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Free Texting Apps for Android and iOS

Are you still in search of a free texting app and bored of using default Android messaging app?

Everyone does not use WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.  You may know some of those old dudes who still believe in using text apps other than WhatsApp and Facebook.

If you are also one of them and want to make use of free text app services for your Android phone, then below is the list of best texting apps that can help you to choose one perfect text app for you.

12 best texting apps for Android

Before we go, let me tell you why I am posting this article today. Recently, I got too many requests from my subscribers to write about best free texting apps for Android and iOS.

The emails request consisted of requests like this:

Hello Husnain, Please share some texting apps with us for chromebook!

Hi Husnain, Please share some free text apps that allow video sharing

Hello Husnain, Please write an article about best apps for iPhone

Howdy Husnain, Please tell us about some free texting apps that allow photo sharing

Good Morning Husnain, Please tell us about most safest and securest texting apps

Hello Husnain, Which text apps are your favorite for Android?

What’s up Husnain, Can you tell us what is the best android messaging app according to you?

Hey Husnain, Are there any apps that allow free texting app with new number?

What are best group messaging apps?

Hello Husnain, What are best sms apps for android?

Hiya Husnain, What can be the best texting app for droid x2?

Howdy Husnain, How can I send free SMS from my device?

Hello Husnain, What’s the best texting app for android?

Can I send a text from my tablet?

Then I decided to share a resource that contains a completely list of these free and secure text apps that work on nearly any device. And here we go.


go sms pro - free texting apps for android

GO SMS Pro comes at first place in my opinion when it comes to choosing texting apps.

It is an all inclusive texting app that offers unlimited texting plans. You may see some advertisements while using the app, but you are required to click on advertisement-animation features to see them coming….

The best thing that I love about GO SMS Pro are the themes and stickers that you get for free.

You get a ton of well designed themes that are brilliantly integrated with the app’s interface.

You can download several themes from Google Play but once you have downloaded one, you can easily set-up everything on your own.

There are also premium themes available for GO SMS Pro. For me, GO SMS Pro is one of best texting apps.

They also have a ‘Delay to send’ option available that is quite useful in case you make a typing mistake or something else.

This happens a lot with people; sometimes you type something and send it, but then you realize that it wasn’t something really expressing your feeling.

In such a case, you can press the ‘Delay to send’ button and the message will be stopped if not send until then.

You can also use the blacklist function that blacklists all swear words that you can choose yourself.

There are literally no other texting apps like GO SMS PRO this is why GO SMS PRO stays on first position as a free text message app.

Handcent Next SMS

Handcent Next SMS -- free sms apps for android

Handcent Next SMS is a very comfortable texting app even for newbies.

Although it is very easy to set up but still it has many extra-ordinary features that are easily customizable too.

Due to its functionality and ability to become like the way you want it — Handcent Next SMS becomes more exciting and enjoyable.

You completely earn a new way to interact with people by text messaging and for that I recognize this app quite unique.

While using Handcent you may notice that the screen is very clean and clear and everything looks pretty neat.

That is why you get a better chance of understanding and using all the functions of this app easily.

You can also mess-up with some complex features such as the festive-e-cards or text message for holidays or birthdays etc.

You can use many of the free skins for as your app’s interface and believe me, there are a lot of good ones in their free list…..

But the best thing I rate above everything is the in-text customization feature that is superior than all other features this app has.

I recommend to use this app at-least once because believe me; you won’t get many texting apps like handcent.

Yak Messenger

yak messenger -- text apps for android and ios

Free texting” with your friends with a lot of features set behind. Yak Messenger also allows you to do group chats, send pictures, video IF that you can take from your iPhone camera, location mapping and even more features.

You can do customization of all the features according to your requirement from colors to patterns and speech bubbles as well.

You can also block contacts and impose pass code settings. However, this app is not a free texting app for iphone but still it is worth buying. and will cost you $0.99…..

And if you count the features you will find that this app has more worth than those $0.99 since it is one of those texting apps that can receive pictures too.

Forget texting keyboard apps for iphone, use Yak Messenger and I bet you won’t like to go back to the old messenger again.

Google Messenger

google messenger - free texting apps for android

Do you love simplicity? Then Google Messenger should be your choice. Forget Google hangouts and try this new app with tons of new innovations.

It contains many promising features from Google hangouts but the rest of shit is gone and you get a ton of quality, simplicity and environment that makes you feel comfortable.

I enjoy the eye-soothing interface that makes me feel more ease while sending text messages to my friends or my mother…

You can easily share photos, just have a good click on your food or car that you are going to buy, send it to your recipient and you are done.

You can also make audio recordings just like WhatsApp. Google Messenger is also a texting app that does not require email address, it uses your gmail account and you don’t need to sign up for a new account.


mysms - best free text messaging apps.png

MySMS is not just an app for your Android phone — you can also use it on Windows, your web browser or Mac.

That means you can either send a message from your tablet, computer or phone easily to your Android phone number. MySMS has a ton rave reviews from users and press.

