Best Video Calling Apps For Android

best android apps for video callings

Don’t have the time to send text messages or not good at typing on smart phones?

Don’t worry; there are numerous video calling apps for you that you can use right now to enhance your conversation speed.

Thanks to the modern day technology, you can now do video calling from your computers, tablets and mobile devices.

The best thing is that you have plenty of options and platforms to choose from for doing free online video calling.

And today we are going to share some of the finest video chat or video calling apps for your Android device.

best android apps for video callings

Best Android Video Calling Apps for you

So here is the list of my favorite video calling apps. Please do share your favorite video calling apps in comments.



When it comes to video calling or video chatting the first thing that comes in my mind is Skype.

It is probably one of the most oldest online free video calling app that has been used by millions of people all around the world.

It is available on all devices, either you have a smart phone, computer or tablet or all of them; you can easily use Skype from any devices and from anywhere.

There are few bugs and flaws in the Android version of Skype but it can get the job done for you.

You can also do group video calling – but only 25 people can join that call.

There are also some other free features included in the app like texting messaging, Facebook and Microsoft account integration.

You can also call on regular cellular numbers from your phone – charges will be applicable.

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Imo is a solely devoted app for video calling and online chatting. You are just required to have a internet connection to use this app.

Even if you have a poor internet connection with low speed, then you can still use Imo. It works completely fine even on 2G connections.

It is available on both Android and iOS app stores. Overall, Imo is a very simple app that doesn’t offer many functions apart from free video calling and text messaging.

It’s ideal for people who don’t have enough knowledge of using smart phones or modern smart devices.

You can download it for free on both Android and iOS but there will be some advertisements that will pop-up during app usage.

Facebook messenger

facebook messenger app for android

We can take Facebook messenger as a video calling app since it has the video calling option.

It is one of the most popular apps on the planet, not because of its video calling feature, but because it has a ton of other features like text messaging, image sharing, stickers and much more.

There are some critics who believe that Facebook can do a much better job with the app since they have a huge budget and developing team – I do agree with them but still it’s not that bad.

It’s perhaps the most convenient app to do video calling because you only need to press few buttons.

Overall, Facebook video calling is not perfect but you can still use it for talking to your friends.

Google Duo

google duo

Who likes simplicity here? If you do, then Google Duo is perfect for you. You are just needed to log in, verify your phone number and you are all done.

The process of making video calls to other Google Duo users is very identical to the process of making normal phone calls.


knock app

Knock is another great feature that allows you to see that what someone is up to before you accept his video call.

It is also available for iOS users so you can use it on both platforms.


just talk

You might not have used JustTalk – it is one of the underrated video calling apps.

But it contains a good amount of features that make JustTalk a very decent video calling platform.

You can select new themes for your app; you can also do a doodle during the call to make the environment a bit friendlier.

Group chats, cross-platform support and encryption are some extra features that make JustTalk a very smart video calling option.

You can download JustTalk right now for free. If you like to play with themes, then spend a few pennies for the premium themes.



Viber started its journey as a voice calling app. We used to be able to make phone calls to people on the service along with the regular phone calls.

But things have changed now and it has evolved into a much more superior and multitasked app.

You can still make phone calls like before but now they have included some new features like text messaging, video calling and much more.

All your voice, text and video messages are encrypted to ensure the safety of your data.

There are also some other features like free games, hidden chats etc. All Vibert to Viber calls, text messages and video calls are free of charge. However, you are required to pay some small charges for making regular phone calls.



If you are a fan of Facebook, then undoubtedly you are going to love this video calling client known as ooVoo.

This app uploads all your friends’ list to its contacts page once it is linked to your Facebook profile. Video calling and messaging is free between ooVoo users and you can also make calls to landlines and cells phones. However, you will need to pay a small amount for making calls to landlines.

ooVoo also allows to chat up to 12 people at a time – you can also keep tabs on your friends with quick status updates to get notified as soon as they have messaged you.

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    One more very good video calling app for Android which you can add in the above list is: R-HUB HD video conferencing servers. It brings your video meetings to life with 1080p HD telepresence video.

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