Domain registration companies that accept unverified Paypal

Domain registrars that accept Paypal

Finding a high-quality domain registrar for your domain should be your first concern when you are looking to start a new website or Blog. The initial part is to purchase a good domain name from a high-quality, supportive domain registration company. But sometimes it’s hard to find a company that can accept a payment processor that we would like to use. In many cases I have seen people leaving many companies just because they do not accept Paypal.

I found this problem when I was looking to buy a new domain name for my new project to showcase my created Blogger Templates. I was able to find tons of companies and many of them were offering domains for just 0.98$ which was quite an attracting price for a gTLD.

But the biggest thing of pain was that they were not accepting Paypal including, therefore I start finding those companies which can accept Paypal as a payment processor. Fortunately, there were tens of companies that I was able to find.

Here are 5 of them that are considered best amongst all. Let’s find out which 5 they are:


NameCheap is one of the most respectable and reliable company to purchase domains at very reasonable prices. Namecheap has a huge list of TLDs including many newly introduced extensions like .xyz, .dog, .hockey and many more.

And the biggest advantage for people who don’t have a verified Paypal account is that Namecheap also accepts Payments from unverified Paypal account. You will also get free WHOis security along with the domain.

You can also see their Hosting Programs. Namecheap is offering incredibly affordable hosting plans that you can afford. You can buy a Shared Hosting plan for 9.88/yr. However, there will be a limited(20 GB) space for you.


HostGator is a very popular brand for hosting websites and Blogs. However, they also sell domains. Their prices start from 5.95/yr for .us domain extensions.

You can also buy other gTLDs from 12.95$/yr to 39.95$. Hostgator also accept payments from unverified Paypal accounts.

Coupon code for 25% discount on all hostgator products is COUPONCODEDISCOUNT25OFF and to start your website with just 0.01$ hosting for the first month, you can use this coupon code : 1CENTHOSTING2015AT


Qhoster is one of my favorites, Despite the fact how much popular they are in the industry but they have a very easy and user friendly interface. You will not need to go through from a length procedure to purchase your first domain.

Just go Qhoster Homepage, Click on Domain button from the menu and enter your desired keyword. There prices start from 8.95$/yr for .info domains. Also buy other gTLDs for 8.95$/yr, You can also buy from unverified Paypal account.


DynaDot is another domain registration company which accept Payments via Paypal. You can also purchase a TLD with an unverified Paypal account. Prices start from 5.99/yr for .net and .in extensions.

You can also purchase .com and other gTLDs for very cheap prices. However, if you will buy a domain from an unverified Paypal account then you will need to go through from some extra verification procedures.


NameSilo is another top domain registrar in my list. They just deal in selling domains and that is their specialty. You can buy a TLD from 4.39$/yr for .net extension to 16.99$/yr for .me domains.

Also see other domain extensions that are available for very cheap prices. You can also use your unverified Paypal account to buy domains. You will also earn Lifetime free WHOis privacy for all of your domains that you will buy from Namesilo.

Final Words

I will like to recommend Namecheap, Qhoster and Hostgator because they have a fairly easy to understand process from which you can easily buy a new domain without much botheration. If you will ask me to choose one, then I will say ; “Go with Namecheap“.

Hasnain Haider Abbas is a 25 years old web entrepreneur and founder of In the early stage of his life, he fell in love with technology, His expertise is in SEO, Content writing, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Web development, and Business promotion.

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