Kim Kardashian Net Worth

Kim Kardashian Net Worth:

$1.4 Billion

Salary of Kim Kardashian’s:

$80 Million Per Year

Net Worth1.4 Billion USD
Salary:80 Million USD Annually
Birth Date:21st Of October’1980
Age:Forty-One Years Old
Height:5 ft 2 in (1.59 m)
Profession:Entrepreneur, Actor, Model, Fashion Designer, TV Personality, Businessperson,and Model 
Nationality:USA (United States Of America)

What is the Net Worth Of Kim Kardashian?

Kim Karadshian is a famous American model, TV star, spokesperson as well as entrepreneur. It is safer to state that Kim is one of the well-known, most-popular & wealthier celebrities in the world. The net worth of Kim Karadshian is approximately 1.4 billion dollars. 

The yearly earnings of Kim are no less than $50-80 million. She earns the stated amount via different business endeavors and  her ever-growing corporation. For instance, Kim earned up to 72M USD from different business deals. She also earned up to 50M USD in June 2020 alone. The major part of yearly earnings was generated via licensing and business deals. As a quick example, Kim earned quite a big amount via her mobile phone game called “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’’. Kim earned quite a small fortune through royalties. 

Did you know the game had 60 million downloads? 

It generated up to 200 Million USD as well. Kim receives up to 28% from the generated amount, to the present day. Other than that, she earns via profitable endorsements to making appearances on the television shows to many more. She is also a famous reality Television star. Moreover, She also has a huge fan-following in all her social media platforms. Therefore, Kim also earns via paid Instagram posts and sponsorships. Kim also owns various products, specifically a product line of tanning items to an apparel line at Sears. 

The earnings are not limited to endorsement deals as the huge part of Kim Kardashian’s net worth is generated through equity stakes through two companies listed below:

  • The KKW beauty: A direct-to-users beauty items brand
  • Skims: A famous shapewear corporation

The KKW Beauty Line was released in 2017. To the present day, the corporation has up to 100 Million USD in gross revenue. However, in the year 2020, she sold out up to 20% of KKW Beauty Line for 200 Million USD. It left the company with the worth of 1 billion USD. The outcome of the fundraising event increased her net worth up to 900 Million USD.

She raised the amount up to 5M USD in the year 2019 via Venture Capital Firm Imaginary Ventures, to release the apparel line aka shapewear collection known as Skims. In the year 2021, Skims managed to raise approximately 154 Million USD via valuation of 1.6 billion dollars. However, Kim still remained the true holder as she owned the majority of the finance even after all that big financial round at Skims. 

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The Early Life Of Kim Kardashian:

The birthdate of Kim Kardashian is 21st of October, 1980. She was born in LA, California. The father aka Robert Kardashian was the defense lawyer at OJ Simson’s. Kris Jenner is the mother of Kris Kardashian.Kim Kardashian worked as an assistant and stylist to the Hollywood stars. Paris Hilton was one of her early clients and a good friend as well.

She grew up in a large family. Kim Kardashian has two sisters known as Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney, whereas Kylie & Kendell happen to be her half-sisters. Kyle and Kendall’s father is a well-known former Olympic athlete called Bruce Jenner. Now, he goes by the name of Caitlyn Jenner. 

Kim is known as one of the famous & renowned throughout the world. She has gained her stardom in the past 10 years through her persistent hard work. Therefore, she is known as one of the most popular and immensely successful celebrities on planet earth. 

She has build a successful cosmetics line to a clothing line. Kim is also known for her weight loss items to fragrance (perfumes) to retail deals. She also earns via making appearance on famous TV shows. Therefore, she generates quite an amount via the television salary as well. 

It won’t be wrong to state that she is a real social media star with a successful business empire.

Kim got the attention of the masses when her sex tape went viral with Ray J. However, Kim turned the tables and stretched the fame to her own reality show, Keeping up with Karadshains on the E! 

That show proved to be a real deal as Kim’s fame touched the skies from there. Ever since the show, she was telecasted in various movies and was also the face of top-notch magazines covers too. She also was a part of multiple reality spin offs as well. 

The Married Life Of Kim Karadshian:

She has dated many NFL stars to NBA players as well as famous rappers, while building her career. She got engaged and then got married with the NBA star aka Kris Humphries. She remained married for only ‘Seventy-two- days with the star. In that duration, she earned quite an incredible amount through her rights of the wedding and endorsements as well.

Kim then got married to a well-known rapper aka Kanye West. Before he got married to Kim, he was seen on her reality show as well. He made numerous appearances on the TV show.     The couple got married on 24th Of May 2014. They also have a baby girl named North West. Their daughter was born on 15th of June, 2013. Now, they have three children in total. 

Here comes the twist, Kim recently filed for a divorce on 19th of February, 2021 from Kanye West. 

