Call of Duty: Best Bullfrog Warzone class loadout

There are action games, and then there are action games of high caliber. Call of Duty is a game that has been around since 2003. The original setting of the game was in the backdrop of World War II, as first developed by Activision. It is primarily a first-person shooter game. Subsequent versions of the game have been developed in futuristic environments. One version of the game is even conducted in outer space. 

Previous installments of Call of Duty have been developed by companies such as Infinity Ward, Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games. The latest currently available version of the game is called Call of Duty: Vanguard which was released on 5 November 2021. The next version of the game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is expected to make its mark on the world on 28 October 2022. 

A Game of Weapons

Modern warfare even in real life terms is always fought with weapons and technology. There may be less people on the ground, but technology will reign supreme. Guns, ammunition and their proper use in war strategy helps you win against the enemy forces. 

The latest version of the game entails a lot of guns, ammunition and a host of other weaponry that helps a player get an advantage over the others in the Call of Duty game. 

Among the guns made available in the best bullfrog loadout warzone is the Bullfrog. Its advantages are that it has a big magazine, a rapid firing rate and an ability to inflict a vast amount of damage. Unfortunately compared to some other SMG weapons, the Bullfrog has been under rated in the game. It can pack a good punch if used properly in the game, although it is not the best weapon for engaging in combat.  

Another version of the Bullfrog relates to the weapon used in the Black Ops Cold War game. This SMG is a vast improvement over the PP19 Bizon used in Modern Warfare. Its advantages are that it has a larger magazine size coupled with a more comfortable recoil. This measure of versatility makes it capable of hitting shots in quick repetitive fashion without even having the need to reload. Quite commendable, one would think. 

Getting a complete Bullfrog loadout in place to maximize the weapon’s capability is a calculated process. These loadouts can be modified to suit a variety of playing styles in the game. 

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The following is a list of best Bullfrog loadouts that can be used for any Call of Duty Warzone Pacific game:

Best Bullfrog Loadout for Warzone Pacific Game

Available Attachments

warzone bullfrog loadout

It has a GRU Suppressor Muzzle, a 7.4 inch task force barrel, a bruiser grip under-barrel, KGB skeletal stock and 65 round ammunition with tiger team spotlight laser.

The perks of this weapon are that it has explosive ordinance disposal, ability to overkill and can be amped up as well. It is best to equip the GRU Suppressor’s muzzle slot to get increased bullet velocity, damage range and sound suppression.

Next players are advised to make use of the 7.4 inch task force barrel to get some more bullet velocity. They should also use the Bruiser Grip in order to boost the weapon’s hip-fire acuity.

Finally, players can round up the loadout with the 65 round magazine so that they never run out of bullets and the KGB Skeletal Stock to help get a reduction in ADS time. Players who would prefer some additional space to maneuver can swap the GRU Suppressor for the Sound Suppressor as a possible alternative.

E.O.D is a well-known benefit popularly employed by a majority of Warzone players. This helps players survive explosion damage. 

Overkill gives players the benefit of another weapon in case the first weapon needs a reload, or if the player needs a closer-range weapon, or going dry with their primary weapon. Using the MP40 or Marco 5 will help a player accomplish this task in a better way. 

Amped allows users to switch to their other weapons in case of more complicated scenarios.

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Included Equipment

The Semtex allows you to carry out lethal attacks on attackers. The Throwing Knife can be used as a tactical weapon to do away with your opponents.

Further Details

Users are cautioned to arm the GRU Suppressor in the muzzle slot for increased bullet velocity. This increases the damage range and also aids in sound suppression.

Following this it is recommended to adjust the 7.4 inch task force barrel to get even more bullet velocity and the Bruiser Grip with a view to augment the weapon’s hip-fire accuracy.

The last step would be to round off the loadout with the 65 round magazine so that users never run out of bullets. They can also maneuver the KGB Skeletal Stock for a reduction in ADS time. 

For even more modifications, users can choose to swap the GRU Suppressor for the Sound Suppressor as a possible alternative.

Regarding Black Ops Cold War: Best Bullfrog loadout for this game 

The Bullfrog SMG can be converted into a superior killing machine with the right attachments.

Attachments for the Bulldog SMG in this game include an Optic LED Microflex, a Spetsnaz Compensator muzzle and a 7.4 inch task force barrel. It has a steady aim laser body, a Spetsnaz grip under-barrel and a VDV 85 round fast magazine, with a GRU elastic wrap and KGB skeletal stock. The advantages of this weapon are a flak jacket, a scavenger and a ninja mode. 

Among the equipment benefits are a tactical slim shot and a lethal grenade. There is also a field upgrade in the form of a field microphone, a wildcard and a gunfighter.  

Now for the maps. The Black Ops Cold War game gives quite a number of chances for players to beat their rivals in close-up combat. This gunfighter loadout serves to boost up every aspect of the weapon, turning it into a more stable and deadly force. 

Best Bullfrog loadout for Black Ops Cold War

Experts opine that the Bullfrog SMG rifle can be used as a supreme tactical weapon, when equipped with the correct accessories.

