6 Cool WordPress Plugins for Facebook

6 Cool WordPress Plugins for Facebook

There are many wordpress plugins that allow authors to show their facebook feeds on their blog’s sidebar. Many Facebook plugins give the users the opportunity to like a blog post, video or image by just clicking a like button. You can also use many plugins to ask your users to like your page, this will help you to generate more likes for your fan page without advertising on Facebook.

So today I am going to share some cool WordPress plugins for Facebook which you can use for many objectives. 

Custom Facebook feed

custom facebook feed

By using this plugin you will be able to display a completely customizable feed with an awesome and cool layout of any facebook page or group on your blog.

By using this plugin your users will also be able to like your page by just clicking on the like button as shown below:

custom-facebook-feed screenshot 2


Add Link to Facebook

add link to facebook

Add Link to Facebook is a plugin which allows you to publish your posts from your blog to your facebook fan page, group or profile without even pressing a button.

Or I should say that this plugin will automatically publish your latest posts on your facebook fanpage, group or on your profile.


Recent Facebook Posts


One of the finest alternatives you can have for Facebook Likebox is Recent Facebook Posts. A quicker, moderate and attracting plugin that will allow you to show your latest facebook posts on your Blog with some extra and new modifications and features.


Facebook All


If you want to allow your users to login to your blog from their facebook and Google ids then Facebook All is the finest choice for you.

By using this plugin your users will be able to connect to your blog from their facebook and google+ profiles after which they will be able to comment on your blog without filling the comment form.


Facebook Like Button

Facebook Like button allows you to put a like button anywhere on your blog including your blog posts, pages and sidebar.

You can simply add a like button like this: facebook-like-button screenshot 2

anywhere on your blog to ask your readers to like your blog post or Fan page.


Tawea Facebook Chat


Do you want your blog readers to meet each other? If yes, then this plugin is the right choice for you. Add Tawea Facebook Chat to your blog and a chat box similar to Facebook will appear on your blog. However it will put some extra burden on your blog therefore it will take more time to load.

But you can use some Cache plugins to improve your blog’s speed.

Read about my favorite WordPress Cache Plugins





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  • Adeel Sami , March 27, 2015 @ 7:57 PM

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    • Husnain , March 27, 2015 @ 7:58 PM

      Hey Adeel, Thanks for being so active on the blog :), Will love to get more from you 😛

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    hi Husnain,
    Nice post bro and awesome word press plugin for Facebook great list Thanks for Sharing keep up it
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  • rai , October 17, 2015 @ 9:27 PM

    this is very cool post for facebook lovers to change their facebook look in new way.

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