5 Must read blogs for Blogger

5 Must read blogs for Blogger

Writing quality content is a big concern for any Blogger, Finding resources and gathering material can cost you your precious 2 – 10 hours. And as a Blogger you need to be informed about the latest happenings of the industry. What if we could make a check-list of those websites from where we can get quality resources for our Blog without scrolling so many webpage? It would be great, So today we will find out 5 must-read sites for any Blogger.


ProBlogger, A well-known Blog in the industry which is run and managed by a Blogging super star Darren Rowse. ProBlogger is a full of resource Blog which contains efficient and valuable information about Blogging, content making, SEO, marketing, WordPress, promotional strategies and making money online.

And the best thing about ProBlogger is that Darren Rowse is still accepting guest posts for his blog which allows his readers to somehow know the tricks of other webmasters that they use to decrease their bounce rate or tips that guest bloggers give about Affiliate marketing.

It’s kind of a information hub where you can find any sort of information related to content creation and online marketing. After combining all my words I can conclude and say that ProBlogger should be in your bookmarked website’s list.


What is a Blogger’s biggest concern, nowadays? SEO, right? I have seen many Bloggers including my self dreaming to find out some kind of a PR 6 blog which allows do-follow backlinks so that we can create some links for our blogs on it to earn some link juice which is indeed not possible.

To get quality backlinks, one will need high-quality content. But is that as easy as we expect? Definitely no, And there is a solid reason behind that, I mean how someone will figure out that our content is resourceful or not when he has never seen it. Mostly we earn backlinks when someone searches something on Search Engine, find our Blog in search engine, visits the page, find our content useful and later he give us a backlink. But to make our content more visible on SERPs we need some high PR backlinks right?

So the idea doesn’t seem to work since we do not have much backlinks which will make our search engine visibility more advanced which means no new traffic and no new backlinks, This is the concept which Brian Dean is being spreading all around the SEOs, and I am 100% agreed with him. So to find out easy and quick ways to make high quality backlinks for your blog, go to his blog and read the high quality, excellently explained content.

Find out as many gray Hat and white hat SEO tricks as you can to make your Blog appearance more clear in SERPs. You will also find list-building ideas, content promotion strategies and online marketing tips on his Blog with high quality infographs.


I read somewhere that more than 32% of the internet is being powered by WordPress. The stats seems to be true and are enough to get an idea of WordPress importance in the industry. So if most of the Bloggers are using WordPress, then you can be one amongst them.

If yes, then WpBeginner is a complete jetpack for you to increase your WordPress knowledge. From Plugins to transferring WordPress blog from one server to another, WpBeginner is a knowledge heaven for a complete newbie. Learn from setting-up a WordPress blog to structuring your data.

You can find out the most useful themes, plugins and latest information for WordPress that will help you to choose the most useful and revenue generating gadgets for your Blog.

Also learn about best Hosting Companies, Domain registrars and WordPress service providers. You will also find free coupons for many hosting plans, plugins and themes.


WikiPedia is the biggest information hub present on internet(if I am not wrong). You will find out valuable content for anything, from basic Math rules to Medieval age history. WikiPedia has enough information for anyone looking to write a high-quality piece of content about any niche or topic.

As a Blogger, I normally use Wikipedia to gather quality material to write my content. So if you are a content lover who wants to write quality content with references and resources, then bookmark Wikipedia right now to find quality resources.


Despite the fact that most of Bloggers use WordPress, Google’s Blogger has still a severe importance in the industry. Blogger allows you to create a Blog without spending a penny with a sub-domain which will have”blogspot .com”(Google’s domain) in the end of it. However, later you can host your blog on a custom URL by putting the Google nameservers into your Domain nameservers area.

But the only reason people hesitate in using Blogger or I should say they prefer WordPress on it is because Blogger has many limitations, there are not as many resources available for Bloggers as we have for WordPress on internet. So here’s a site(Mybloggertricks) that publishes wealthy resources for Blogger including: Gadgets, Forms, Templates, widgets and other useful stuff like XML codes to make your site SEO friendly etc.

They will also let you inform about SEO, Google algorithm updates and one of their most useful series of articles was about making mobile friendly templates. Hope you will like to see it.

Wrapping it up!

I can surely say that these sites will be enough for any Blogger seeking for quality resources to create high-quality content. You can also use many other tools like BuzzSumo or you can join Blogging communities to meet industry’s emerging Bloggers that may help you to step on to the next milestone of your career.


Hasnain Haider Abbas is a 25 years old web entrepreneur and founder of Articlesteller.com. In the early stage of his life, he fell in love with technology, His expertise is in SEO, Content writing, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Web development, and Business promotion.

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