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Ad Market Places: 5 Awesome platforms to get advertisement

Ad Market Places: 5 Awesome platforms to get advertisement

There are several ways to monetize a blog, from in-text advertising to affiliate marketing, we have already talked a lot about monetizing platforms that can help us to earn more money from our Blog. But as I have always said that making money through banner advertising will be the easiest way to make money amongst all other methods.

Because once a banner is placed on your blog you really don’t need to do much. Your users will come to your blog and will click on the ads which you have placed if they will find them useful.

So today I have some cool list of some great Ad Market Places from which you can earn some good money. But make sure that you have enough traffic on your blog to get approvals from these ad networks.

By the way, If you are interested in In-Text Advertising then read this.

So here’s the list:

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is basically not an Ad Market place because advertisers will not buy ad spaces of your blog directly but they will use Google Adwords to put their ads on all those websites and blogs that use Google Adsense and are relevant to their keywords.

Google Adsense is a CPC advertising network which pays webmasters for clicks they get on Google Ads from their users. The system is quite simple, Generate good traffic and place ads at right places to get more clicks from your users and to earn more money.

However, Getting their approval will not be an easy job. Your website should have a reasonable design to get their approval.


BuySellAds is perhaps the number one ad market place we have on internet to get advertisements on our blogs or websites. Although, getting their approval will not be a easy job for you. Your website must have a good design and at-least 50K impressions per month to get a approval from them. You should make sure that your blog have these qualities before applying for Buysellads or you will be rejected by the moderator who will review your site manually.

And the best thing about BuySellAds is that you can decide that how you are going to take payments from your advertisers. For Example: Whether you can choose a fixed price for your blog’s ad space (let’s say 500$) or you can sell your banners at CPM basis which means that your advertisers will pay you for each thousand impressions.

BuySellAds is superior from all other networks not just because of the easy interface they have but also because they have the most number of advertisers who are always in search of quality websites and blogs to advertise.

You can cashout your money by using Paypal or you can ask for transfer of money directly into your Bank account by using BankWire method.

Read more About BuySellAds here

Revenue Hits

Revenue hits is another CPC/CPM network which pays for clicks and impressions basis. Their staff support is pretty quick, One of my friends got a quick response from them after he applied for Revenue Hits. They also provide CPA advertising which is very similar to affiliate marketing because you will only be paid when the click from your user will convert into a sale.

Their payment methods are Paypal and Payoneer.

Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusions stands on fourth position in the list because they are offering good CPM rates but they only accept quality and high traffic websites just like Google Adsense and BuysellAds. To become a Tribal publisher you will need at-least 100,000 impressions per month on your blog.

They review signups manually and will inform you after reviewing your site manually.


Like other networks Valueclick also offer CPC and CPM programs to publishers but they have a little different eligibility criteria for publishers as compare to Revenue Hits and Google Adsense. And that is that they do not accept websites which are hosted on free hosting services and hold free domains like( or

However, if you have a custom domain then you must surpass 3000 pageviews per month. You will get 65% of the total earnings your blog will make and the rest will go to ValueClick’s.

You can get your money through Paypal, Direct Deposit or through cheque.


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