Do Dr. Strange 2 Post Credit Scenes merit a Sequel?

Fans of the Multiverse of Madness have a good reason to celebrate. With the latest updates out on Disney Plus, aficionados of the Dr. Strange franchise will likely be among the first to watch, review and comment upon the post credits section.  

Importance of the Dr. Strange Post Credit Scene 

This section is a quick birds-eye view on what has happened so far. It could also form a fan base for suggestions on what to incorporate in the next movie from the Marvel franchise. 

Producer Kevin Feige has in a recent tete-a-tete with Total Film, spilled the beans that the next stories from the Marvel Comics Universe could be rolling through in a few months from now, seeing the overwhelmingly good response that Dr. Strange and Dr. Strange2 have been mustering from committed die-hard fans so far. Yes, you can really thank Dr. Strange, the supreme magician for this.

As the popularity of the series expands, more and more people are curious to know what will happen after the Dr. Strange2 post credit rollouts. The questions specifically relate to how many scenes are included, what is occurring in each of the scenes and what is the meaning of these post credit scenes.

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How many post-credit scenes exist for Dr. Strange2? 

Right off the bat, we can inform you that there are presently two post credit scenes. The first of these comes into view onscreen at the end of the credits. The second is visible about 3 to 4 minutes after all the credits have finished. Since it appears that however, only the first post credits scene has any relevance to the movie, the second post credit scene can be skipped without much loss. 

Explaining the relevance of the Dr. Strange2 Post Credits Scene

It can be seen that the first Dr. Strange post-credits scene starts right from the point the Dr. Strange 2 movie comes to an end. It helps understand the sequel’s cliffhanger, namely about what happened to the third eye of Dr. Strange. The supreme magician has controlled this situation for the time being.

Meanwhile, the new visitor called Clea (Charlize Thereon) presents herself on the scene and informs Dr. Strange that he has caused an incursion and that she is going to repair it. 

The purple clad Clea then punctures a hole in reality, opening up a window that leads to her destination in space. She taunts Dr. Strange with the phrase: ‘unless you’re afraid?’ to which he quickly rejoinders: ‘not in the least’. 

What significance does this have for the Marvel Comic Universe, and for Dr. Strange in particular? To answer this question, we have to roll back the movie a bit to recall the incursions, where two universes clash into each other and resulting in the deaths of millions. In the Illuminati universe, Dr. Strange looked so ominous for precisely this reason- he was searching for a place where he and Christine could peacefully co-exist. Inadvertently, Dr. Strange ends up causing a collision between the two universes and wiping out realities.

The Next Steps

In Dr. Strange 3, we shall see Dr. Strange partner with Clea to exterminate the dangers that are caused by what is emanating from one universe to the other. Fans will likely be delighted by the special effects that include cosmic events, CGI creatures and even more crossovers from the multiverse. 

Fans have stated that it may even lead to an adaptation of 2015’s Secret Wars. This is a MCU book storyline that resulted from Marvel’s main 616 Universe collide with the Ultimate universe following their own incursion. Dr. Doom had to clean up the mess and start a universe of his own. This is a favorite desire of a majority of fans, so it is likely to be realized in some way in Phase 4 of the Marvel universe.

Meanwhile, it is abundantly certain that Clea is beginning to play a major role in the rest of the MCU universe. For those who are new to the franchise, be informed that Clea comes from the  Dark Dimension and is regarded as very good in the magical arts. She also plays a romantic lead for Stephen Strange and agrees to become his disciple at the Sanctum Sanctorum.

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Although they appear to be equals in the film, the love interest theme is being played up very succinctly and this also piques the interest of the audience. Interested fans may also learn more about the history of Clea as per the comic book using the cameo bingo card link.

In keeping in line with the comic book descriptions that are rife, the writer and producers of the film desperately felt the need to incorporate Clea as the love interest of Dr. Strange, just as in the comic book story. 

However as they felt that Clea should be introduced at a later point in the story, they waited till the end of Doctor Strange 1 and interspersed it with the character Christine Palmer to temporarily fill the void. Meanwhile prior to Clea’s introduction, Christine Palmer has already advised Dr. Strange not to be afraid of falling in love, after while the character of Clea has been introduced. 

Charlize Theron who plays the character of Dr. Clea also took to social media and shared a photo of herself on the red carpet with the teasing caption: ‘the cat is out of the bag’. With her appearance in a purple dress along with the distinctive makeup of Clea clearly evident, many fans took it as her introduction to the Marvel Comics Universe.

A few days later, the actress uploaded a selfie of herself and Benedict Cumberbatch in full superhero regalia, with a still from the movie. This was followed up with a behind the scenes look with herself on the sets of Dr. Strange2. 

More about the second Post-Credits Scene

The other post-credits scene simply shows Bruce Campbell coming back to Pizza Poppa from the Red Means Go universe. Clearly the effects of Dr. Strange’s spell appear to be dissipating as Campbell screams ‘Its over’ for all the fans who are watching.

The actor has a good relationship with director Sam Raimi and has been appearing in a number of his movies, such as the Evil Dead franchise and the Spider man films.

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