How to increase your Blog traffic in 2015?

increase your blog traffic in 2015

How to increase your Blog traffic in 2015

For success of any Blog or Website any webmaster needs traffic. And for traffic they need to promote their Blog on different forums, Social Media websites and different communities. And sometimes you can advertise to gain others attention towards your Blog. By advertising one can divert the traffic of the website to his website on which he has advertised.

Today, I am going to share some easy to follow tactics from which many have earned thousands of visitors per day but you are still unaware of.

So, What will you learn in this Article?

  • How to gain traffic with free tools
  • How to gain traffic for your Blog with some paid advertisements

How to gain traffic with free tools

There are not one but hundreds of different tools and platforms that can help you to get at-least 1000 to 2000 visitors for your Blog. All you need to do is to promote your content there manually in a sufficient way. So that your account is not blocked for spaming and you will be able to earn some organic/real traffic.

Here are my recommended free tools or platforms to increase your Blog Traffic

1) StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a online content sharing website where readers read publishers content. Here anyone can find any niche related article all he needs to do is to select his favourite category and then start stumbling. However our concern is to get traffic rather than becoming traffic. So, we will be focusing on How to get traffic from StumbleUpon. It is very easy, Just sign up for an account there and share your content with different Stumblers all around the web.

Q: How to do it?

ANS: You can do it quite easily by just visiting StumbleUpon Home page, then go to Add Page and submit your link there, after putting your content URL in the Web page Address, select Yes for the second option which is “

After completing the first two steps select your Page category that what is your page about. This will help StumbleUpon to suggest your page to the people who are interested in it.

Add some relevant tags and if you can submit a little comment for your page submit it and click on Add this Page button as shown in the image below:

2) Reddit

Reddit is the most popular content sharing website where millions if not billions share different types of content from different type of sources and then they just have a little chit chat about the content but this process helps Webmasters a lot in gaining some organic and unique traffic for their Blog whether they share their content on their own or someone else does it for them.

So our strategy will be the same which is to promote your content on Reddit to enlarge the amount of traffic you do have. All you need to do is to sign up for a Reddit account and then start adding your posts or articles on relevant subreddits.

EXTRA INFO: Subreddits are actually categories on which people talk on Reddit. Because the website name is Reddit so they have called their categories Subreddits to give it a little fancy look.

But wait a second! Don’t think that you will go on Reddit and will just share your content there and you will just start gettings tons of traffic for your Blog.

You first need to establish your account and then earn some karma links which are actually respect you do have on Reddit.(karma links = respect or authority). And to do this you need to engage with audience there and have a little chit chat on different topic in which you are interested and post some of your content too. However, I will advice you to not share your own website or Blog content in the first month to avoid any suspensions or penalties from Reddit’s administrator because they hate content promotion. After a month when you have enough know how of Reddit and its users attitude share your content with an handsome Title to attract as many readers as you can.

EXTRA TIP: Try to get into the top page of the subreddit because if you do you will find thousands of unique visitors per day on your website and if you managed to put your page on the homepage of Reddit then you should receive hundred and thousands of visitors per day. BELIEVE ME! However, getting your Post on first page isn’t that easy. Search more about Reddit on Google.

3) Ordinary Social Media Website

Yup! I am talking about Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and many other Social Media websites who have billions of users signed up with them. Just promote your content on the Pages and communities of these websites who are relevant to your content and try to engage as many users as you can to turn them into real traffic. For Example if you are writing on SEO then search for different Pages who have same niche as yours and post a comment on one of their posts and say; “Hey, I have made a post about “this this or this”. Maybe you guys will love to see it. Find this peace of content here: “”.

See, That’s how easy it is and there is a huge possibility that many will visit your Blog. Just make an attracting Title and an eye catching image.

4) BuzzBundle

Buzzbundle is a tool which many of you don’t know about. Many bloggers like Matthewwoodward are using this tool to promote their content. By using this simple tool you can engage the audience of Social Media, Forums, Q&A websites and Blog audience in a single time. What BuzzBundle will do that it will ask you for some keywords for the content it should search and once you have hit the Add stream button it will inspect every single Blog, Social Media website, Forum and Q&A website for relevant content and once BuzzBundle has found it. It will show the content to your screen in this manor:

By Buzzbundle you can promote your content anywhere on the internet and the best thing is that it will find every single Blog or Website or page which is related to your niche. Read this to know more about BuzzBundle

How to gain traffic for your Blog with some paid advertisements

If you have money in your pocket many things will be easy for you to achieve even in Blogging. As I said first that for a successful Blog anyone will need sufficient amount of traffic and for traffic people hit their head on the walls. But if you have budget, even just a 30 dollars for a day, I can assure you that you can still get 5000 visitors in an hour. Believe me I am not lying. All you need to do is to invest in a fruitful platform.

