The Real Superstar of the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Case!

We all are aware of the popular case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. In all the chaos, there is someone who has won the heart of millions of people via her amazing cross-questioning skills.

You already know who it is, Don’t you?

Yes, we are talking about the intelligent Camille Vasquez, 37- one of the most highlighted people throughout the trial.

When Johnny Depp sued ex-wife Amber Heard with the defamation case of $50 million. The attention shifted to the trial as sunflowers turns to the sun.

If you look back and dig into the details then you will know, that it has been a long journey. There have been countless allegations by Amber Heard against Johnny Depp. It all started back in 2018 when Amber represented herself as a victim of domestic abuse.

From her 30th birthday celebration to sexual assault with a liquor bottle to a lot more.

Here’s the Exciting Part:

“You’re the one who assaulted someone with a bottle in Australia, isn’t that right, Ms. Heard?

When Camilla Vasquez interrogated Amber Heard, it was chaotic and Ms. Heard almost lost it. It was a harder bullet to dodge with Vasquez’s exceptional cross-questioning skills. Ms. Heard slipped several times and the inconsistencies in her claims were crystal clear.

She also hit Amber’s nerves while stating Mr. Depp has been the reason for her box office success. We quote:

Mr. Depp got you that role in Aquaman, didn’t he?” Ms. Vasquez asked.

It’s safer to say that Camilla Vasquez turned the tables and now, Heard is in deep waters! If you have been following the case then you know how Johnny has made quite an impact with his gentlemanly behavior.

Many hashtags have been trending on Twitter such as #jusiticeforjohnnydeep and #wedontlikeyouamber. The countless memes to tweets to discussion pages. This trial is one of the highlighted ever in the history of celebrity trials.

The fact that it is being broadcasted online like a sports match confirms the interest of the masses in the case.

Whereas Depp has made his image position clear to an extent and Heard can’t seem to get hold of this ship anymore!

Do you know the case was assigned by the legal authorities at the eleventh hour to Vasquez?

The case was supposed to be taken by Zellner. However, the Ben Chew understood the complicity of the case, and gave it to Vasquez! Guess what?

Camilla Vasquez Nailed It!

Her eloquent legal demeanor and excellent cross-questioning tactics have turned her into an internet celebrity!

Did you know she was also named ‘one to watch’ attorney by Best Lawyer Magazines?

On the contrary, some people don’t approve of Camilla Vasquez and shared their disapproval by tweeting:

“History won’t remember you kindly”.

However, one can’t deny the popularity of Ms. Vasquez. Depp’s team single-handedly highlighted the Male Domestic Violence.

We still have to wait for the final verdict. We only hope for justice to be served.

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