Bullfrog SMG

The attachments for this formidable weapon include a Microflex LED, a Spetsnaz compensator rifle, a 7.4 inch barrel, a steady arm laser body, a Spetsnaz grip under barrel. It also has a VDV 85 round fast magazine a GRU elastic wrap handle, and KGB skeletal stock.   

The benefits of using this rifle in combat include a flak jacket, with scavenger and ninja modes. 

Included in the equipment are a tactical stimshot, a lethal grena and a field microphone as a field upgrade.  There is a wildcard gunfighter option as well. 

Black Ops Cold War’s maps give a number of chances for users to defeat their adversaries in face to face combat. This Gunfighter loadout has been made with the purpose of bolstering every aspect of this weapon, giving it more stability and deadly power than was previously available. 

Let us start by considering the Microflex LED. This vision gives the best acuity owing to its unobtrusive design. The 1.25x zoom feature allows it to spot out targets that are close up to middle-range. Given that the Bullfrog also has some pretty good vertical recoil, the Spetsnaz Compensator and Spetsnaz Grip are used to keep the gun in control, allowing players to lock on to their targets.

Despite all these attachments, users will still need to pull down on their mouse or analog stick to control the bullet spread while engaging in mid-range combat. Moreover, the increased damage range and bullet velocity from the 7.4 inch task force makes this weapon more usable outside the usual SMG rifle range. 

All in all, while it is still best to deter from any areas having particularly big lines of sight. A focus on flanking and using the Bullfrog’s increased mobility to enables users to aggressively crush their opponents. 

The Bullfrog is also capable of some very quick kill times.

The Steady Aim Laser, KGB Skeletal Stock and GRU Elastic Wrap allow players to be more responsive regarding their playing fashion. All these speed supporting elements give users more hip fire accuracy and sprint to fire time. They also bolster the ADS. 

These attachments may be considered the center point of any good SMG rifle. It will enable users to pull off the flanks in any form of combat. Finally, the VDV 85 round fast magazine rate gives users a lot of ammunition to kill hordes of adversaries.

No matter if your aim is not as good as in the past, if you just want to end the reload habit, then make sure to use this magazine. Even when you find yourself needing to reload after every shot, the Bullfrog’s reload animation is really speedy

How to unlock the Bullfrog in Warzone

All in all, the Racer 01 weapon is as good a killing machine as any other. If you want to open up the Bullfrog in Warzone, you have to lift your account up to Level 43. The second option is or buy a bundle with the gun in either BOCW or Warzone.

racer 01 bullfrog blueprint

If you really do want to purchase a bundle, the Racer 01 Blueprint remains your best option. This is included in the Super Charged: Reactive pack, which includes the AUG Racer 02 Blueprint and a spinning rim charm. This means that your money is quite well spent.

The best thing is that the Racer 01 Blueprint is fully loaded with the best Barrel and Muzzle for the Bullfrog. There are also a number of Stock and Ammunition options. This makes for the best Blueprint for the gun.

Some Good tips for Bullfrog loadout Warzone 

We are not kidding-Warzone’s Bulldog SMG is a good weapon for Call of Duty aficionados who enjoy using SMGs but also like having a number of advantages that are not available with all SMG rifles. Although this weapon has a slower fire rate, it makes up for this with very controllable recoil and accuracy rates.

Bullfrog Black Ops Cold War

To make excellent use of the aforesaid Bullfrog loadout, here are some tips players should also make note of:

  1. Although the Bulldog may be rated to be an SMG rifle, this weapon is quite capable of killing enemies at distances far from normal range. This is possible mainly due to its accuracy, huge magazine size, and range benefits. All this allows you to be a lot more versatile when using this weapon.
  2. Despite having a vast range, you will still want to use this weapon in the fashion of a regular SMG rifle. This lets you be a bit more tenaciously when the weapon is equipped. You might have to avoid enemies with ARs, snipers, and LMGs.
  3. The tactical Stimshot equipment lets you replenish your health and sprint when put in play. For those gunfights that expose their weaknesses, it is ideal for putting users back into action.

Alternative to the Bullfrog loadout

Shot for shot, the MP40 rifle is currently the best SMG in Warzone. For those on the lookout for an alternative loadout to the Bullfrog, they are advised to consider the MP40 loadout. 

MP40 Warzone preview screen

This versatile SMG weapon is one of the best replacements for the Bullfrog. After the release of Vanguard and the reworking of the in-game Meta, the MP40 has been transformed into an absolute killing machine.

This rifle now sits unchallenged at the apex of the SMG rankings for Warzone. This is thanks to its wide damage range and excellent mobility. It has quite a rapid firing rate, and the ability to inflict a good amount of damage, along with great accuracy. In short, all these attributes will let users tower over multiple enemies in Warzone Pacific.


Now we hope that you have got a very good idea of the Bullfrog weapon options, accessories and capabilities in the Call of Duty Warfare game. We trust that it will make you a better player and you can take the best advantage while playing the game.

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