So, here are my tips to for you guys to get organic traffic through investment.


Yes! Did you expected this? I am sure you didn’t but could really be a reliable source to obtain a big amount of traffic for your Blog. How? Didn’t you notice that whenever we use a shorten URL from we are diverted to another page for 5 seconds or so. Do you know why? Because these pages owners have advertise on What will do that it will help its users to shorten their URL by their free service and whenever someone will use a shorten URL they will divert him to their Advertisers page first and after 5 seconds they will be sent again to their chosen destiny.

And we all have use these shorten URLs many times and many others are using it too. So why not to use this service to gain traffic to our Blogs?

You can advertise on with as little as 5 dollars for 1000 visitors. Phuuh! That’s not bad. In-fact its great. Read more about here

2) Google Adsense

For Adsense you at-least need some 100 dollars in your pocket to start your first ad campaign. I recommend Google Adsense because you will only have to pay when someone clicks on your advertisement and the best thing about Adsense is that it is used by every single Blog or Website for monetizing purpose and if your Ad is placed for Adsense your Ad will be shown all over these Blogs. Isn’t it great? Sure it is

To advertise on Adsense you need to Sign Up for Adwords account and then Google will guide you step by step to use their advertising platform

3) BuySellAds

Buysellads is a popular website in Blogging industry because many Bloggers are using Buysellads to get advertisements for their Blogs and many are eager to get one. It is an fixed price advertising platform where you just advertise for a specific time or for some specific impressions for a fixed amount of money. For Example if a Blog is offering 30 day Advertisement Banner on it for 300 Dollars then you must pay 300 dollars whether you get some sales or traffic from that Blog or not same is with impression. You buy some impressions for your Ad banner once the ad have reached its impression limit, it will disappear and the Blog will ask advertisers again to advertise on it.


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Hasnain Haider Abbas is a 25 years old web entrepreneur and founder of In the early stage of his life, he fell in love with technology, His expertise is in SEO, Content writing, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Web development, and Business promotion.

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  • JuttBahi , December 25, 2014 @ 9:35 AM

    Firt of all i would love to say this this is awesome post i ever seen to help bloggers to promote blog in 2015.
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  • plumber snake , January 1, 2015 @ 5:32 PM

    Useful article , I’m going to spend more hours
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  • minhaj , March 12, 2015 @ 10:37 AM

    Hmm… Great tips to increase blog traffic! Thanks. We want to learn more traffic tips from you! Bookmarked!

  • bloggerwits , March 22, 2015 @ 12:34 PM

    Few things play an important role while bringing traffic to any website…Such as
    Guest blogging
    Do SEO in your site
    Directory submission
    Share article on social networks
    Participate in Facebook groups
    Create quality of content
    Stumble Upon
    Commenting on other blogs etc

  • M-Minhaj , June 9, 2015 @ 6:43 AM

    Hi Husnain,
    It is my first visit on your blog! I founded blog via searching google.
    Yes, we blogger want traffic. We can increase traffic by many ways. But here all kinds of methods does not give you best results. Specially all kinds of black hat!
    I like all your 3 great methods. But i never tried. As you said i definitely try it!
    However, content is always king. And also need some great promotion tips.
    Anyway, Thanks for sharing an informative post with us. Eager to know more from you. Actually learning is not a matter of shame!! I always try to learn something new, even from my little sister.

    • Husnain , June 9, 2015 @ 2:58 PM

      thanks for ur kind feedback Minhaj 🙂

  • charan , August 29, 2015 @ 11:10 AM

    Every blogger wants traffic , but the point is what kind of traffic visitors are visiting our blog its very important . as you have mentioned some points are no doubt it’s a useful article , but google loves more organic which comes with good unique content as well as correct s.e.o on page optimization. Thanks for sharing husnain

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