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5 Best multiplayer games on Android


Android has completely revolutionized the mobile technology. Now we can enjoy many cool features which were first restricted to just PCs. For example, We were first not able to use Skype on our mobiles. Thanks to Skype app which solved the problem.

Like Skype we can now enjoy many more features on our Android mobiles, like Facebook with high-speed, Twitter, Viber, WhatsApp and last but not the least now we can play tons of free Android games on our smart phones.

So today I will share 5 of my favorite multiplayer games that I play on Android, and here’s the list.

Asphalt 8: Airborne


Ashpalt 8:Airborne is on number one spot in my list, it is a standalone multiplayer game with lots of entertainment and enjoyment hidden in it.

Aspahlt 8 is basically a racing game in which 8 different participants can compete at a time. You can also break your friends’ best record in any track race that he has played before and the best thing about it is that it is a free app which anyone of us can download.

All in all Ashpalt 8:Airborne is a very awesome game which you guys will love to play. Win races, make records and challenge your friends.

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CSR Racing


CSR Racing is one of the most popular games on Android with more than 100 million installs till now. It’s a cool racing game where you can compete against A.I and with your friends too. However, you will need to choose between quarter mile or half mile tracks when playing on multiplayer.

You can also play the campaign in which you will need to win all the races in order to finish the campaign. But the thing which I like the most about CSR Racing is multiplayer racing. Win races, earn rewards and use them in campaigns. Since it is a very popular game so there are always tons of players available to play on multiplayer.

Clash of Clans


Clash of Clans is a cool strategy game with some impressive depths in it. Build your village, strengthen your defenses and attack your foes. And when it comes to multiplayer gaming your foes are other players who are playing online with you.

You can make a clan with your friends or you can join an already existing clan if the captain allows you to. But the most annoying thing you will face in the starting levels will be other people who will always attack you, even iOS players can play this game too.

In 2014, people behind COC added a new feature in the game which is called Clan wars which made this game completely different from others. So to make it more simple for you I will wrap up in these words; “Build your village, gain wealth and have a great army. Make sure you help your clan mates so that you guys can have a great alliance who dominate the world”

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is an awesome action game which you can play with your friends online. First the game was premium, the starting price was 6.99$ but later the game developers decided to make this game free.

Now you can enjoy this awesome game for free. Modern Combat 5: Blackout stands on fourth position because of it’s cool graphics with new campaign map, weapons and with a great multiplayer mode.

Modern Combat 5 is fifth game in the series, however people prefer Modern Combat 4 on 5, however I enjoy both of these games. The most important adventure you will get, will be great multiplayer combats where you can fight against your friends or you can make a team and can fight with other enemies.

One another great factor which Modern Combat has is that awesome ranking system which their developers have introduced that makes things more interesting.

Pool Break Pro

Did you guys like 8 Pool? The old PC game which we use to play a lot in free time. I like 8 Pool a lot therefore I started searching for a cool snooker game on Android, Thankfully I found Pool Break Pro which is indeed a great replacement for 8 Pool.

You can play snooker with your friends online by installing this great Android game. If you have few free minutes then Pool Break Pro is a good choice to spent those minutes. Play different games with different boards and players. Make sure you hit balls on target to win the game.





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