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How to find Expired domains?

Are you searching for a perfect expired domain for your PBN? You should be, Expired domains are the core of any private blog network — the better they domains are, the better your network is. But it is very hard to find authoritative and quality domains. Not just because they are few, but because many of them are already captured by other SEOs to make their own network and many of them are already used for Private blog networks.

How To Find Expired Domains

Today I am going to tell you that how you can efficiently search and find high quality expired domains. It is still a tough job though, but by putting your efforts in right directions you can easily get new domains for your PBN.

Ok, so let us begin! should be your first choice when it comes to searching quality domains. They have a huge list of expiring and expired domains. However, it is kind of a mine where you have to find gems manually — and those gems are quality expired domains.

Because this platform is not hidden from others, it will be a seriously tough job for you to find a niche related high quality domain. But you can still have a go and check.

Only search for those domains which are available on Godaddy or, because Sedo domains will cost you a bit more. However, what I have noticed there is that Sedo domains contains high quality. If you have a big budget for your PBN, then you can buy them too.

But you can also check godaddy and other registrars’ domains, they also have good quality and authority. You just need to find them.


Xenu is my favourite software to search expired domains, you can also use Scrapebox. Now many of you who don’t know how this software basically works — let me clear few things for you.

This is not a software which will search expired domains for you on its own. You will use it to find pages that are not working or not functioning. For this you need to first find pages who have abundance of links.

To find such pages, Go on Google and use this template:

“your keyword” + “links”

Once you will use this template some results will appear. Normally, only 10 results appear, we need to change it to 100. For this click on the gear button, go to search settings and change results per page to 100. Before that search for “Google Instant predictions” on the same page and check “Never show instant results” as shown below.

Google search tools

Now click on “Save” button after which you will see that one hundred results will appear on Google’s first page for your query. Now find all relevant pages which contains good amount of outbound links.

Once you have found one, then copy its URL and open Xenu. Now go to File, Check URL and paste the copied URL into the empty field and press OK. Once you have pressed the “O.K” button, then Xenu will start analysing all links that are on that page.

You need to find those URLs which have this status “No such host”. Once you have found a URL with such status on Xenu, then go to any bulk search domain facility by any domain registrar — I personally prefer Dynadot bulk domain search.

Now copy all the domains which have this status “No such host” and paste it on bulk domain search’s empty box and press search. If you are using Dynadot, then also tick “I entered complete domain names with TLDs” as shown below.

Dynadot bulk domain research

After pressing search button, all domains will come-up with their status that whether they are available or not. Now search those domains which are available for sale, and copy them.


Now go to and paste the domain which you have just found and press search button. Now your domain’s search statistics will appear just like this:

Majestic search

Ignore any domain which has Trust Flow lower than 10 or whose Citation Flow is more than two times of the Trust Flow.

Moz Open Site Explorer

Once you have found such a domain, then go to Moz Open Site Explorer and research about the same domain.

Moz expired domain research

Now as you can see that this domain has good DA and PA and it is also listed on DMOZ. So I will buy it, because it has great amount of link juice to pass.


These tips will surely help you to find high quality expired domains. However, there are numerous other ways that people use to find new domains. Of-course, I cannot disclose all but an easy way to find good expired domains is to go on web-directories and to do research there.

If you want me to hire an expired domain for you, then go on my Fiverr page and order a gig. But before posting an order, please send me a private message.


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