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10 Best Android Keyboard Apps in 2017

Android keyboard apps are there on Play Store if you are fed-up with your default keyword that comes in your device.

Usually you have keyboard apps created by companies like Samsung or LG — these are not your only options. You have a big choice of keyboards for Android.

Best Android Keyboard Apps

The Best Third-Party Android Keyboards in my list

Today we are going to show you some great 3rd party keyboard apps for Android with different sort of features.

You can use them to make your texting experience much more smarter on your android device.

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Go Keyboard [Free]

go keyboard keyboard apps android

Go keyboard is one of the most popular keyboards for android.

You can personalize your keyboard with your favorite photos, 1000+ colorful emoji and funny stickers.

The text font is fancy and looks beautiful thus making your chatting tab more attractive. More than 200 million users have chosen Go Keyboard as their first choice.

Forget about using the plain keyboard and install Go keyboard now. I love Go keyboard themes; there are a ton of themes available for Go keyboard.

Go keyboard is also compatible with emoji, fancy keyboard wallpapers, tons of free themes, free fonts and emoji arts.

GO keyboard Emoji delivers you many features such as auto-correction and free wallpapers help you to make your screen more user-friendly.

It supports more than 60 languages and both keyboards work absolutely fine with all popular apps like Hotmail, WhatsApp and your favorite Facebook.

SwiftKey [Free]

swiftkey android keyboard app

SwiftKey comes first in my list of keyboard apps. It has a ton of happy users already that is why Swift Key is highly rated on Google Play Store.

The best thing I found about SwiftKey is that you can easily switch effortlessly between languages during mid sentences.

SwiftKey also have a robust policy to secure user data, it can easily differentiate between the data that it should use to help the keyboard to learn your typing habits while securing your sensitive data including login details, credit cards etc.

And if you still feel insecure, then you can easily opt into the cloud services to remove your info from there.

There are also many free themes and other features.

Chrooma Keyboard[Price: $1.49]

chroma keyboard - best keyboard

Chrooma Keyboard is an emerging keyword app but it has many features that people are searching for.

You can swipe typing, night mode, resize your keyword or change your keyboard’s color theme.

It comes with Emoji, number row and supports 60 languages.

For me it is an affordable app that gives you some simple features to make a perfect keyboard.

Swype [$0.99]

swype - best keyboard for android

In case you are not going to use SwiftKey, then go with Swype. Both apps are great competitors of each other with established brand name and respect on Play Store.

You can type in two languages at a single time by using Swype, it also allows you to swipe out whole sentences during typing.

There is a free trial version available for Swype but I prefer to buy the premium one since it only costs a dollar…

…themes will cost you another two bucks.

Now if you have heard enough, then also note that Swype also offers themes for different sports’ events including Major League soccer themes.

Gboard [Free]

gboard - android phone keyboard

When it comes to Android keyboards, Gboard is best. Without a doubt Gboard is considered best android keyboard app with about 1,102,680 users and overall 4 star rating.

Since it is an app developed by Google…. It has superiority on other apps specially after the addition of new features.

First it was designed by Google for iPhone, but later Google shortly realized that they also need to put Gboard on Android.

Their assumption was right as GBoard attracted many Android users and now it has surpassed 1 million users threshold.

What I love about Gboard is that Google frequently updates it with new features and now we even have web search available on it, just press the G button into the keyboard settings to turn web search on…..

And believe me it is a completely free keyboard app with no in-app purchase.

It also contains some mandatory features including gesture typing for individual words and entire sentences, tons of themes and a bounty of languages.

Gboard also has Google’s own speech-to-text system employed which dictates voice into text. Despite it is still not a perfect predictive text writer, but it use your data across Google apps to learn from your typed data.

AI Type Keyboard Plus [Price: Free / $3.99]

AI Type Keyboard Plus - free keyboard apps

AI type keyboard Pro has many features — that is why it is around for a while and doing very good.

It has a lot of standard like auto-correction, emoji, text prediction and keyboard customization.

Unlike other apps, AI type keyboard Pro also has many free themes for keyboard. I recommend to download the free trial version which lasts for 18 days.

AI type keyboard Pro is one those few keyboards that come with a number row.

Fleksy Keyboard [Price: Free with in app purchases]

Fleksy Keyboard - android phone with keypad

Fleksy is a must-try Android keyboard on Play Store. Why? I will tell you in a moment…..

Fleksy has one of the best prediction and swipe system that probably no other keyboard app has on this list…..

…because of this cool feature you can do typing much faster and in a much more convenient way.

Despite the features it has for helping you type faster, Flesky has only 40 themes available.

But still it stays as a much-try app because you can customize your keyboard to suit your needs.

Thankfully the developers of Fleksy have allowed users to make their own theme/ GIF image file support is also an extra feature.

It’s downloadable for free on Play Store with some in-app purchases like theme packs etc. Overall in my opinion Fleksy always stays in the list of best Android Keyboard apps.

Microsoft Hub Keyboard [Free]

hub keyboard app for android

Now many of you may think that Microsoft Hub Keyboard is an odd option in this list. But maybe users that are tied into Microsoft’s software ecosystem via Office 365 have interest in it.

This keyboard app emphasizes more on delivering productivity than fun. The best thing about Hub keyboard is that you can easily search your documents or contacts directly from your keyboard if you are signed into your Office 365 account…

You can also access clipboard with the QWERTY keypad and can also do a web search(Bing as default search engine).

Probably the best feature among all other features is its ability to easily get live translation from one lang to another as you are typing….

It has some great features but it also has some limitations…

There are only two themes available and you only have dark theme as your second option…

You can also not customize the size of the keyboard which is very bad for larger phone users because the small keyboard may look very awkward on big screen.

But it is worth a try since it is completely free keyboard app for android……

Minuum [$2.99 with 30 day free trial]

minuum android keypad mobile

Minuum comes with a smart predictive word engine that is perfect for quick typing.

You can reduce the multi-line qwerty pad into two lines of character which makes the smart prediction more handy…..

….. this means that you don’t need to hit the right letters every time.

Minuum can also be used in its non-minimized mode. By using the non minimized mode you can use the full keypad with numbers…

It also works with different emoji from both expanded and minimized keyboard modes — you can also drag your keyboard up or down…

It is not a free keyboard app but you can use the free 30 day trial…

…but after the 30 days you will need to pay $2.99 to keep using it with all features.

Multiling O Keyboard [Price: Free]

Multiling O Keyboard keyboard apps for android

Multiling O Keyboard is a perfect keyboard app if you want to chat in multiple languages. It supports more than 200 languages at the time of this writing…

And it does not stop here…. It also supports gesture typing which allows you to make a PC type keyboard layout….

You can also do different customizations on your keyboard like re-positioning, changing themes, emoji and layout design which makes it the perfect keyboard app.

I believe that people have underestimated this app, especially when it comes to using multiple languages during chat sessions.

It is also a free keyboard app for Android.


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