How will be SEO in 2015?

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After the dramatic year of 2014, Webmasters look forward for 2015. I have made a post about a case study of changes in SEO world in 2014. Many lost their reputation in Search Engines, Many websites were lost in SERPS. In this year we have witnessed many big changes and amendments including Penguin 3.0, Panda 4.1, Panda 4.0, Mobile Usability changes and few other small but effective changes which changed the SEO world.

2014 has left many unanswered questions behind it. The Webmasters are curious to find out that what impressions will 2014 left on 2015 and on what factors SEO 2015 will depend on?

I was doing a research on changes made in 2014 to find its impact on 2015. I read articles on Moz, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal and many other online SEO copyrighting websites. One thing I got very clear in my research that the old tricks will not work in 2015, as 2015 will be a completely different year from previous ones. In-fact 2014 is it self different from previous years.


In 2014, We had some humongous updates by Google in their algorithms including Panda 4.0, Panda 4.1 and Penguin 3.0 which nearly changed the whole scenario. Many websites are nearly lost from SERPs. These roll outs not only penalize Spamy backlink profiles but also made webmasters very sensitive about SEO. I am always sharing Mr. Doc Sheldon’s story who was just penalized for using an extra rich keyword anchor text. Many webmasters had to reconsider their whole backlink profiles because of these updates, Some actually removed hundreds and thousands of links from their profiles to prevent any penalties from Google or to get their selves rid from these penalties. After these algorithm updates many Webmasters stopped allowing guest posts in their blogs, Forums removed signatures of their user because they were abused for making backlinks and majority of websites start using no-follow code in their HTML coding to prevent any damage.

And the biggest impact was that these new updates boosted up a new business for Online SEO services providers, First these SEO gurus were offering paid links for some amount and now they are charging people to delete these low quality links. LOL

But the main question which is in everybody’s mind that how will be 2015 for SEO? Will we get more algo updates? Will Google penalize more Blogs? Should we do this or should we do that? So today I am going to tell you guys that how could be SEO in 2015. You can disagree but you must read it.

HOW WILL BE SEO in 2015?

SEO will be definitely very changed in 2015. I am sure that the business of online backlink sellers will be destroyed and no one will depend on low quality backlinks. Blog administrators will be very sensitive in making Blog posts. There is a possibility that we will have some new algorithm updates in 2015. Competition for niches will be more difficult. Perhaps making backlinks for pages will not be easy as it was before. And low quality backlinks will harm your page’s reputation in Google eyes instead of increasing it.

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So how will we get a good page ranks for our new pages and how will new webmasters compete in the niche industry?

Well, The answer isn’t very difficult. We will surely depend on Social signals more than before. Maybe we will depend more on Gplus signals.

And how we are going to get backlinks for our pages in 2015 when guest posting is gone, forums aren’t allowing do follow links and Blog commenting shouldn’t work?

The answer is same, Social Media :). Do you know that Google Plus allows do-follow backlinks? Really Gplus do. Whenever a person clicks on +1 for a post, the post gets a backlink from a person. And if the post contains a link to another website, the website gets a backlink. It is same as Forum posting. Did you remember the old days when we make a post on forums and leave a link of our Blog in it and then we tried to gather as many likes for the post as we can to make backlinks or we just put our blog’s link in our forum profile and start adding friends to our profile to make backlinks for our blog? Its the same procedure. Just make a post on GPlus with your blog or page link and get as many +1’s as you can to gather as many backlinks as you can.

To prove my word, I will like to share Matt’s statement;

It is not the +1’s themselves that are causing the high rankings of posts but the fact that most +1’s on a site result in a shared post on Google+, which creates a followed link back to the post. It’s instant organic link building.

See Matt is confirming my point :). Actually Matt gave us a hint unwillingly. LOL

I will like to point out him again, He said; “It is not the +1’s themselves that are causing the high rankings of posts but the fact that most +1’s on a site result in a shared post on Google+, which creates a followed link back to the post.”

He has accepted that these +1’s are a good source to make backlinks.

I think the same should be with Pinterest. Yes, with Pinterest too because Pinterest is a PR 9 level domain which allows Google spiders to crawl itself. So whenever someone likes a Pin or Repins it, the link in the Pin will get some authority because whenever Google spiders will crawl the Profiles of those Pinners who have liked or Repinned the post, they will find a link back to the post and the post will link the spiders to the URL present in the post. The case here is same as with Google Plus. I am not just firing blind arrows. I am writing this because I have experienced the benefits of these Social links. Last time when Google updated my website backlinks, I was very happy to find that I was getting 17 Links for 7 pages  from Pinterest which helped me a lot in improving my Page Rank. In-fact after getting these links my pages were on 6th or 7th page for highly competitive keywords. Before these backlinks from Pinterest they were even not appearing in top 20 pages but after just 3 or 4 backlinks from Pinterest their appearance in SERPs was raised dramatically.

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Backlinks will still have their value in Google Search Engine. In-fact these Social Signals who will increase your ranking in SERPs are a type of backlink. But the thing is that getting backlinks from others blogs, forums or websites will not be easy as it was before. However, If you already have some high PR backlinks for your pages then they should work fine.

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Twitter likes and retweets wouldn’t be helpful because Twitter has stopped Google spiders to crawl their website.


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