How to get targeted visitors to your Blog who have alexa toolbar installed?

How to get targeted traffic on your Blog who have alexa toolbar installed?

We have already talked enough about improving alexa rank. One of the major aspects in improving alexa rank is to get enough visitors on your blog who have alexa toolbar installed in their browsers.

So today we will talk about some easy to follow tips and tricks from which we can earn some quality visitors who have alexa toolbar installed in their browsers.

By the way there are several other ways to improve alexa rank which you can read in the article which is shared below:

Read this to know that How you can improve your blog’s Alexa rank? 

We have many other ways to improve our blog’s alexa rank for example building links, posting content daily on our blog etc.

But the most important factor which I have already talked about is to get visitors on your blog or website who have alexa toolbar.

But the problem is that how we can get them? Search Engine traffic does not ensure that the visitors will have alexa toolbar. In-fact not every internet  user use this toolbar.

First we have to consider one simple fact and that is that only bloggers, Ok not only bloggers some others too use alexa toolbar but majority of internet users who use alexa toolbar are bloggers who use this tool to boost up their website’s rank.

We all have read those tips to use alexa toolbar to improve our personal rank despite the fact that this toolbar will also help those websites who we will visit(other than our blog).

If you are smart enough then you must have had got the half trick. If not then let me explain further.

We will only target bloggers to convert them into traffic because there is a huge possibility that they will have alexa toolbar installed in their browser which will be great for us.

But how we can engage them directly? I mean how we can share our piece of content with them to attract them towards our blog?

For this we will use some simple platforms where our alexa toolbar audience is already gathered.

So here are these platforms from where we can earn a huge amount of visitors for our blog who are alexa toolbar users.

Facebook Groups

If you are following rankings of different high ranked blogs and websites then you would have noticed that many blogs are actually getting 17 to 23% of the traffic from Facebook according to alexa which is not the correct statistic indeed.

Actually Alexa stats show that this blog(which rank you are following) is getting 17 to 23% of visitors from facebook who have alexa toolbar.

For Example I will like to mention my friend Rahul Dubey’s Blog TechviewPro which has retained a great rank on alexa in such a short time.

In-fact at a time his blog was ranking under 1,00,000 globally:

techviewpro alexa comparison

Did you see that? In such a short time he managed to get this great achievement. But this is something what we don’t need to talk about. Actually I am willing to show you his blog’s alexa traffic details.

techviewpro alexa traffic

See, According to alexa he is getting 26.1% of alexa toolbar users from Facebook.

This is because Rahul’s content sharing strategy is a bit different from us. He only uses facebook and twitter to share his content. However this strategy has helped him a lot in improving his alexa rank because he use facebook groups to share his content where other bloggers can see and engage with his content.

And as we know that majority of bloggers do use alexa toolbar therefore when they visit Rahul’s blog, it helps Rahul a lot in improving his alexa rank.

That is why that I have listed Facebook groups on top of the list. People in these groups are pretty much active and engaged with the content people share there.

You just need an attracting piece of content with a great title and description. Your article’s topic should also be a worth reading one.

You can search for many groups on Facebook which are related to your niche. Just get their admin’s approval and share your content with users of that group.

Another good idea will be to send friend requests to the most active people around there. If they will accept your request then whenever you will share your article on your timeline they will get a notification from Facebook.


Another good idea will be to meet your fellow bloggers on Twitter. Just search for relevant keywords and hastags and try to find people who were somehow talking about the same topics which you blog about.

Just share your content with them and do not forget to engage with those people who have shared their own articles because there is a possibility that they will have alexa toolbar installed in their browsers because again they are bloggers and majority of bloggers have alexa toolbar installed.

So just move your cursor to that search filter and find people who are related to your niche.

twitter hashtags


Google Plus Communities

One of the finest place to get new audience for your Blog. As we all know that Gplus is one of the most growing social media websites around the globe. And the best thing about it is that its users are active and are growing rapidly.

So just make your account on Gplus(if you don’t have one) and search for some relevant communities.

google plus communities


And join a few of them. The next thing will be to share your content there.


blogging community on gplus


Blogging Communities

Again we will follow the idea which I conveyed in the very beginning. We will target bloggers who are related to our niche.

Just join a few of these communities and share your content with people around there. Majority of the members will be bloggers who will have alexa toolbar installed in their browsers.

These communities will also help you to earn some quality backlinks because all of these high value communities have high Page ranks in Google therefore if you somehow manage to get your post on the very first page of these communities then it will be great both in terms of traffic and in terms of link building.

Extra Tip:

Engage with older members of these groups. You can do this easily by following them on social media. Also share their content to build more acquaintance with them.

Alexa Boost Up

One another way will be to use these boost up websites which will help you to bring some alexa toolbar users on your blog which will help you a lot in improving your blog’s alexa rank.

You can read my complete article about this method to improve alexa rank


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