Youtube Blogger widget — Add a subscribe button

Are you a Blogger who also run a Youtube channel? But you want to drive some more traffic from your Blog to Youtube? If yes, then here is a small but powerful Youtube Blogger Widget for you.

youtube widget for blogger

This is a small subscribe button from which you can get more followers on Youtube by simplifying the subscription process for your visitors. Now they do not need to first visit your Youtube page and then follow you.

Just add this Youtube widget on your blog which allows them to follow you on Youtube by just pressing the a subscribe button — no need to open your Youtube page on a separate tab.

To add this widget on your Blog, go to Blogger->Dashboard->Layout and click on add a gadget button — then choose HTML/Javascript widget.


Now copy the following code:

<script src=""></script>

<div class="g-ytsubscribe" data-channelid="your-channel-ID" data-layout="default" data-count="default"></div>

And paste it inside your newly created HTML/Javascript widget. Now replace “your-channel-ID” with your original Youtube channel’s ID.

To get your ID open your Youtube channel homepage where you will find a unique ID at the end of the URL. For instance:

Finally, click on Save button and you are all done.

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