Play Time Shooter 2 Unblocked (Crazy Games/Unblocked 76/Yandex/Unblocked Games World)

Time Shooter 2 Introduction:

A First Person Shooter (FPS) game ‘Time Shooter 2’ where individuals have to plan their moves & shots while being more careful. Users will have to dodge the opponent’s fire in the battle and move towards their way.


A new virus is spreading and infecting people worldwide. The virus takes control of people’s minds and pushes them to get violent and attack people. In the meantime, the user playing the game wakes up in the mid of the woods, where only the watch is placed at a distance of around 90 minutes and it can save players from the virus. Time is running fast. Users will have to start walking towards the watch to get free from this disease in time shooter unblocked 76.

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Instructions to Play:

First of all, users playing this game will have to pick the best weapon suitable for their job. Why a different weapon? Well, players will need a different weapon for different situations. Players should pick an AK-47 if he or she will face several enemies with guns. Secondly, players will have to be cautious and alert to their surroundings in time shooter unblocked. Furthermore, players can grab weapons from the hands of their opponents. Players can also cause damage to their enemies by throwing subjects & weapons or exploding cylinders.

Game Controls:

  1. Move with Arrow keys.
  2. Pick Weapons with Mouse Left Click.
  3. Throwing Weapons with Mouse Right Click.
  4. Aim with Mouse Movement.
  5. Move and Speed Up Time.

Time Shooter 2 Features:

  • Time Shooter 2 has more than 100 levels.
  • The atmospheric arena makes it remarkable compared to other shooting games.
  • It has unique & simple gameplay.
  • Weapon shots look realistic.
  • A huge collection of weapons are available in time shooter crazy games.
  • Time shooter mobile graphics are of high quality, another feature of the game, which makes it worth playing.
  • No coins or power-ups are available in this game.

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Play Time Shooter 2:

NameTime Shooter Online
Size15 MB
Updated on13th July 2022

Final Thoughts:

If you love atmospheric FPS shooting games then try time shooter 2 & have fun. The game is worth playing with the features it has.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can Time Shooter Yandex be played on tablets or smartphones?

Sadly no, this game can’t be played on tablets or smartphones as it was developed for PC only.

2. Can we play Time Shooter 2 offline?

The game requires an internet connection so no, you cannot play it offline.

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