Alternatives – Top 15 Anime Streaming Sites 2021 was one of the top known streaming websites on the internet.

It had a vast variety of playbooks in their library.

However, now there are only few anime Streaming websites available on net.

You might be thinking, what happened to KissAnime?

Here’s your answer:

The Kiss Anime site was recently thrown down due to strict copyright implementations by various streaming services.

There were also some violation notices given to them by content publishers.

But as we know, there are always some alternatives available online for anything…

…same goes with Kiss Anime Alternatives.

All our alternatives are hand-picked and selected after carefully checking them. Alternatives - Top 10 Anime Streaming Sites 2020

During our quest to find best alternatives, we have focused mostly on websites that have food libraries and streaming quality at the same time.

So here are our hand-picked alternatives:

Best Alternatives Online

Without a doubt KissAnime had the most vast and deep library of highly popular shows and programs.

Here are one of the best streaming websites that can be used as handful alternatives for…

…keep in mind that few are paid and some of them are free.

Before we jump in to the list of best alternatives, let me share the terms for which this article can be helpful for:

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So let’s get back to our list of Kiss Anime Replacements:

1. Netflix

Visit site:

Who doesn’t know about Netflix? They are a popular streaming platform with big library of popular TV shows and movies.

They have also invested big in Anime segments…

…nowadays users can stream their most favorite Japanese shows by just making a click.

And they are increasing their library everyday…

From JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure to any of the hype shows of 2021 and even before are not available at Netflix.

Netflix exclusives like the Anime DevilMan Crybaby are also something to watch.

The platform has been working to explore new audiences in different regions in countries where Japanese anime services are popular.

The only difference you might find is that, KissAnime was totally free and the Netflix is a subscription services where you have to pay a amount monthly for your subscription.

2. CrunchyRoll

Visit site:

CrunchyRoll is indeed a good alternative and a complete Anime streaming website.

It’s well-known for its standard library…

There is a huge variety of shows from all genres…

…this is why people have been using them for a long time.

Since they are a reliable service, there is a huge user base of them.

With more than 25000+ episodes available on their platform, they become the most impressive Anime subscription service on internet.

There’s a lot more cultural stuff available there…

…which includes free version of the site which is available with advertisement.

And what makes them special is their quick uploads ability…

…users can start streaming within few hours once the anime broadcast is live.

3. GOGOAnime

Visit Site:

GoGo Anime has a huge anime library which has access to renowned streaming players…

…you can easily stream without facing any difficulties.

It has the most advanced and eye-catching interface which makes it easy to explore new episodes.

The good thing is, that they also have the latest episodes uploaded which you can stream in HD quality.

It’s a free service which can be used without the need to subscribe any plan or package…

…it is completely free of cost for every user visiting their website.

The huge variety of lists and anime genres makes it a perfect fit for our third spot in the lost…

We have tested their video player which is by far the most easy and advanced online streaming player on any anime site.

4. 9 Anime

Visit site:

At 9 Anime, you can easily stream any content for free…

…it’s often regarded as an excellent substitution of KissAnime.

You are going to enjoy the HD steaming available on the website, although it might require you to use VPN services.

What makes them superior to all of the other Anime sites is that they provide both subs and dubs versions of the episodes…

…there’s also a genre menu available which allows you to check shows daily.

The site is available in multiple versions suitable for each user type.

And the collection on the website is huge – having more than 26,000 anime episodes available…

…and there are always new shows coming up with the new uploads by the site authors.

5. Funimation

Visit Site:

Funimation is a new enhancement to Anime streaming services…

…they have contracts with content producers around the world for which they pay them for the streaming of any specific content.

Many viewers from around the world are investing in this new kind of service…

…since it allows you to watch legalised content with paid subscriptions.

This premium service is a perfect fit for all the fans of Otaku…

…since all the recent episodes are uploaded as soon as they are published.

However, the subscription price is a little higher than expected but still affordable for most of the people.

The premium plus service is exclusive and available if you pay few extra dollars every month…

… However, Funimation is only available in few regions around the world.

They are increasing the number of shows available almost every day and their interface is also easy to deal with.

6. AnimeFreak

Visit site:

Are you an Anime freak?

…Yes? Then this subscription service is for you…

With an immense library of streams and episodes…

… which includes educational episodes as well, they stand as one of the top KissAnime streaming alternatives in our list.

Viewers can simply go the website and start streaming easily…

It comes with a similar user interface as GoGo Anime website…

…there are multiple genres and different servers available on the website.

You never run out of entertainment when you have Anime Freak access…

…because the website is user friendly and it provides over 15000 episodes available for streaming daily.

