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Best Backup Apps for your Android Phone

Don’t do this mistake like others have done of not backing up your precious data – many people only think about maintaining back-ups of their Android device after they have lost some data.

Data back-ups can be very beneficial in cases like when you have lost your Android phone or you need to do a factory reset to go back to normal.

In such a case if you haven’t made proper backups of your data, then you might be hitting your head to the wall. Obviously, you don’t want to be in such a critical situation.

So don’t wait until something happens and make actions from today to protect your data and the first action you can do is to download a backup app for your Android device.

Best Android backup apps for your Phone

So we have just gathered some useful Android backup apps that will help you to protect your data and ensure security. In this list of phone backup apps we have combined both free and premium apps so you can either go with free ones or subscribe a premium app if you want an extra layer of security.

Best Android backup apps for your Phone

TunesGo Android Backup[Free Trial/Premium $29.95]

Apps are the most important thing that is installed on your Android phone. There are different types of apps available to perform various tasks – but the most important thing that is most crucial for any one is to have a proper security system which not only ensures your phone’s security but also a backup plan that ensures that you don’t lose any data if something unwanted happens.

In-fact a proper backup plan is the most significant factor of your phone’s security. And TunesGo really understands that – it allows you to backup your phone apps along with the app data. It works from the root of your device meaning that it can trace and store all your apps with a few easy processes therefore the user can stay free of worry from losing his mobile apps data.

If you are an Android user who want to backup android apps to PC, then try this app and I am hopeful that you will find it very helpful and efficient. They also have a trial version available, so first try the trial version, and then go for the premium one.

Download now on Google Play

App Backup Restore – Transfer [Free/Premium $4.99]

App Backup Restore is one of the most easy-to-use Android backup apps. It includes a list of handy features including the ability to restore and backup APKs, auto-backup system and more.

The user can either backup his data to his SD card or by uploading his data to the cloud server. And that’s not all; you can also backup your contacts if you need.

Virus scanner is another additional feature that’s probably not that important if you have an anti-virus already installed on your device.

There is a small downside of this app that it cannot backup your actual app data, meaning that it can only store your APKs so that you can re-install them later (like after a factory reset), but you will need to do all your settings again.

Download now on Google Play

CM Backup[Free]

CM Backup is a backup app developed by Cheetah Mobile. It is one of the most popular Android backup apps. Despite the fact it cannot backup your applications; still this app has managed to gain a lot of Android users attention.

It allows users to backup their contacts, call logs, bookmarks, messages, alarms, dictionaries and calendar info. Unlike other backup apps, it uploads your data on their cloud and restores your data from there.

This is very beneficial especially when you are required to do cross-device data restoring. They also have a website on which you can log-in and manage your data backups.

Perhaps many users might not rate Cheetah Mobiles that high but this backup app fulfills many users’ requirements. Apart from that it also gives users a 5GB free storage for making backups when you sign up for an account.

Download now on Google Play

Helium[Free/Premium $4.99]

Helium allows you to backup app data of your android device without the need to root your phone – it’s one of the most useful “no root required” backup apps. It allows you to backup your Android apps to your computer.

If you will spend about $4.99 from your wallet, then you will get access to the premium “helium app sync and backup” feature that allows you to sync your apps between Android devices and backup.

The users can also restore their data from the cloud storage like Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox. It also gives root support for people who need it. However, you will need to have some technical info to make the most from this app. Overall, I will rate it as one of the best Android backup apps.

Download now on Google Play

Super Backup: SMS & Contacts[Free/Premium $1.99]

If you only want to backup your SMS and Contacts, then this is a perfect app for you. It enables users to easily backup their SMS, contacts, bookmarks, calendars and call logs to their SD card or Gmail account.

Other than that, it also allows users to backup their data without the need to root their devices. Either you do a factory reset or have lost data — you can easily restore your contacts and other data easily from your SD card.

Although it allows restoring call logs and SMS without the need to root your device, you will still need to root your Android phone to restore app data.

Download now on Google Play

Titanium Backup Root[Free/Premium $5.99]

Titanium Backup Root is one of my favorites when it comes to backing up your Android data to your SD card. It allows you to store all your system apps, protected apps and external data to your SD card which you can restore at any time by just making few clicks.

They also have a PRO version available that’s known as “Titanium Bakup PRO Key Root”. It offers more features to users like backing up MMS call logs, bookmarks, text messages, Wifi AP in .xml format and much more.

While backing up your apps, you will even not need to close each app. It’s a very smooth app, but it requires users to root their Android phone.

Download now on Google Play

Easy Backup & Restore[Free]

It is a free app that aims to make the whole procedure so easy and simple. Users can easily make backups of their MMS data, calendar and user dictionaries.

Users can also backup their data on cloud storage or directly to their device. However, for some features this app requires root access such as batch restoring applications and storing app data.

Download now on Google Play

MyBackup[Free/Premium $4.99]

Initially MyBackup was considered as the only suitable alternative of Titanium Backup for root users. It still has managed to hold a bit of its position in the market. It allows users to backup their photos, videos, apps, call logs, system settings and SMS.

The free version allows users to store their data to their external SD card. However, with the pro version there are more features available like where to backup data and where to restore from, including cloud storage, your PC or any other devices.

Overall, it can be considered as one of the better Android backup apps for root users.

Download now on Google Play

Backup Your Mobile[Free]

If you only want an Android backup app with just some common features, then “Backup your Mobile” should be a prime choice for you. It has many handy features including the ability to store your MMS, SMS, call logs, system settings, apps and other small settings that you make on your phone.

This app has a very simple interface and any person with basic Android knowledge can use it for backing up his data. Due to its simplicity, the user can backup his data within few minutes.

However, there are some bugs that have been reported by the users, but since it is a complete free app, you can still give it a try.

Download now on Google Play

Ultimate Backup[Free/Premium $2.99]

Ultimate backup is the last one in our list of best backup apps for Android. It is a lethal competitor of Titanium Backup since it has many similar features.

It allows users to freeze and unfreeze system through the system blotware, sync apps to cloud storage and backing up their data.

Users that subscribe for their PRO version will get more features including the ability to restore apps from the cloud – advertisements will also be removed for premium users. It contains many handy features but still it doesn’t have all the features that Titanium Backup has.

It’s probably not one of the best but still a good alternative if you can’t use any of the other apps that are listed above.

Download now on Google Play

How to backup your Android data without backup apps?

Ok, hold on here for a second. Maybe you want to backup your data without using any Android app. And rightly so, when you can do things with ease, then why make things harder for yourself and buy premium apps.

Do you know that Android has the ability to backup all your data by default?

Just go to your phone settings and search for backup and reset item in the menu. It can backup bunch of things including your phone apps, system settings and more. And if you are a Samsung or LG user, then you also get an additional benefit – they already have default backup apps installed in their devices.

The default backup app contains some more features and it can backup your contacts, passwords, SMS, bookmarks and more. The best thing about them is that they are completely free and do a great job.

Bottom Line: I hope that this article was helpful for you and now you have a better understanding of these apps. Please let us know about your thoughts and feelings and share your favorite Android backup apps with us.


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