Minecraft Tips & Tricks: How to tame axolotls in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular games ever in the history of the internet. It was among the best and most recognizable Microsoft games and was likely a favorite of the past generation. 

The version 1.18 of the Minecraft game was introduced in November 2021. This was a major change for the Java edition, and is popularly referred to as the Caves and Cliffs Part II. 

This version of the game offers a new world of bigger caves, extended mountains, new mountain and cave biomes and even caves that are under water. Users agree that these changes have made the game more exciting and popular with gamers both old and new. 

What are the Axolotls?

One of the most popular creatures in the game is the axolotls. You would not believe it, but axolotls are in fact real creatures that live in the seas and oceans. 

Do you really want to know how to tame the Minecraft game themed axolotls? In case you’re not familiar with these adorable land sea specimens, the axolotl is a real creature that lives in caves.

minecraft axolotl

Nature scientists have described it as a rare type of salamander which is in fact an endangered species. 

Axolotls really belong to Mexico, where they live in the lakes. It is hoped that support for the axolotls by Microsoft through the Minecraft will spread the word across the world and help in conservation efforts for the axolotl.

True to life as reflected in the Minecraft game, the axolotl creatures found in the game are represented in different hue variations- from green to brown to pink. 

But no matter what color you choose, you will have to agree that the personality and characterization of these creatures in the Minecraft game is such that they are truly adorable and likable specimens of the ocean. 

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A group of Minecraft Axolotls lured in by the promise of a tropical fish meal.

How Axolotls came to Minecraft

The axolotls were initially introduced in the Minecraft game in an update of Version 1.18. However they are readily seen in the new variations like in the Lush Caves biome. 

As in real life, the axolotls can be gathered up quite easily by tilting a bucket to entice them to come along with you.  A mild warning- do not be misled by their seeming innocence. 

Axolotls are attack creatures that can be used to placate other ocean based gangs by emptying a bucket-load of these specimens on the opposition. 

The rest of this article is about where they can be found in the game, how to get their ownership and how to use them in fights. 

Where are the Axolotls in the Minecraft Game?

As previously noted, all aficionados of the Minecraft game can find axolotls in the Lush Cave biome in the update to version 1.8. The usual way to find these creatures is to search for a new Acacia tree and then dig along its roots until one or more of the axolotls are unearthed. These creatures are found in five variations- pink, orange, brown, blue and the extremely rare and prized blue-purple combination.  

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The Axolotl as a Combat Creature

In the game, the axolotls are primarily fighting creatures. You will have to control them efficiently by holding a tropical fish just out of their reach in your main or other hand while playing the game.

Admittedly, the individual axolotl will just thrash about wildly, so the better option is to create a group of them and use these buckets to control and subdue the opposition in the game. They can be a handful if released en masse. 

Breeding Axolotls is also possible

According to the rules of the game, users can themselves create more axolotls by feeding them with tropical fish. Baby axolotls in the game can grow into adulthood in as little as 20 minutes. Meanwhile this growth phase can be further reduced by 10 percent whenever a baby axolotl is scooped up into a basket. 

Game experts have noted that the possibility of creating a blue variety of axolotl is quite minimal. Generally it is seen that the baby axolotl takes on the combined color of its parents- just as in a real life situation. 

You can also invoke a popular game cheat by selecting some Microsoft console commands to create a blue axolotl. This is true for Java enthusiasts as well as Bedrock Edition gamers.

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