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Android Apps: 5 Must-Have Android apps for your phone

Android Apps: 5 Must-Have Android apps for your phone

This is the new generation of mobile technology. We first successfully shifted from the old cable phone system to the modern wireless phone technology, Later we shifted into the age of mobiles and now we are in an age of Android which completely revolutionized the mobile technology. 

The major impact Android has put on our phones is that first our phones were just “Phones” but now they are “Smart Phones” who have much more features than the ordinary mobiles and are far more faster.

So today I will share 5 must-have Android apps with you guys to make your phone more secure and more useful.

AVG AntivirusAVG Antivirus

AVG is a must use Android app for every Android user to enhance your phone’s security and to protect your data from viruses. It is a free and a very useful app that helps you to protect your data from malwares and threats.

A very useful function of AVG Antivirus is that you can enable “Find/Locate Option” by which you can secure your phone from theft. Basically, it connects your mobile from Google maps and shares the location of your phone.

You can also do regular scans of your phone to terminate viruses and to ensure your phone security. AVG also have some other cool functions including killing running tasks to free up memory from apps burden, lock and wipe data to ensure your data privacy and much more.

Go BackupGO-Backup

First thing first, You need to make sure that you are making regular backups of your data. I know it’s very difficult to do it on regular basis by yourself. So don’t worry, here’s the solution and that is Go Backup”. Go Backup allows you to store your phone contacts, messages, call log and also the applications which are installed with your app data into your SD card.

You can make backups of your whole phone by using Go Backup or you can manually select what to store and what to not.

Facebookfacebook android

Facebook is a part of our life. We use to like, comment and share other people stuff with our friends, therefore having ourselves away from Facebook isn’t easy for us. We always need to be in touch with our profile to make sure that we don’t miss anything.

But we can’t always have our computer with us neither laptops. So we can use it on our phones, Really? Nah!

I actually don’t like to use Facebook on phone because it doesn’t give the same experience as our PCs do. We even can’t play our favorite games on mobiles. So here comes Android again to save the day, Android has a very cool app which is developed by Facebook itself to give better experience to Android users.

By using the app you can communicate with your friends, family and clients right from your phone. You can send messages to anybody on your friends’ list and can do real-time chat too.

The app also allows you to post your status and photos via your phone. It also syncs your phone contacts with Facebook friends and shows Facebook data in your contact.

ViberViber For Android

Well, who don’t know about Viber? Every Android user is well-known of this cool app which allows you to send free messages and to make free calls from your Android phone to other Android phones who are using Viber too. You can also share photos and videos to your Viber contacts for free.

However, you will need a decent Wi-Fi connection to make full use of this cool app.

Battery Defender – Battery Saver


The name of this cool app tells everything about it. It is an effective application to extend your battery life. Unlike Juice Defender and Easy Battery saver, Battery Defender is very easy to use.

You just need to enable or disable Battery saving function and leave rest of the work on this cool app, it works pretty fine on my phone and will surely do a great job for you too.

Basically, Battery Defender terminates unnecessary processes and apps which are running in the background. It also stops Wi-Fi connectivity when not in use or when the screen is not active.






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