What Are The Easiest Ways To Refund a Game On Steam?

Steam is one of the most popular stores for digital games not only for it allows players to purchase games easily, but steam also allows users to return the game. These services used to be availed when individuals purchased games from the physical store but now they can purchase them and return them sitting at home.

Sometimes, an individual purchases a game before it was available on sale or they didn’t like the game after playing the game for a while, users can simply return the game on Steam easily and rapidly. All the information related to refunding games on steam has been provided below step-by-step.

Refund Rules on Steam

Before we start talking about refund policies, it is important to ensure that your refund can be done on your game purchased. Besides that, if the game purchased on Steam by a user is not meeting the requirements shared below, there’s a possibility that Steam can provide a refund in some situations. Read the questions asked frequently related to Steam refunds below.

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  1. How long do users have before they return a purchase on Steam?

Games purchased on Steam can be returned by users within fourteen days (two weeks) of purchase, considering the game hasn’t been played much like not more than two hours. Full games are included in this policy including Downloadable Content (DLC), and pre-order content (beginning from the date it is released).

Items or buffs you purchased in-game can be returned within two days (48 hours) of purchase, considering the purchased item hasn’t been used in-game. Most of the time some game developers don’t allow to return the purchase user spent on a game, and these policies are already entered when purchasing a product or content.

  1. What is the time estimation for getting a refund on returning?

After returning the game or content, it can take around a week to get your money back. Users can get back their money through Steam Wallet funds or any other payment method they used to buy.

  1. Do Steam offers a refund after being banned?

No Way. Users who are cheating and caught with the assistance of the Valve Anti-Cheat system (VAC) lift their rights and don’t allow them to return the game or perform any refunds.

  1. Can users ask for a refund for Steam Wallet funds?

Yes, you can. Users who want a refund for the money they spend on Steam wallet can be returned within two weeks (fourteen days) after purchasing. Make sure you haven’t spent any of those funds on Downloadable Content (DLC) or games on Steam.

  1. Is it possible for Steam to take the opportunity of the refund process?

In case, if any individual is breaking the rules and abusing the Steam system policies. Steam can forbid your right to ask for a refund on purchases. The system has been made the system so users will avoid abuse.

  1. If a game is on sale and users bought before the sale started. Can they return it to Steam and purchase the sale version?

Yes, it is allowed by Steam to return a game for this purpose as it is not counted as abuse or breaking rule.

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Instructions to return a Steam game

After purchasing a game from Steam, if users have been through all the requirements shared above, then read the instructions shared below to return other purchases done on steam or any game.

Steps to return a game 

  1. Go to the Help page of Steam and sign in with your gaming account.
  2. Tap on “Purchases” from the Steam menu.
  3. Tap on the “Purchase” option for the content users want to refund. In case users cannot see that option, it means a refund is not possible as it is an old purchase.
  4. Choose the issue users are having and tap on “I would like to request a refund”.
  5. Choose the way you want to get your funds back from the list.
  6. Provide the details required on the request form and submit it.
  7. The next step is users might receive a verification mail for the refund request. Steam can take up to seven days to accept the refund application, and a refund can take more than seven days to be transferred to your account. In the case of international payment procedures, it can take longer.

Following the steps will let you get your refunds back from Steam. Always remember in case a user’s request for a refund is denied or maybe the game you bought was like two weeks ago, users can always fill out another form and submit their request so their refund request will be reviewed by someone else. Always purchase quality games on Steam so you can avoid the refund process.

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