Best places to buy sasti cars online in Pakistan

Buying a used car is not easy, especially in Pakistan when there are many looters and forgers who can easily trap you. They can easily sell you repaired or damaged vehicles without even letting you know. We have already seen many complaining on internet that how they were fooled when they were buying second-hand or used cars, majority of used cars have a history of hardware problems or damages like engine failure etc.

best places to buy used cars in pakistan

But today we will find out 4 places on internet where we can easily find used cars in great conditions.


PakWheels stands first in my list due to many reasons and the number one reason why they are on top is their great search engine by which you can find any sort of car by just typing a few keywords like Swift 2015, Corolla 2015 etc.

They do not just deal in used cars but completely 0-meter or unused cars with sizzling shine and attracting colors. And the best thing about them is their brand name, after all they are a very popular name in car industry in Pakistan.

I hope you can find a sasti car there.


Olx is a popular brand for buying and selling used stuff. They are not just a market place for buying or selling used cars but they are a popular brand for selling other used stuff too.

On Olx you can easily find a car for yourself, just go to Olx cars search engine and search for any specific car that you want to buy, or you can see all other cars in their inventory.

Once you have chosen a car, then it’s time to contact the owner and you can do this easily by searching for the owner’s contact details that should be found at the right of your screen.

Sasti Gari

Sasti Gari is another highly rated platform to find and purchase used cars. They have a quite helpful search engine where you can select car manufactures, model, and you have to put your minimum and maximum budget to buy a car.

But the best idea will be to search for used cars manually because it may also help you to find some underrated cars that you were not willing to buy.


PaperPk is a great platform for finding prices of cars in Pakistani rupees. Even if you are not willing to buy a car from them, then still you should have a look of their inventory to have some idea of used cars’ prices in Pakistan.

However, you must not underestimate the depth that they have in their used cars’ list. They have tons of cars for sale on very reasonable prices. But be very smart when choosing any car there.

Extra Advice

Finally, I will like to give a small advice to everyone who are looking to buy a used car. You should take some mechanical experts with you whenever you are going to purchase a car. Have some advice of experts and make sure that all the paper work is done.

Having a reliable mechanic with you will be more advantageous. And make sure that the car price is not exceeded than the market price. Also make sure that the car that you are going to buy was never involved in any criminal activity.


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