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Hosting companies that accept payments from unverified Paypal

Hosting companies that accept payments from unverified Paypal

A big botheration for internet users who live in countries where Paypal is not offering it’s services is that they cannot pay online payments via Paypal due to unverified accounts. Same thing happens when it comes to buying hosting plans online with Paypal. So today I will share 5 companies that accept payments from unverified Paypal accounts.


NameCheap is not just accepting payments from unverified Paypal accounts, they also do have very affordable plans which anyone cannot ignore. Mostly people buy shared hosting plans to host their WordPress Blogs and for that they do not need more than 20 GB of hard disk space. So NameCheap has perfect offer for those who have WordPress Blogs.

They are offering 20GB of disk space just for 9.88/yr which is indeed an surprising offer. You can also see other plans including their most popular offer 19.88/yr for 50GB SSD Disk Space, unlimited bandwidth with up to 10 websites.

However, you will need to pay 38.88/yr and 78.88/yr for both plans after the first year, respectively.


Hostgator is another reputable and reliable hosting company that also accept payments via unverified Paypal accounts. They are amongst one of the top companies we have on internet for shared web-servers and Re-seller hosting plans.

They have a very reliable support staff who are online 24/7 to guide you for each and every single step that you would like to take. Their plans start from 0.01$ for first month if you will use this coupon : 1CENTHOSTING2015AT. However, if you are willing to buy a hosting plan for an year or more, then use the following coupon to get 25% discount: COUPONCODEDISCOUNT25OFF. 


Qhoster will be my 3rd choice if I would not choose from Namecheap or Hostgator. I will prefer to go with Namecheap or Hostgator but if you are having any trouble with them, then using Qhoster will also be a good choice.

By the way, they are offering 10GB of disk space for 2.54$/month if you will buy 3 months hosting. Also see other plans including Hosting Plan Pro and Hosting Plan Biz.


BlueHost is another high-quality, reputed and well-known company in the industry. Even WordPress recommends BlueHost to host your WordPress Blog. They have managed to overcome new customers and change the previous trends.

You can buy a shared web-hosting plan for just 3.95$/monthly or start with their most popular Plus plan where you will need to pay 6.95$/month to get unlimited disk space with unlimited number of domains. Although, you will get 100 GB of disk space for the Starter Plan.

As far as payments via an unverified Paypal account is concerned, I made a small research on internet and I got a small answer that yes, they do accept payments via unverified Paypal accounts. However, you must check yourself to make sure that there are no more changes in their terms and policies.


If any of the above companies are not what you are willing to buy, then you may want to see DynaDot’s hosting plans. You can buy  a hosting plan for just 1 dollar although features will be very limited. You will be able to host a simple HTML website with 3GB, 10GB or 30GB of bandwidth.

You will also get a single FTP account, and hard disk space of 30 to 300MB. However, I will recommend to go with the above four companies instead of choosing DynaDot. They are more preferable when buying domains, but be very sure when you are choosing them to host your website on their server.

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