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PewDiePie net worth in 2017

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg known as “PewDiePie” is a famous Youtuber from Sweden, born on 24 October 1989. He is best known for Let’s Play commentaries and vlogs on Youtube.

I bet many gaming lovers would already know him. PewDiePie was born in Gothenburg and earned his industrial economics and technology management degree from Chalmers University of Technology.

He made a Youtube channel during his time at the university with the name “PewDiePiew”.

pewdiepie net worth in 2017

Due to the growing popularity of his Youtube channel he left Chalmers to focus more on his YouTube channel. His parents weren’t very convinced with his decision.

After listening a complete “NO” from his parents to support him to bring his YouTube channel at top level he decided to work at a hot dog stand to arrange funds for his channel.

His hard work paid off and he earned a lot of subscribers and online followers and during 2012 his channel had more than 1 million subscribers…..

Now I know people here want to know “PewDiePie net worth” so I will just go on our topic, straightaway.

How much money do PewDiePie make?

Well as a YouTuber your earnings are based on the amount of views you do have and your views depend on your subscribers amount.

When I last checked, PewDiePie had about 51,300,586 subscribers which is indeed a big amount. You can just make an estimate of his income. In 2014, The Wall Street Jounral reported that his yearly income was around $4 million from ad sales when he had about 27 million subscribers…..

… now that he has nearly double amount of subscribers, we can just double his income too.

How much does PewDiePie made in 2016?

In the year 2016, it was reported that PewDiePie made about $7 million in taxes and a total of $6 million in estimated investment income; but we still cannot be so sure because CTR and CPC are not always the same.

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What is PewDiePie’s current net worth?

PewDiePiew has made about $155 million since 2010 but unfortunately for him he lives in Sweden, more than half of his income(45%) goes as government taxes and he only had 55% left for him.

But still it’s enough for a 26 year-old. PewDiePie’s net worth is approximately $85250000.

PewDiePie’s Success Story

PewDiePie actually is quite intelligent in choosing topics for his videos. He know what his audience wants to listen and what he should represent in-front of them.

He earned huge fame from his vlos and Let’s Play commentaries. One of the largest accomplishments that PewDiePie gained was surpassing the singer Rihanna’s Vego account and become the most popular YouTuber in 2013.

Until 2014, his channel will become the most viewed channel on YouTube. In 2016, he was acknowledges in to the Times’ list of “The world’s 100 most influential People”.

Secrets Behind PewDiePie’s Success

Well, the first thing you need to get accomplishment in any field is passion. And PewDiePie had enough of it, that is why he is the most popular YouTuber.

He simply loves what he does — well who won’t like to play games?

But he does not just stop reviewing popular games, he also play such games that you even’t don’t know that they exist.

From horror to adventure games, PewDiePie has covered everything on his channel.

His series, Fridays with PewDie is a big reason of his stardom. He asks his audience to review and give suggestions on his Facebook and Twitter accounts for these funny clips that he made.

He never hates to become a laughing stalk just to entertain his fans. He gets into many funny characters to make all his fans go crazy over him.

One another reason why PewDie is so famous is his attracting Swedish accent.

He accent may sometimes make some words sound a bit different than original but amusing.

He even has a punch line; “How do you say that in English?”

He also does charity and this is something that makes him much more adorable.

He spends what he earns for good deeds as well. He donates to WWF and has also started a charity program to contribute about $1 per 500 views and has donated around $10,000 until now.

PewDiePie’s Italian girlfriend, Marzia Bisognin is also a YouTuber. Sometimes both of them makes videos together and their girlfriend vs boyfriends videos are very popular among their fans.

PewDiePie is also a trend setter. He is reason behind success of many games such as Slender : The Eight pages, Amnesia and Happy wheels.

After watching his videos about these games on YouTube, his gigantic following was enough to make these games much more popular.


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