On Play Store it has 4 star rating our of 5. MySMS is also counted as one of great texting apps for your computer.

You can do group messaging or send MMS to your friends, family and colleagues.

If you are in search of texting apps with group messaging, then you can consider MySMS as an ideal app for yourself.

You can also schedule messages, import or export message as well as making backups for your chat sessions. You can also connect with Evernote, Google drive or Dropbox for this purpose.

However, you will need to buy a premium membership for other advanced features that will cost you about $9.99 per year.

chomp SMS

chomp sms - android messaging apps free

chomp SMS is one of the most known texting apps on Play Store.

It contains features like app lock, message lock, intense privacy options, quick reply popups and blacklisting feature.

It also includes many customization options such as changing your app’s interface etc.

You can also make use of Pushbullet and Android wear compatibility.

For those who are searching for texting apps that use emojis, chomp SMS is a perfect choice.


evolve sms - free sms apps for android

Evolve SMS is an SMS app inspired by Google hangouts.

It is a feature full free texting app that supports multimedia messages including GIF images and is also compatible with smartwatches.

I like the default orange interface of the app but I would love to have a new theme by spending few pennies for new one.

You can also do swiping during the conversations, navigate drawer is also useful for making it breeze to navigate. You also get a ton of pre-loaded customization options with this app.

I would recommend EvolveSMS as a perfect texting app that contains all the features you need in a text app.

Textra SMS

Textra SMS - for free messaging

I have seen that many people on Google have been searching about Textra, the most obvious question that has been asked by people mostly is “What is textra?”

So here’s the answer:

Textra SMS is a valuable SMS app that makes use of material design. It replace the stock messaging app system and allows both SMS and MMS messaging for free.

You get a ton of extra features than a normal stock SMS app including features like notifications, heap of signature and quick reply pop-ups.

The best thing is the variety in theme colors and style, you get more than 100 different themes.

If you want, then you can also choose different icon colors for your app interface which makes it one of the most customizable messaging app available on Play Store. You can also use it with PushBullet and Android Wear.


Signal Private Messenger – Securest texting app

Most securest and untraceable texting app

Signal Private Messenger - secure text messaging app

Single Private Messenger is a very secure text app that ensures that your private conversation stays safe.

The security is too much important for the app developers that they even didn’t allow the users to take snapshots of your app’s screen.

They use end-to-end encryption protocols that is a fantastic innovation in the industry for more secure and risk free chatting experience.

The security is very important for everyone of us. That is why I would prefer Signal private messenger on all other apps because I don’t want anyone reading my personal messages.

Your attachments are also encrypted so you get ultimate security. I often see people asking “can texting apps be traced“, the answer is yes they can be.

But if you are using Signal Private Messenger then you get extra layer of security and your messages stay safe because it is one of the texting apps that are untraceable.

Text Free – Free Text + Calls

Text App with Free Number

Text Free - Free Text + Calls -- free text messaging

Textfree is a free texting app that allows you to send SMS and make free calls.

You get a real US phone number with this app so you don’t need to use your own phone number.

You can send text and SMS to anyone from that number, even if they are not using “Text Free”.

Free SMS messaging, Group messaging, Free MMS picture messaging, free calling, international texting and voicemail, you get everything for free.

One another thing that I love the most about this app is that it is one of the texting apps that don’t use your number. 

So you can basically hide your phone number while chatting to anyone since you use a United States’ phone number that you get for free.

It is also a texting app that gives you a number. For me it is one of the most amazing messaging apps for android.

FreeTone Free Calls & Texting – Free texting app

Free texting apps for USA and Canadian users

FreeTone Free Calls & Texting - Free texting app

FreeTone Free Calls & texting is a free app that allows to make unlimited phone calls to US and Canadian numbers.

Get access to free voicemail, no hidden cost, it is a not a trial version; you get it absolutely free.

The best thing I love about this app is that you get a free voicemail, free text messaging to any phone number.

You can also send pictures or MMS too to any cell phone.

The developers’ promise to give you the most high quality online calling experience than any other free calling app and of-course you can also send free sms online.

There is no need to buy or earn credits to make phone calls, just grab your phone, dial a number and that is it!

This means you can send free text plus also you can also make free calls.(the service is only available in US and Canada.)

SMS Text Messaging -PC Texting

Best texting app for chromebook

SMS Text Messaging -PC Texting - sms apps for android

Now I know many of you are in search of texting apps for chromebook.

Don’t worry, we have a solution for that too. Mighty textYou can watch this video below to learn how to connect your chromebook with Mighty text.

Mighty Text named as one of the most amazing Android apps on TechCrunch, Washington Post, Engadget, PC world, Lifehacker and the list goes on…

So if you want a multi feature app that can connect with chromebook, then go with it. We also have a video for you that will help you to learn how to connect chromebook with your Might text app.


Can I send a text message from my tablet?

Tablets are not associated with phone numbers therefore you can’t send and receive SMS and text messages from them.

But don’t worry, you can still exchange text messages with other users by using the email program on your Android Device.

Read this for more info about sending SMS from email program.


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