Valentino Rossi Net Worth in 2017

The Italian born MotoGP racer,  Valentino Rossi is a popular motor bike rider, he was born on 16th February 1979. He has won many championships in his professional career. Today we are going to have a look of his professional career and his current net worth.

Valentino Rossi net worth

In his career, Valentino gained many glories and achievements including few MotoGP world Championships and his famous victory on Grand Prix World Championship. He is considered as one of the most successful bike racers in the world.

Valentino’s estimated net worth is at-least $120 million as of 2012, but recently Forbes updated his income and assets profile — his salary and winning gave him about $12 million and $10 as endorsements.

He started his career like his father when he first contested in Grand Prix in 1996, a year later he won his first championship for Aprilia. He keeps on achieving more as he won 500cc World Championship for Honda in 2001.

Later he won two MotoGP championships in 2002 and 2003. His winning streak keeps on moving as he won two more titles in 2004 and 2005 but for a different sponsor, Yamaha.

He then joined Ducatio in 2011, but later joined back Yamaha in 2013. In his career he won 105 races which is the second most highest number of races won by any racer after Giacomo Agostini’s 122 wins.

Valentino also has the privilege to be the first motorcycle racer who competed and won in both 500 cc and MotoGP championships. He also loves Football and his liking for Internazionale, an Italian Football club is not hidden from anyone.

Initially he had Max Biaggi as his most important rival — despite the fact that they never raced against each other until the year 2000. The rivalry between both prevailed in mid 1990s and ended up as Valentino kept winning championships where Biaggi was struggling to find good support for his career.

He was so busy with his career so he had to left his family home which is in Tavullia from where he shifted to Milan. After that he took residence in London during the era in which he was racing for Honda.

His career was at peak at that stage, he also bought a villa in Ibiza which he still owns. Valentino belongs to a Roman Catholic family. During his career, he also received many accolades including honorary degree in communication and advertising for organization in 2005.

He also received Italy’s first Winning award for his contributions to promote Italy’s image to the world. Valentino also faced few threats during his career from an Italian-Spanish rebel movement who were known for sending bombs in parcels.

The main reason behind those threats was a commercial which he did for Repsol company in Spain in which he printed on the motorbike and his suit.

Overall, Valentino is still considered as one of the most prominent motorbike racer of all time. Even his competitors respect him as a bike racer — in his career he achieved many dignitaries and promoted his country’s soft image to the world.

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