In inclusion to that, Anime Freak also provides live shows as well.

7. Anime Heaven

Visit site:

Well, the name itself is enough to describe what the service is… It’s an Anime Heaven.

It’s perfect for people who love to see free streaming…

…the unique thing about them is that they have a specially created Anime search engine.

Users can simply start streaming by just making a few clicks…

…within few minutes.

Along with the massive library like 9 Anime and Anime Freak, they stand as one of the top KissAnime Alternatives.

Although, they have a very basic interface which is easy to deal with…

…they still can be counted as a top Anime streaming site due to their easy to access library.

Thanks to their High-speed servers, the streaming is available in HD quality…

..all in all, it’s a perfect service for people willing to Japanese shows for free.

8. Anime Stream Online

Visit site:

Anime Stream Online has a massive user base…

…they have multiple Anime episodes available which can be used through this platform.

After trying this service, we can commend and vouch for it…

…the interface of this service is perfect, and the extra live-chat feature makes it a perfect fit.

Other than that, the video player is very simple and easy to go with… Users can stream at HD or HQ qualities by using this platform.

It is entirely free to watch your desired shows of any kind at Anime stream online.

9. Chia Anime

Visit site:

Chia Anime is a well-known name in masses when it comes to Anime streaming…

…there is a huge fan base of which has shifted to this platform.

The website interface is attractive and easy to deal with…

…anyone can access to tons of episodes by making just a few clicks.

Thanks to the hundreds of pages available on the website… Chia Anime holds a massive library that you need to look at.

…we highly recommend trying out this service, since it allows you to search your favorite shows, hassle free!

Also try out new features added to the website to make it a mysterious quest…

10. JustDubs

Visit site:

Just Dubs is the best website for people looking out for Dubbed Anime in English…

…however, finding your favorite shows can be a little difficult because they are still in process of dubbing more and more shows.

Users can explore latest dubbed episodes with just one click, streaming performance is best due to their high-performance servers.

11. AnimeDao

Visit site:

Another favourite alternative to is AnimeDao which is also popular among the anime community.

The site has everything to offer to an anime lover including best quality playbacks, genres, interface, and categories.

Also, there is a discord server for the anime fans to discuss about their favourite anime series.

12. Masterani

Visit site:

Masterani is one of the most considerable sites for anime steaming and a powerful alternative to The website’s interface is easy to use and it doesn’t require any sign-up to watch the anime.

All you need to watch your favourite anime is the updated Flash player on your deivce, and you’re good to go.

On the homepage you will find all the latest episodes and if you want to watch any older episode you can search it in the search tab.

Also, the website features the schedule section on which all the up-coming anime series are listed.

13. VRV

Visit site:

VRV is the best platform for every animation geek. The VRV claims itself to be the best in cartoons, gaming, anime, tech, and more!

The content streams on VRV are from Mondo, NickSplat, Crunchyroll, Cartoon Hangover and many others.

New users can take a 30-day free trial without experiencing any ads. Also, there is a premium offer available for $9.99 per month. Unlike, this is a premium subscription service.

By subscribing to the premium offer, the user can access to all the latest episodes, exclusive anime series, and more.

14. Anime Planet

Visit site:

Anime Planet is known as the first manga & anime recommendation database and was founded in 2001.

The site allows a user to create a playlist for the anime you watch and has more than 40,000 episodes to choose from.

The official slogan of the website is “An anime site run by fans, for fans.”

15. AnimeLab

Visit site:

If you’re willing to watch anime in HD directly from Japan, then Animelab is the best option for you.

The series and episodes are updated every week for the users to watch. The website contains all the popular and best anime and thus we have selected it as the top 15th alternative.

Animelab has all the genres divided into categories. These categories are divided into sub-categories which allow user to choose his/her favourite anime without any problem.

Also, there is no registration process to watch your favourite anime, which makes it more popular among the community.

Most Commonly Asked Questions About

People often asked some very commonly asked questions about this Anime streaming site.

And here are answers to those:

Is KissAnime illegal?

No, KissAnime is neither legal or illegal. What is illegal was the unauthorised streaming of popular Japanese Anime due to which it went down.

Is Safe 2021?

Yup it is completely safe site. Make sure to not enter any sensitive details on any site which streams pirated content.

Which KissAnime is real one? is the real site. However, it went down since it was streaming not authorised Animes without the publishers’ permission.

Why did Kissanime shut down?

It went down since it was streaming pirated Anime on the site.

Wrapping it Up

So, these are our top alternatives. Since the website has gone down, there were a lot of issues in searching new episodes and shows…

…we believe that our top picks are going to make it easy for you to start streaming online easily.

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