Wpsubscribers- A small plugin that can increase your subscribers list

increase your subscribers list

Whenever we have tried to learn some lessons from blogging gurus to know that how we can make a successful blog, they have always told us the same answer and that is to build a solid subscriber list.

But they haven’t ever told us that how we can make a long and huge subscriber list. So today we will talk about some of those tricks and plugins from which we can make a strong subscriber list.

As I said first online gurus have always asked us to build long tailed subscriber lists to make our blogs successful and today I will share some of those tricks from which you can build a really big list.

But before starting the post we need to get answers for two different questions.

No. 1: Why people will subscribe your blog?


No. 2: How people will subscribe your blog?

Well, the answer for question number 1 is that people will only subscribe your blog when you have some quality content to share with them but is quality content enough?

The answer is a BIG No.

People will not subscribe your blog until you ask them. There are different ways to ask your visitors to subscribe your blog.

You can use opt-in forms, pop-up forms or just place a simple subscribe us form in the sidebar.

And believe me by using these kind of forms smartly you can really grow your list in just a few months. All you will need are two big things, good traffic and attracting subscription forms at right places.

Now let’s go to our next question.

Now the next part is that how people will subscribe our blog? Well, the answer is easy. By submitting their emails into your subscription forms but we need to be very smart in placing these forms.

We will first discuss my personal experience with these small forms.

First I only placed a sidebar subscription widget to ask my readers to become my subscribers but I only got few subscriptions which was quite disappointing for me.

Thanks to Robbie Richards who let me knew about these opt-in forms and by using them I was able to grow my list rapidly.

It is all the matter of placing the forms at the right areas. For example: In post, after paragraphs, after post, pop-ups and attracting sidebar subscribe us form.

Let’s assume that we have made a 1000 words long article which consists of 10 different paragraphs and two of these paragraphs are the most important once. So putting an opt-in form after these two paragraphs will be a great idea because there is a strong possibility that after reading these two paras our readers will like us more and therefore the chances of them subscribing our blog will rise.

How to get all these features in a single plugin?

Now here the real part comes in. Can we get all of these features in a single plugin or we have to use a ton of different plugins to place these subscribe us forms on different places of our blog?(i.e. below paragraphs, below posts, in sidebar or anywhere you want)

The answer is yes you can get all of these features in a single plugin which is called Wpsubscribers. It is a premium plugin which will give you all the features in a single platform including Pop-up forms, sidebar forms, in-post forms, below post forms and all of these features.

To describe all the features of this plugin I will like you guys to visit this page.

But to get a closer look of what I am talking about keep reading the article.

Features of WpSubscribers

  • Pop-up Opt-in form: A popup with the darkened background, so that all your visitor sees is your Opt-in Offer, they may either subscribe or dismiss your offer in order to see the page underneath it.
  • Header and Footer opt-ins: Place your Opt-in forms below header or just before footer.

After header:

Or in footer:

  • Display hidden content: This feature will ask your readers to subscribe in order to read more.

  • Subscribe when commenting:  Another great features which makes this plugin more superior than others. This feature will ask your readers to subscribe when they are commenting on your blog.

And much more, I can not tell you all the features in a single post. I will ask you people again to read this page in order to learn more about the features.

And by the way, you will get unlimited opt-ins which is a super cool offer by developers.

Services that are suitable with Wpsubscribers

The most cool thing about Wpsubscribers is that it can work with any email service such as AWber, Mailchimp, iContact, Google FeedBurner, Get Response and with every single service which is available online.

Design your own forms

One another great feature about Wpsubscribers is that you can design your own forms according to your blog colours within 8 to 15 minutes.

You can also design your own Pop-up form and can add videos in it.

Regular Statistics

You can also track the subscription forms performance. You can track that how many times your forms appeared and which form worked the most.

So it will be quite easy for you to only put the relative and most efficient forms in your blog.

You will also get

  • Facebook Connectivity:  Your visitor will get an offer and add a facebook connect button. The visitor clicks this button to connect with you, and he will be automatically added to your email list. How cool is that?
  • “Smorgasbord” flexibility : You can add popups and forms just anywhere in your blog. Just imagine and place opt-ins any where in the blog.
  • You can place any special popup on specific posts which are related to a specific categories.
  • You can also assign different pop-ups on different pages.
  • You can also add a countdown timer after which the Pop-up will disappear automatically.

So what you are waiting for? Just get this plugin and increase your subscribers list 


Hasnain Haider Abbas is a 25 years old web entrepreneur and founder of Articlesteller.com. In the early stage of his life, he fell in love with technology, His expertise is in SEO, Content writing, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Web development, and Business promotion.

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