Major Finance Facts Regarding Kim Kardashian:

  • She purchased a lavish mansion in the year 2010 worth 4.8 Million USD. The mansion consisted of five bedrooms (Tuscan Style), based on a property up to four acres. The area is known as one of the famous property areas throughout the world.
  • She used to receive up to 15,000 USD (per episode) but later her salary per episode was increased up to 500,000 USD.
  • When she recorded her journey with Kris Humphries, she spent quality time by staying at the Presidential Suite of the Gansevoort Hotel. She was recording her journey known as “Kourtney and Kim Take New York ”. The lavish suite costs around 7000 USD per night only.
  • She put on a fancy article worth 2.5 Million USD, a 65 carat radiant diamond headpiece via Lorraine Schwartz. It is a 2M USD, diamond ring (20.5 carat)-engagement ring. She also donned fancy diamond earrings costs around 5M USD. The jewelry costs approximately 10 Million USD on her wedding day, in accordance to the report. She also spent quite a large amount on her hair and makeup upto $150,000 USD. 
  • The earnings in the year 2014 were around 28 Million USD.
  • She also earned up to 53 Million USD in the year 2015. She is one of the highest-paid celebrities in the world.
  • Since 2015, She has earned up to $50-$80 Million USD yearly.

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The Net Worth Breakthrough of Kim Kardashian:

If we go back to the earlier days, then in October-2009, the net worth of Kim Kardashian was 10 Million USD only. However, the net worth doubled in the coming years. The total net worth in the year 2011 was approximately 20 Million USD. Again, in the next two years, her net worth doubled. Therefore, by january 2013, her networth worth was 40 Million USD.

The net worth of Kim Kardashian skyrocketed and exploded. By 2015, the net worth was increased and the total net worth was $85 Million. It did not stop here as her Net worth kept on growing. So, the net worth in the year 2017 recorded up to 150 Million USD. 

In recent times, in April of 2020, Kim’s net worth is $350 Million. However, the total net worth of Kim was changed after the endorsement deal with the KKW beauty. Thus, Kim’s net worth after that became 900M USD on 29th of June-2020. The net worth was changed after the official announcement by Coty Inc. They stated, she got up to 20% stake of the brand for up to 200 Million USD. Due to that, the brand value was worth 1 billion USD. Kim possessed up to 72% stake after the business deal that held an incredible business value of 720 Million USD.

The net worth doubled after certain announcements on April 9, 2020. The Skims shared an update regarding the brand business deal with Kim. The brand had increased their estimated value from 154 Million USD to 1.6 billion. Kim possesses up to 50-60% of the Stake corporation proprietorship.

The Real Estate Investments Of Real Estate:

Kim purchased a lavish mansion in Los Angeles’s Bel Air region. The expensive mansion was worth up to 9M USD. They even refurbished the place accordingly. She and Kanye spent quite a fortune while upgrading their mansion. Meanwhile, when they were living in the LA’s Bel Air region, their own household was under construction. The property was manufactured at Hidden Hills. In the year 2017, Kim sold out their Bel Air house worth up to 18 Million USD.

Kim’s first-ever property was a big mansion in August 2014. It was located at a gated community in the Hidden Hills neighborhood. The doctor purchased the household in the year 2010 up to 5 Million USD. 

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Kim & Kanye spent the next two years renovating their house. However, Kanye was not really happy with the final outcome. So, they were back to square one as they started to build their house again. In that duration, they also bought properties in the neighborhood to have the property of 7.5 acres. The household consists of swimming pools, a very own vineyard, two spas and a full-sized basketball court as well in their custom-tailored mansion.

In the year 2018, they had to move out (evacuate) from their mansion due to wildfire. The wildfire came quite close to their household. But due to their insurance with the private firefighters, they faced no coverage issues. The courageous firefights secured their lavish mansion from the wildfire. Also, due to their efforts at Kim and Kanye’s expense, there was no more wildfire in their neighborhood again. 

Kim paid off up to 23 Million USD in September 2021 so that she has all the rights to their lavish mansion. Moreover, about 3 Million USD were sent to the home’s interior contents as well. 

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The Instagram Earnings Of kim Kardashian:

Kim receives up to $300,000 and $500,000 for a single Instagram post. She also earned up to 1M from one of her Instagram posts too. Well, the authenticity of these numbers can be cross-checked via a lawsuit registered by Kim back in May 2019, against the renowned corporation “Missguided USA”.  

She said in the filed lawsuit that the company replicates all the outfits and makes profits via tricking their users. They misguide their consumers by stating wrong facts such as they have partnered with Kim, thus they produce outfits for her! 

In those documents, it was mentioned that Kim’s earning per Insta post is up to 300-500k USD. Furthermore, she has generated up to 1M USD as well on numerous events. She receives plenty of offers from brands all around the world. However, she is highly selective regarding her association with the brands. So, she hand-picks the brands to work with monthly. So, the final words on Kim’s Instagram earnings would be that she earned up to 1-2 Million USD MONTHLY-ONLY!

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The Net Worth of Kim Kardashian is 1.4 Billion USD. It is not a hidden fact that she is one of the most popular and highest-paid celebrities in the world. The yearly outcome and total earnings in the past few years rounds up to 80M USD. We have also made a table-chart of her yearly net worth. You can also check it out. It holds the record of her net worth from the year 2009.

The Net Worth Breakthrough throughout the Years:

YearNet Worth
200910,000,000 USD
201120,000,000 USD
201340,000,000 USD
201585,000,000 USD
2017150,000,000 USD
2019300,000,000 USD
2020900,000,000 USD
20211,400,000,000 USD
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