Free Blogger Templates for October 2015


We are back again with few more high quality templates to share with you guys. Today we have some of the best Blogger Templates of October to share with you guys. We have only selected templates from Blogger Templates Mania inventory.

And we hope that you will like these templates, all templates are SEO friendly with robust and responsive framework.

Moreover, we have also tested them on Google Mobile Friendly test tool to make sure that none of them lacks any mobile friendly feature.

We have also tested our templates Page speed. However, if you want to have a look yourself, then you can go to Google PageSpeed insights to find out our templates framework speed.



Standing first in our list is Accordonation. It is one of the finest templates that we have ever created, not just because of the design but also because of the features we have added into it.

Accordonation is the first and only Blogger template which completely depends on AJAX functionality which increases your blog’s page speed.

Basically, AJAX is used to load or update some parts of an already loaded page on user browser. For example, Facebook notification bar uses AJAX to load new notifications. You can see that only the notification bar is updated but not the whole page, by this feature you do not need to reload a page again and again to get latest updates but the server can automatically update data on an already loaded web page.

We have created this template with the same concept. When your user will clicks on any post, then not the whole page but only the post area will be updated which means less loading and less requirement of internet speed so that an user with an average internet connection can surf your blog without facing any kind of delay in loading of a new article.


Blogger Template - Synta

Synta is another high quality Blogger template with some extra ordinary features for a free template. We have used some cool fonts to make your blog look much more better, the template also has a responsive framework with smart menu which means that the navigation can identify that which page a user is currently viewing and if the page URL matches any of the items of the menu, then that item will have a special color.

For example, if you user is on about us page and your menu has your about us page as an item, then it will be colored gray.

This template also has a responsive menu for mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Tablets. The template also has a separate featured posts area where you can highlight your special posts.


saap blogger template

Saap is a simple but a powerful Blogger Template with a responsive menu and robust structure. Template has a great page speed with stylish sub-menu design.

We recommend this template especially for Tech Bloggers since it suits them the most.



Techno is another great template for Google Blogger users. As the name describers, this template is especially created for Tech Bloggers. It has many features including a slider where you can highlight your special posts under it you can also see two special areas where highlight some special posts which are filled under some specific categorize.

After those areas we have also added a space where you can put ad banners. The latest posts’ area is at right of your screen.

Template has responsive and robust framework with free social share buttons. As we promised the template has a SEO friendly and responsive structure.

Furthermore, we have also installed a free responsive navigation for mobile and other small devices.


flippo blogger template

Flippo is a new template that we have just developed and published on Blogger Templates Mania. It is very unique from all of our existing templates.

It has two menus and an awesome featured area where you can easily showcase your top posts. We didn’t just stop here, we also created a stylish Popular Post widget that has already been installed for all free users.

You can also get benefit of the advertisement area that we have installed for you to add ad banners just besides your Blog title or image.

Also get use of those free social buttons on the top menu to increase your social media following.



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