Slope unblocked | Playing the Slope game undetected at work or school

The LEVEL platform has been famous for providing a number of popular games that have been the favorite of many a gamer in the world of online entertainment. 

Among the seasoned gamers, Slope is today regarded as a legacy game that is arcade style based and also highly addictive. It appeals to the simplest of gamers and is purposely mesmerizing in its simplicity. That said, it does take a little dexterity to play the game and get progressively good at it.

The game has unfortunately become so addictive and pervasive that many work places have taken steps to ban the game at work. It has been the bane of many firewalls in offices across the cities. 

Like a runner in a maze, the game consists of a ball rolling across many landscapes. It is a never ending track and there are ever changing different degrees of slopes that one must negotiate and deal with as one progresses from one level to another. 

The player’s main challenges are to avoid obstacles, falling off the sides of the given track or falling into a bottomless pit below. The controls are intuitively easy and the relatively simple format makes the game easy to play. In normal circumstances, a player can easily complete a number of levels during a lunch or coffee break.   

Based on popular demand, there are even unblocked versions of the Slope game that will be available through proxy websites or by using private virtual networks. Making use of these sites and networks, you can find a way to play the Slope game that was otherwise restricted on work and school networks. 

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How to play the unblocked version of Slope 

As the unblocked version of the game gets more and more attention, users can play this version of Slope on a number of game servers. One of the most used game servers is Unblocked Games WTF. This has hundreds of game titles that can be played from your school or work areas. 

How to play the Slope game

Playing the Slope unblocked version of the game is very easy indeed. Just utilize the services of your computer mouse. You have to click and drag the rolling ball in one of two directions- either to the left or to the right.

Control the rolling ball from running into placed or appearing obstacles. Use the ramps to give yourself the ability to leap over long chasms.

Users are are required to accumulate and store Diamonds that they see while on the track. Diamonds are recognized to be the currency of the Slope game. They can be spent to buy new balls and to advance to higher levels of the game.

The goal of the Slope game is to remain on the track for as long as possible. 

Tips and Tricks for playing the Slope unblocked game version

The following tips and tricks may help users attain a higher score for the game:

1. Runs are more important than Diamonds

While playing the game, users will often encounter a session where a number of Diamonds are located in dangerously placed areas. This could be near an obstacle or near a pit. In this case, it is better to skip them rather than try to grab them. 

It has often been observed that a single bad decision or poor reaction time can end the game. While Diamonds are considered necessary to advance your run, and help in buying new balls, avoid putting yourself in needless danger to collect them.

2. Use the game hangtime to plan next moves

The Slope game has a number of ramps and jumps that sends players leaping through the air. These are the safest moments in a run since you do not have to worry about dodging obstacles or moving around pits. Use this time to plan your next moves. 

3. Avoid excessive and needless movements 

You will find that the Slope tracks are twisting and winding and ever changing. Keep cool and don’t let this phase you out. You do not have to follow every curve and bend in the game to get ahead.

We hope that these tips and tricks make the game easier and more exciting for you.

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