My Blogging checklist for everyday

My Blogging checklist for everyday

Making a checklist of your daily work can help you to figure out everyday that what work you have done and what more work you have to do. A good checklist can help you to align your work and can help you to manage your work step by step. Lets say your checklist has two different steps one after one, First is posting an article and the next one is sharing it on Social Media. This sort of checklist will make sure that you do not forget your work which you have planned to do.

I personally have created my blogging checklist for every single day.

The number one thing is writing a blog post and the next thing is to share it and so on.

By the help of these checklists I don’t forget my plans for every specific day. By specific day I mean that I have different ideas and different strategies which I implement on my Blog day after day.

Some things are common for my daily blogging course and some are pretty different with each other. For Example I focus on making backlinks for my posts on Sunday and on Monday I visit some different Blogs to gather new information for my new articles for the week.

Before using these checklist method I was not able to complete my work on daily basis. Everyday something was left and I have to do it the other day.

Thanks to SearchEngineJournal who gave me the idea of making these checklists to manage my work. I made 5 checklist in start and followed them everyday and the idea worked pretty fine.

Now the work burden wasn’t on my head and everything was looking very easy because every single tick was boosting my morale.

I decided yesterday to write this post about Blogging checklist to share my personal experience with you guys. Since my experience has been shared and the next thing I want to do is to share my daily checklist.

So here is my daily Blogging checklist

Write a post

Since every authority Blog was giving advice to people to write consistently to build solid readership and to get better ranking in SERPs, I focused on writing content on daily basis.

Many times I wrote more than one post at a day on my Blog because I was very passionate when I managed to start my first Blog, After all it was my first Blog in my life. I wrote about SEO, Online money making, WordPress and Blogger. I write about other things too but the focus was to publish a handsome amount of articles on my blog in a short time.

Fortunately by following my daily checklist I managed to publish 98 unique articles till 6 Feb 2015 including this one.

Because of my consistency Google has sent a huge amount of traffic to my Blog till now and I hope that the amount of traffic I am getting from Google will increase time after time. Bing and many other search engines also did a great Job in increasing my audience.

But again you should focus on quality and on quantity too. I am not asking you to write a few ten posts in the very first days of your Blog. I am asking to write long tailed and in-depth articles about any specific topic. The more words you have the more authority you will gain.

You can read my article about writing quality content.

Your post frequency will also affect your ranking on Alexa. As much active you are on your Blog as much improvement you will get on your Alexa ranking.

Alexa rank will be the most key factor when you will want to monetize your Blog. You will need a good Alexa rank in order to get advertisements on your Blog.

If you want to learn more about Alexa rank and how to improve it then read this article.

Now when you know that how much influence your posting frequency has on your ranking in SERPs and on your Alexa rank your first priority should be posting an article daily on your Blog and believe me if you will do it your ranking will super charge on both Alexa and Google.

Share your Content

After writing a post what do you think that you will need? Definitely, the thing you will need is traffic for your article.

You really need people to read your post otherwise your efforts on writing that post will be wasted. You need traffic but since your Blog is very new you won’t be able to get a decent amount of traffic from Search Engines, therefore you will need to engage your audience directly.

You will need to tell them that what piece of content you have to share with them. For this you can use many free tools.

You can read this article to know how to increase your Blog traffic rapidly.

You should read this article because it will help you a lot in getting free and real traffic on your Blog.

But when your Blog has gained many readers you will need to convert them into your Blog subscribers to make sure that whenever you post in future they will comeback on your Blog.

For this purpose you need to ask them to subscribe your Blog.

Here are some useful plugins that can help you to turn your Blog traffic into your Blog Subscribers.

Making Backlinks for your posts

Backlinks are the most important factor in getting good results on SERPs. Not every blog or website can feature itself on top result pages because they have low authority on Google from their competitors.

So to build authority one will need a decent amount of backlinks for his articles and topics to make sure that his page appears first on Google.

You can read my Blog post about link building here.

Engage with other Bloggers

To build authority and become an influencer you need to introduce your self to the people who already are in your niche. You have to build your social acquaintance with the guys who already are well known in your field. You should become a brand rather than just a Blog. To do this you need to interact with the people who are your competitors actually. By competitors I mean the Bloggers who have Blogs on same topic as yours.

You can interact with senior Bloggers easily by making accounts on Blogging Communities and by engaging there with people who already have authority there. Once people have start recognizing you, you can share your piece of content with them.

Just make relationships in the era when you are commenting on other people’s post and once they know you, you can send them a friend request.

After gathering a decent amount of friends on your Blogging community you can share your content with them.

Here are my recommended Blogging communities that will help you to grow your readership.

And remember if your posts got approval from admins of the community you will also earn a high quality backlink.

Because popular communities have high page ranks and having a link for your blog from a high Page rank website means authority and that is what you need for better ranking in serps.

You can also search your keyword on Google search engine and can engage with the bloggers who already have written about your topic by visiting every single result and by posting a good comments on their blogs. This will also give you a juicy link for your Blog.

Check for new updates

You should check for your new updates of your plugins and especially you should look for new WordPress version updates in order to prevent hackers from hacking your Blog.

You can read my Blog post about securing your Blog.

Update your WordPress version in the very first opportunity.

Keep updating your plugins with the most recent available version and especially update plugins who are related to your Blog protection.

Get your Blog analysis everyday

One of the most important thing you will need to focus on is getting your Blog analysis to know that what your audience is most interested about.

You can use several tools to do that including Google Analytics, WP-Statistics and many others.

Here is my article about my favourite Analytics

These free analytic tools will help you to figure out that which page is gaining the most attention of your audience.


Believe me that by just following these 6 steps you can become a ProBlogger. I haven’t share all of my steps that I do follow everyday but these 6 steps are the most important once in my Blogging Checklist. I hope you have liked the article, Let me know about your feelings by posting a small comment.

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