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Web directories are very similar to telephone directories the only difference is that on telephone directories you can find telephone numbers whereas on web directories you will find websites’ links. People don’t submit their websites into directories because they want to save it somewhere in a directory to tell people about their website but to tell search engines that how important their website is or I can say to earn more backlinks. Even a company like Yahoo had a directory where webmasters used to submit their sites to get traffic. But later Google changed everything, They invented a much better and smart search engine where people can search their queries and there was no need for webmasters to submit every single page manually, instead Google introduced spiders which were able to crawl every single page of a website to show on SERPs.

After Google, the importance of directories was decreased, but then people start using them to get backlinks. Because these old directories have a great authority in eyes of Google. Even just a backlink from Yahoo directory was decent enough to boost a website search engine ranking. But now since Yahoo Directory is closed, there are other directories who have emerged. And we will talk about them later but let’s first talk about Directories importance.

There have been great debates among webmasters and SEOs about the importance of Web directory links, especially after Google Penguin algorithm update. People consider these directory links less valuable because they think that Google will not give much link juice to directory links and there is a solid reason for that. Google knows why these directory links are made therefore giving authority to a website which has just earned a backlink from a directory but not a site which is relevant to the content of the website which is getting the link is not acceptable.

It’s a known fact that a backlink from a directory is not as valuable and juicy as a backlink from a relevant website or blog, for example a web designer website getting a backlink from w3schools. But still no one can deny the fact that backlinks from web directories still matter. I can say this because I have noticed some severe improvement in my search engine ranking after getting backlinks from these directories.

Note: I haven’t got backlinks from all the web directories listed here but few.

So here those 10 web directories from where you can easily earn a backlink for your site.

Directory Name Directory URL DA
DMOZ http://www.dmoz.org/ 96
DMOZ.IN http://dmoz.in.net/ 86
WWWi http://www.wwwi.co.uk/ 86
1ABC http://www.1abc.org/ 59
Directory Fire http://www.directoryfire.com/ 56
The Net Directory http://www.the-net-directory.com/ 36
Nipao http://www.nipao.org/ 36
Directory World http://www.directoryworld.net/ 74
Jayde http://www.jayde.com/ 68
Web Directory http://www.webdirectory.co/ 39


I will say it again that getting backlinks from a web directory is good but it does not guarantee a great improvement in your search engine ranking. In-fact some people consider them harmful. They think that Google algorithms are smart enough to catch such backlinks and penalize them but it is not an accepted or proven fact.

There are still many high quality websites which are getting backlinks from web directories and they are ranking on top SERPs for their keywords. But the main thing for a webmaster, especially for a Blogger is the backlinks that he is getting for his internal pages(for example, links to his articles).

The basic idea of getting backlinks from web directories is to boost your homepage authority(i.e. example.com), so it can pass some good amount of link juice to other internal pages which are linked from it.

So go to these web directories, make backlinks and make sure that you put relevant meta description for your website. You can also pick other link building techniques to improve your search engine ranking. However, directory links are still important.


Hasnain Haider Abbas is a 25 years old web entrepreneur and founder of Articlesteller.com. In the early stage of his life, he fell in love with technology, His expertise is in SEO, Content writing, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Web development, and Business promotion.

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