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How to earn money through megatypers?



Megatypers is an online data entry website which pays its users for typing captcha entries for them. The rate may start from 0.45 dollars per 1000 images to 1.35 dollars per 1000 images. It is amongst one of the best and highest paying data entry websites. To start working on Megatypers first you need to have a Payza or Paypal account, although they accept western union too as a payment processor. However, the minimum cashout for western union is 100 dollars at-least. But for paypal and payza the minimum cashout is 3 dollars and the payment will be issued automatically on every Monday.

If you don’t have a Paypal or Payza account then you must sign-up for it(If you don’t know how to make paypal or payza account then click here to know how). After signing up for a Payza account you must now sign-up for a Megatypers account. For that go to their website and click on Free sign-up button, Put your email, create your password, Put your name, select your payment method, If you have selected Paypal or Payza then you must put your Paypal or Payza account email address.

However, if you have selected Perfect Money¬†then put your perfect money account number. If you have choose Western Union as your payment processor then put your country and city name( Don’t forget, if you have selected Perfect Money or Western Union then your minimum cashout will be 100 dollars. So I personally recommend you to use Paypal or Payza as your payment processor.) Make sure that you have put correct payment details because they cannot be changed after sign-up.

Put up a invitation code, you can use my invitation code if you don’t have it “9KJA”. Check their term button and solve the captcha image below. After that click on Register button. Once you have done that you are registered, now login to your account and select High Speed Work(Beta) from the menu and click on start button, now start working. Solve as many captchas as you can to earn more and more money.

If you are unable to solve a particular image then you must click at Unknown button(don’t often use it otherwise megatypers will suspend¬†your account for some days).

Sometimes when megatypers Server is dealing with many users captcha images may come slowly. To avoid that slowness buy boost packs but to buy boost packs you must first earn some money that worth to the boost pack value.


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