Best Android Cleaning Apps to make your phone faster

Best Android Cleaning Apps to make your phone faster

Android devices might become slower after sometime. The biggest reason for that are the background apps, unnecessary files, folders and caches that keep running behind the scenes and take most of your phone’s memory. You probably do not have much time to clean your phone, that’s why there are a good number of android cleaning apps available on Play Store, and here are top 10 Android cleaners that we have chosen for you:

Best Android Cleaning Apps to make your phone faster

Top 10 Android Cleaner Apps

Clean Master

Clean Master is undoubtly the number one contender when it comes to Android phone cleaners. It has a massive following and user-base of over 740 million users worldwide. Moreover, a 4.7 star rating from 5 from over 40 million users shows that how promising this app is. Overall it’s a powerhouse app that contains all features that you need to make your device clean and safe. It removes junk and keeps your data safe thus improving the overall performance of your phone by cleaning out your Android Device.

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App Cache Cleaner

App Cache cleaner is one of the best cache cleaner apps for Android. It scans the files and folders that are occupying your phone’s memory and shows a list of such items to you. The user can sort the list in ascending or descending order. The list of applications is sorted by name or cache size. The user can also delete any application from the cleaning process. The 1-tap boost feature is also handy for cleaning caches immediately.

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DU Speed Booster & Cleaner

If you are a big fan of Android games, then this is a perfect game booster for you. It’s a game booster, file cleaner, batter saver and speed booster for any Android device.

DU Speed Booster & Cleaner cleans the trash from your device. It is a antivirus app that manages your phone memory space, battery power and junk files.

It helps you to protect your device from viruses and malwares. It also improves your network connectivity and increases charging speed up to 20%.

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CCleaner is a multipurpose app that analyzes and cleans up stray files that are no longer in your use. It’s also available for PC.

The most important thing is the Cleaner feature that wipes out the cache data from apps, deletes browser and phone history and purges empty folders.

The App manager feature is also an important tool for uninstalling multiple apps at a time that are not useful. Finally the System Info page monitors your phone’s total usage of resources like RAM usage and other device details.

The best thing about this app is that it’s completely free. Perhaps it’s not as much feature-full as Clean Master, but if you can’t install clean master for any reason, then it is a good alternative to speed-up your phone.

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360 Security Lite

It’s a quite handy app and helps you to optimize your Android device, battery saving, protecting your phone from viruses and increasing the speed of your phone.

Basically, it’s a speed booster, battery saver and antivirus app that also manages your background apps that take most of your phone’s memory.

It also cleans up junk files and increases your phone’s battery life. If you have a small phone that has less than 1 GB Ram, then this app is probably the best android phone cleaner app for you.

It just takes 4 MB space from your device during the installation process but it’s worth it since it contains a lot of useful features like cloud scan and anti-virus system to protect your device.

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Startup Manager

Have you ever wondered why your phone takes a lot of time to reboot? You have the latest model with a lot of physical memory and up-to-date settings?

This happens because a lot of apps are running in the background which makes it difficult for your phone to restart because your Android phone is first required to close all of them, and then restart your phone.

The simple solution to fix such problem is to configure your Android device to not start certain apps during the boot.

The problem is that many apps add themselves in the startup list of your phone without even letting you know. In such a case, you can easily remove unnecessary apps from your start up list by using “Startup manager” to improve your phone’s performance.

The process is quite simple. Startup manager will show you all the apps that run at startup including both system apps and custom apps that you have installed manually. The user can remove useless apps from the startup list by just doing a few taps. Startup manager also works on non-rooted devices so if you are worried about needing a rooted device, then it’s still handy.

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Turbo Booster (Speed Up)

It helps to optimize your device as well as speeding up and cleaning your Android device. It frees up your RAM and disk space by allowing you to manage and delete apps.

If your phone has a small battery, then it also has a battery saver and speed booster that helps your phone to enhance the speed whilst playing games and saving the battery at the same time. The user can also delete useless apps with one tap feature.

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Droid Optimizer

This app also contains similar features like cleaning Android device, improving performance and optimizing it. It deletes the app caches and terminates background apps that take a lot of memory.

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History Eraser (Free/ $1.99)

Mobile apps create a lot of log files in which they store most of your details, such data is not necessarily store for malicious reasons but it can be a tough job to delete every file by hand manually.

History Eraser eases your job by automating the whole process for your convenient. By just making a single tap the user can delete browser history, texting messages, download history, app caches, call logs and some other log files as well.

The app will cost about $2 but there is also a free version available. Although, it is free but contains a lot of ads, you can remove those ads by upgrading to the paid version at any time.

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AVG cleaner and Battery Booster

This app is developed by the renowned antivirus firm, AVG. It helps to manage files, cleaning junk, saving battery and reducing the data usage. It also cleans large files that take a lot of process, call logs and browsing history to speed up your phone.

There is also an extra feature that’s not spotted on other apps in the list; it allows users to settle customized reminders to clean your device automatically. Moreover, it also controls the data usage by apps and also removes background apps.

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Don’t use RAM boosters and Task killers

Please read the following paragraph if you have came up here after searching “best ram booster for android”:

You may have found some apps that have the ability to work as RAM boosters and Task killers. We don’t recommend using such type of features as they can become counterproductive in some cases.

All Android devices already use the RAM as full as possible to maximize the speed of the device. As RAM starting filling up, Android juggles up its open apps for optimal performance. Therefore playing with that process can actually force Android to work harder to boost your phone’s performance even when it’s not required which will eventually make your device burned up thus slowing your phone’s performance.

Bottom Line: Avoid using task killers and RAM boosters even if your device is struggling big time.

Read More: Why task killers are bad?

Final Thoughts:

If your Android phone is working perfectly, then we don’t recommend installing any of these apps. This list of “best Android boosters in 2017” is only for people who are having any performance issues with their phone.

If you update your phone manually — let’s say in every 6 months – then you don’t need any performance booster at all.

But for most of people who don’t have time to clean up their devices on their own – Android cleaning apps can be very beneficial for cleaning up their devices and improving the performance.

Please do share your favorite Android cleaning apps with us by posting a small comment.

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