How to Murder Your Husband” author Turns out to be the Real Antagonist!

We live in interesting times. Who knew the author would be the main lead in her life story. Be aware, she wasn’t just any main character, the real villain trophy belongs to her!

The famous romance novelist & the writer of ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ was proven guilty in the murder case of her husband. However the writer stated:

Nancy Brophy, 71 claimed that official authorities have drafted a rough story plot. 

Meanwhile, the police solved the jigsaw puzzle by following the hints from her famous book. They claimed that she spent quite a time making the perfect plot to murder her husband savagely. But at last the prosecutors made their case strong by presenting the evidence to Ms.Brophy & the jury.

Accordingly the prosecutors, she had obtained gun pieces quite a long time ago. The circumstantial evidence pointed out Ms. Brophy tried to outsmart with one extra component so that the bullets couldn’t be located back in her gun!

The prosecutors also summarized that:

“The husband was shot dead in his workplace by Ms. Brophy” 

The unfortunate incident took place on June 2, 2018, when Mr. Brophy. He was following his usual routine as he went to Oregon Culinary Institute, to give his lessons as a teacher. However, when the students arrived, they discovered he had been shot twice. Mr. Brophy was lying dead on the kitchen floor. 

She chose the workplace because there would be no cameras as well as zero witnesses. The entire murder was planned with acute details beforehand. The cold-hearted popular author continued her everyday life. 

She, later on, started collecting profit-making life insurance policies, after the occurrence of the murder shortly. But who could have seen this coming?

The deputy district attorney Mr. Shawn Overstreet stated in the closing arguments: 

“She had the plan in place. Nancy Brophy was the only person with the opportunity as well as with the motive” 

Therefore, she was charged with second-degree murder which means a lifetime prison punishment. She will be sentenced on June 13.If we dig into the history of her blogs then you’ll notice the pattern where she discussed techniques to kill her spouse. She often uses adjectives for the wife who chose to kill her husband to be “ruthless” or “clever” in her 2011 blog.

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The self-published romance novelist once commented on different techniques to murder. For instance, knives are too personal or poison is a traceable element, or how hitmen cannot be trusted to guns were too tricky or required a lot of effort to a lot more. 

So, you see the instincts were always there!

The prosecutors in the courtroom proved:

She had a ghost gun & a handgun too. The eBay purchases made the evidence even strong. However, that extra component was never located or found. 

Accordingly, Ms. Borphy testimony she had the handgun for her protection & also the other gun parts were bought for research purposes only. 

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All evidence, red flags, and signs were pointed toward Ms.Brophy. Her theory regarding “pretty men and strong women” failed miserably in the court due to her very book “How to murder your husband”. 

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