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What are Best Android Games 2016?

I have been writing about Android a lot, these days. Maybe because I am spending more time with my phone nowadays. I was just searching for some games on Android and I found few which I will share with you guys today. Personally, I love RTS games, this is why my list contains few of them.

Android games for April 2016

If you do not play games on your Android device, then you are missing a big opportunity to make yourself entertained by these games.

I encourage you to have a look of these 5 Android games for April 2016 that I am going to share — who knows maybe you’ll start playing too.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale

Now I am especially accosting Clash of Clan lovers. How many of you played that game? Maybe many of you, right? So if you are a Clash of Clan lover, then you must know about Clash Royale too.

This is a highly anticipated game which was released about two months ago. The game has managed to attract millions of people, that is why it has generated more than two million downloads in less than two months.

This game is also created by the same studio Supercell, who released Clash of Clans. If they will keep publishing games like these, then surely they are going to earn great attention and money.

The best thing about Clash Royale is that you can also play it online with other people, all you have to do is to collect cards, and then use them to duel against others. You can also use free Clash Royale cheats to gather resources quickly.

Rope Races

Rope racers

Ropes races is hell of a lot of fun, all you need to do is to keep walking and save your character from different kind of obstacles that will come into your way — like deep abyss.

I am not a big fan of such games, but Rope Races affected me so much that I kept playing it for over a night due to their strong mechanics which they call game-play and the experience was very compelling.

All in all, it’s a good game to play. Just keep running, make big scores and lead the top players’ table. As the name describes, Rope Races is all about ropes with addictive rope-swinging gameplay where you have to keep finding ropes to dough any barrier, blockage or anything like that.

Smashy City

Smash City

Do you love monsters? If yes, then this game is for you. Smash the City into pieces with legendary monster characters. Punch buildings, crush skyscrapers, destroy houses and demolish roads.

This games becomes more exciting when SWAT and police force come to stop you. This will give you the chance to do ultimate destruction by damaging vehicles and destroying police cars.

You can hit anything like helicopters, battle APCs, tanks and any other thing that comes into your way — so you want to smash? Go and smash now and make most highest scores to get yourself on the leaderboard.

Just choose a giant like Wolf, Spider, Ape or a penguin and start your journey. You can compete with your friend by playing this game on multiplayer.

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy


Now let’s talk about few premium gaming apps for Android. Fahrenheit, circles around a story in which you will play a character, you will have to make decisions that will affect the outcome of the game.

There are four different stories that you can play, I like the dark story line — you can have your own favourite. Graphics of this game look very spectacular, especially for a mobile game. This game will cost you $9.99 but you can try it since there are many positive reviews given by players, I know it looks bit expensive but there is no in-app purchase required.

Hex Defender

Hex Defender

Hex Defender is another tower defense game, but it has a twist. You will not just keep creating defense towers to prevent bad guys from destroying your base, but also you can rotate your base around so that only few shields and weapons can attack.

The theory behind the game is that you have six coloured turrets that are most affected against some special enemies– so you can keep rotating your base to target those special enemies from your special weapons. The game will cost you $1.13 and there is no in-app purchase required.

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