In-Text Advertising: 5 Great Programs for Bloggers

In-Text Advertising: 5 Great Programs for Bloggers

Many of Bloggers who start blogging for money really don’t know that how they can monetize their Blogs. New bloggers will only stick to those programs about which they have heard from their seniors. For Example, If a new blogger has heard about Affiliate Marketing then he will just stay with Affiliate Marketing to monetize his blog which will not be the right idea indeed. 

We should never stick with just one way to monetize our Blog. Yes Affiliate Marketing can be very useful to earn some big money but for this you will need good traffic from Search Engines which will not be easy for any new blog.

If you are following some professional bloggers then you must have had noticed that they do not depend on just a monetizing program. They will use Google Adsense, Affiliate programs, In-Text Advertising, Direct Advertising and many other platforms to get some extra cash from their blogs.

So the idea is to not just stay with one monetizing program but more. Today, I have a cool list of In-Text Advertising Programs, especially for new bloggers that will help you to earn some quick bucks from your blog.


InfoLinks is a famous and well reputed In-Text Advertising Program which is being used by many popular sites too. It will be easy for any new blogger to start with InfoLinks. You can optimize and adjust ads from their Dashboard. However, their minimum payout rate is 50$ which will be a small botheration for you guys because it will take a little long to gather those 50 bucks. You can get your money from Infolinks via Paypal.

They also have a plugin that will help you to adjust ad links and a pop up which will also appear from bottom of your screen.



Viglink is another awesome In-Text Advertising program for Webmasters. Unlike other In-text advertising networks Viglink will convert your normal links into Affiliate links.

You will not just earn a few cents by clicks that your users will make but you will also earn some good commissions when your users will buy from your VigLinks.

As far as SEO is concerned, it will not make a negative impact. However, you can ask your SEO consultant for further more details.

You can also use their Plugin to manage ads on your Blog.


Built-In Text

Built-In Text is another CTR advertising network. You will be able to earn 30% of ad revenue which Built-In Text will generate from your blog. Built-In Text has more than 15 Ads formatting from which you can choose one for your blog according to your Blog layout.


Chitika is not an In-Text Advertising Program by soul but it is very similar to In-Text Advertising. You can have Chitika ads before your post, after your post or in your sidebar. You can choose different color themes for your ads according to your blog design. For Example you can adjust border color, URL color and you can also change normal font color.

Chitika will be an ideal choice for you guys to start earning money. Even blogspot users who do not have custom domains can use Chitika to earn more money.


Vibrant has a vast list of advertisers who are partnering with them. Vibrant is working with more than 3000 advertisers therefore chances of your blog getting relevant ads are high. It will be a easy job for you to blend Vibrant ads with your content to get more clicks from your blog readers.



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