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How can students Make money Online?

make money online


Are you a student who need some extra cash in his/her pocket to make some more fun? If you are then you have come to the right place.

Making money is difficult from always but in today’s modern world where you have technologies, internet and so many gadgets its not difficult anymore.

All you need, are some skills. On internet there are many varieties of different methods to make money online. You can earn through Data Entry, writing, PTC (Paid to click websites), Online paid surveys. You can even make money online by playing some paid games.

So today We will discuss 5 great methods which are really reliable to make money via internet.


In data entry jobs you need to fill the captchas which are shown on your screen.  You can earn 100 to 200 dollars through these captcha entry Jobs, It depends on your work. Although, you need some skills to do this job including Good typing skills and Good eye site which is more a ability than a skill indeed. You can learn more about data entry Jobs here. There are many platforms to do this job I will prefer MegaTypers because their Pay rates are the highest.


If you are a person who loves to explore different features of different products then this Job is best for you. On paid surveys you are asked to use some sort of products or services and then you are asked to give your review about the product or service. Here are some Paid Survey sites  Toluna, Pinecone, Vivatic, MySurvey,Valued Opinions, SurveyBods, Global Test Market, Hiving, The OpinionPanel, PanelBase, Harris Poll, iPoll, YouGov, New Vista. (I am sorry I have not put .com because of the new Penguin Update by Google)

3) Writing

You can earn money via writing too. If you have some writing skills. You can become a copy writer, an article writer, a copy blogger and also you can earn via post blogging. If you believe that you have some writing skills then go to a online freelancer website and make your profile there and search for jobs. You can try Odesk, Elance and Freelancer for freelancing jobs online.

4) Blogging

Blogging is a great way to earn, learn and for fun. I can say this because I am a Blogger myself. The experience I have got in this so little time of my Blogging career. I have learned so many new things. First, I knew that what is Blogging and how I can start my own Blog. I learned about Hosting, domain management and SEO. So if you are interested in Blogging and you believe that you have skills then this is a best way to earn money online because as a Blogger you are a entrepreneur rather than an employ. But don’t think that whenever you will start a Blog you will just start earning money without any efforts. First you need to establish it then you need to get traffic for it, you need Good Alexa rank, You need high PageRank on Google. You need many things to do. But once you have established a popular Blog with high traffic rate, you are near to earn. You can earn through advertising, through Affiliate Marketing, through Product reviewing and by Adsense too. But the most important thing is “SKILL” if you have it, then no one can stop you in achieving what you want.

5) Affiliate Marketing

Well, This is a thing we have discussed before too. But if you are a person who knows how to sell and how to convince people to buy what you are selling, then you are the right man for this Job. First lets have a little background of background of what Affiliate Marketing is or what an Affiliate Marketer is. An Affiliate marketer is a salesman who sells products of a company, he is not an employ or a basic salesman we have normally. He is actually a partner in the business, he sells the goods and get commission on the sales he made. In short, he is not an employ but a marketer who uses his influence to help the producer to sell his goods. If you are willing to become an affiliate marketer then go to Amazon, affiliates online and many other Companies who are offering their Affiliate Programs online.


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