How to make Sub-Domains for your website?

how to make sub-domains

How to make Sub-Domains for your website?

Do you guys want to make sub-domains of your real domain to make forums, feedback page or some thing like that? And you think it is so tough to do that? Don’t worry, It is not that tough. Today I will teach you how to make sub-domain?



  • What are Sub-Domain?
  • How Sub-Domains can give your Website a more professional look?
  • How to Add Sub-Domains for your Blog?
  • How to Assign these domains with the database?

What are Sub-Domain?

Sub-Domains are domains assigned with your main domain name. Sub-Domains actually have a word such as forums, feedback etc in the place of www. Or I can say it replaces www from your selected word.

For Instance: A Sub-Domain should look like this :

How Sub-Domains can give your Website a more professional look?

Well, A major reason because of which people want Sub-Domains for their blogs is because these Sub-Domains give a more professional and ethic look to the Website.

I mean if a Website has a forum on a Sub-Domain (i.e., it will be considered a more professional website for the niche because of its professional Sub-Domain.

Having these Sub-Domains is such a privilege because not many people know about them and not many people have them.

Installing your Forum on a Sub-Domain will be far more better than installing it on an ordinary URL such as this yourwebsite/forums-url.

How to Add Sub-Domains for your Blog?

Adding these Sub-Domains isn’t that hard. In-fact it is so easy that no one of you could even imagine. All you need to do is to login into your Hosting Company Cpanel. By the way only Websites with paid hosting packages can make Sub-Domains. Although, Many companies are offering free Cpanels with great amount of features including Sub-Domains availability, For example

After logging into your Cpanel you need to search for Domain panel from where you can Select Sub Domains. Once you have find Sub-Domains tab click on it, a new page should open which should look like this:

Untitled-1 copy

if this kind of a page appears on your screen that means that you are doing every thing right. Now name your Sub-Domain(forum, feedback etc) and click Create.

Once you have click on create button a new Sub-Domain is been created.

Congrats! For your First Sub-Domain.

How to Assign these domains with the database?

Now you need to attach the Sub-Domain with your Database. Normally when you create a new Sub-Domain it makes a new directory in your database like this :


Finding these Sub-Domain database directories isn’t very hard, Usually the system automatically tells the Sub-Domain directory to the Cpanel Admin where one can add his Data.

For Example: If you have chosen forums to be your sub-domain then it should make a new folder in your web directory which should be name “forums”. Now all you need to do is to upload your data in this particular folder from where the sub-domain will get the data.

You can make Blogs, forums and feedback pages by using this system.




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