK has a typing notification feature as well with a number of stickers that can be sent to friends and family members of the KIK customers.

6. KIK also offers group chat for its users. However, the maximum number of friends or people in a group chat is 10.

7. Quite recently, Kik has come up with an excellent feature where customers can share the old recorded videos with their friends.

8.  The users of KIK messenger are known as Kiksters.

Kik Online – Free to Use

Use KIK - messaging app through bluestacks on computer devices

Kik messenger app is completely free to download and install. Users don’t need to pay any premium fee to get it on their device. Users might be charged for data depending upon the internet plan they are using.

Kik Messenger can be used with both mobile network data and Wi-Fi.  You can send text, photos, videos, and documents using Kik Messenger. Photos and Videos usually consume more data than other types of files.

Kik Online Public Groups

Use kik bluestacks app for text messges

The groups made by the users are termed as Public Group. Initially, the groups were known as Hashtags. Public Group allows the users to meet people and get new friends of the same interest. Any of the users can search the public group and anyone can join the public group if there a place or room available in the group. Those users who want to control the new joiners should have to create the Private Group.

Kik Smileys for Windows App

KIK Smileys are a great way to express your feelings without having to type anything. Whether you are using Android or iOS or any other device, select the chat from the chat list in which you wish to send the smiley. Customers can use a smiley from the smiling icon with their text. Users can select the desired smiley from here and tap ‘Send’.

Use KIK app smileys - text messages - bluestacks at PC

Kik Login Password

Anybody can use the KIK app and change the login password on KIK messenger, as the process is very easy. For change of password, the latest version of KIK is mandatory on the device. Go to setting, then your account which will show you the change password option.

Kik Privacy

KIK app makes sure your privacy rights on KIK messenger. Your friends and family relatives can access your profile picture, username, and display name. However, they will not be able to see your phone number or email address. They can’t even see your birthday. . Kik maintains complete privacy of your personal information.

Kik Password Reset

Use KIK on PC through bluestacks browser

You can reset the password on the KIK app only if you have access to the registered email address on your Kik account. If any of the users forgot his email address, he would need to visit the site for getting details.

Kik Messages Backup

There is no backup of the chats on KIK. Right now, there is no option to save the KIK messages and chats. Alternatively, users can use the screenshot feature of your device to record the chat history in the picture format.

Kik’s Anonymous Chat Feature

The only concern about Kik is that the younger people can talk to those they should not talk to through Kik’s anonymous chat feature.

Username on pc - no phone numbers like Whatsapp

The present age restriction at Kik is 13 years which is rated as inappropriate for that age and it should be not less than 17 years of age. However, parents of a young age can contact the for deactivation of their kid’s accounts.

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