5 Best Tools to get your Blog statistics

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5 Best Places to get your Blog statistics

To compete against your competitors you must me known of your own statistics. Having these statistics also help you to know that what your customers are most interested in or what page they visited the most. By knowing that what page is the most visited one, you can put some ads there and can understand that what topic is most liked by your readers. But how to get your blog statistics which are completely correct? Here are my most favourite tools that I use to get my Blog statistics

Google Analytics

Google Analytic is probably the most used tool by Bloggers and webmasters to get their Blog statistics. It is a complete free to use tool that not only tells you the amount of pageviews you got but also it will tell you the number of unique visitors and the visitors who are revisiting your Blog. It also tells you that what websites are referring to you or from which website you are getting most of your traffic. Here is an image of that info:

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Sitemeter is one another great tool to inquire your Blog Statistics.It is a free tool but only allows to monitor one website for a single sign-up. Sitemeter is used by many Bloggers around the Globe. It allows you to get your number of visitors for a particular month or day and the amount of revisits you got. It has more features including Average user visits per day, Average visit length(bounce rate), visit last hour, visits for the week and much more.



Ahref is probably the most vigilant tool that not only captures the amount of visitors you are getting but also it searches for outbound and inbound links a website has. Whenever some one will search for a Blog or Website statistics on Ahref, it will not only tell them the amount of visitors but number of backlinks a website is having and the Domain authority of the domain. So I can say that this tool is amongst some of the top statistics tools listed in the history.

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WordPress Stats(Jetpack)

WordPress Stats is one of my favourites, I am using this tool too. However, the features of this tool are limited. You can only get details of the number of unique visitors your Blog had. It gives information about referrers, top visited pages and posts, amount of clicks your blog got and number of followers you have. However, you can not install this plugin separately, you must install Jetpack to be entertain from this Plugin. Jetpack will also give you a handful of other features too which wordpress.com users enjoy.

WP Statistics

With 986,227 downloads and 138 votes having 4.5 stars makes this tool a valuable asset for in Blogging Industry. You can only use this tool if you are a WordPress user. It is designed by  Mostafa Soufi & Greg Ross. This plugin has all the features packed, it gives you your traffic stats, number of visitors and number of visits for a day, week or a month. It also counts yearly visits and visitors. It also records the referral traffic you are having. And the best thing is that it also records the amount of traffic which is coming from Search Engines and for what post or page they are coming. By this special feature you can know that what people are looking for. This Plugin has many other features including Recent Visitors, top 10 pages, top 10 visitors today, search engine referrals and much more

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