Bernie Sanders Net Worth

Bernie Sanders Net Worth:

$3 Million

Bernie Sanders’ Salary

$174 Thousand

Net Worth3 Million USD
Salary74 Thousand USD
Birth Date8th Of September 1941
Age80 years Old
ProfessionPolitician, Researcher, Writer, Movie Director, Carpenter
NationalityUSA (United States Of America)

What is the Net worth of Bernie Sander’s?

 Bernie Sanders is one of the famous American politicians who possess a net worth of 3 million dollars. He has been the representative of Vermont as a United States Senator since 2007. He has also done various Presidential campaigns.

The Income of Bernie Sanders:

In accordance with the financial disclosure of 2015, Bernie and his wife had 750,000 USD worth of assets. The total income at that point was $250-$300,000 annually in total income. Bernie’s income shot up after the launch of his book called “Our Revolution” in the year 2016. 

The total income in the year 2016 was roughly about 1M USD. The income soared a bit in the year 2017. It was 1.1M in the year 2017. The income was mainly generated from royalties and book advances in all those duration. They both had a combined adjusted gross income up to $561,000 in the year 2018. Afterwards, the book revenue decreased therefore the total earnings jumped to 393,000 USD for the duration.

He earned up to $33,770 yearly from the year 1981-1989. He generated revenue as a mayor of Burlington, Vermont.

He was also the US Congressman from the year 1990 to 2005. Thus, the total earnings generated in that duration were $90,000 to $140,000 yearly.

The total salary earned as a US Senator was approximately $174,000 annually. It all started in the year 2005. Bernie’s total net worth in the year 2017 was up to two million dollars. The total sum also counted the mortgages as well as retirement accounts.

During the 2020 Presidential campaign, he issued the 2010 tax returns that goes back to the year 2010. We have listed the total earnings of Bernie and Jane Sanders below:

2009 – 314,742 USD
2010 – 321,592 USD
2011 – 324,870 USD
2012 – 280,954 USD
2013 – 279,724 USD
2014 – 205,617 USD
2015 – 240,610 USD
2016 – 1,062,626 USD
2017 – 1,150,891 USD
2018 – 561,293 USD

The total earnings throughout the years are $4,742,919.

The Early Life of Bernie Sanders:

Bernie Sanders was born on 8th Of September, 1941. The birthplace of Bernie was New York. The father used to work as a paint salesperson. However, in the year 1921, he migrated to the United States from Hungary (Austria). Bernie’s mother (Dorothy) was born in New York City. He was raised in Midwood, Brooklyn Sanders. The family of Bernie Sanders believed in the Jewish faith. He studied at James Madison High School. Bernie was into sports during his high school days. He was the team captain of the track team. He also participates in the presidency. However, he never became the president and came last. 

Sadly, Bernie’s parents passed away when he was still young. Dorothy (mother of Bernie) died right after his graduation. He was only 19 years old when he lost his mother. She was only 46 years old! 

Not after long, the father of Bernie also died. Sanders pursued his degree from the University of Chicago. He was always interested in studying politics. Therefore, he studied political science and completed his graduation with a bachelor’s degree in the subject. He got the degree in the year 1964.

He actively participated in the political movements in Chicago. He was indulged heavily into political activism at that time. Therefore, he joined a league known as Young People’s Socialist in that duration. He partaken into many racial equality movements to various rallies! He also participated in the protests against the university’s separated campus housing policy. 

He also met Martin Luther King, Jr in March 1963. This was the time when he gave one of the memorable & legendary speeches aka “I have a Dream”. Bernie was heavily involved in the peace movements during his college days as well. He was vocal about his opinions on the antiwar etc. 

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The Career Beginnings of Bernie:

Bernie shifted to NYC right after completing his graduation. He worked hither and thither and therefore he got experience in multiple jobs before shifting to Stannard, Vermont in the year 1968. He proceeded with the typical and odd jobs while writing different articles for the alt publication known as The Vermont Freeman. 

The political career of Bernie began in 1972. It all goes back down to the time when Bernie decided to run for Vermont governor as the Liberty Union candidate. However, he didn’t succeed in 1972 as well as 1974. 

But he came 3rd in 1974. His political career progressed a bit when he secured political gains while running for the designation of Mayor of Burlington. He scored the position by winning by only twelve votes. Bernie officiated as mayor from the year 1981 to 1989. Yes, the masses loved him and re-elected Bernie thrice in a row. He was well-known for his political views on different subjects. Therefore, the folks started referring to him as a self-described Socialist perspectives and bold nature. 

All about the U.S House of Representatives:

He was known as one of the political underdogs. Therefore, he was considered as an unlikely candidate for national office. However, he snagged the seat in the year 1990 in the United States Of America, House of Representatives. In the beginning of his days there, he kind of pissed off his colleagues due to his brutal honest opinions. He not only alienated his co-workers but also nade crucial remarks on the opposite party too. He was courageous enough to state his opinions out loud. He even reprimanded famous, rich politicians and publicly supported banking reform. It’s like he chose the other side of the story where he extended his support to the poor Americans. Therefore, he casted his vote for banking reform. 

He was also renowned for opposing the Patriot Act (2001) and the war in Iraq in a very burning, vehemen way. In 2005, Rolling Stone also referred to him as the “amendment king”. He called Sanders because of his undying skills of attracting negative attention to receiving more modification than any other politician or party member, in the era of 90s. Sanders also gave his services as a representative. He served for up to 16 years till he set off as a senator in the year 2007.

The U.S Senate:

He joined the party of, running for the U.S Senate back on 21st of April, 2005. He decided when Jim Jeffords made an official announcement that he didn’t want any kind of  reelection. He was supported & endorsed by famous, well-known politicians such as former (then-senator) Barack Obama. Chuck Schumer also supported Sanders in his race of becoming the U.S senate. 

They were not the only one’s supporting Sanders as Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid to Howard Dean was also next in line to cheer-up Sanders. He won against Rich Tarrat. Tarrat had spent quite a fortune from his pocket for a successful campaign. However, he lost by a large margin to Sanders. He also got re-elected with a total number of 70%  votes casted, in the year 2012 & 2018.

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Senator Bernie has sponsored various significant bills that have now become law. For instance, Veterans’ Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment Act of 2-13. He also opposed the Troubled Asset Relief Program commonly referred to as The Wall Street Bailout in the year 2008 and 2009. He not only opposed it but also voted against it. The year 2010, Sanders popularly clutched a 8-hour long speechifying (filibuster) in opposition to George Bush’s Tax Relief act of 2010. It also comprised six foremost proposed tax regulations and cuts for the rich and elite. He showcased his support for the DREAM Act in 2010. The purpose of the DREAM Act was to provide the best-possible way to citizenship for the unprivileged. Specifically, they aimed to provide the legal right of being a citizen for minors with undocmented papers, the ones who just immigrated into the U.S.

He also successfully defended the healthcare system for the masses! He also purveyed the Affordable Care Act. The final outcome was that 11 billion USD were provided to rural community health centers in the year 2009. He was also responsible for co-sponsoring the Medicare for All bill. This plan provided a single-payer health care plan to the masses. Besides, this plan was created as a perfect response to the House’s vote to replace and repeal the ACA the year 2017. He was not the only one co-sponsoring the bill as fifteen other Senators also joined and supported the cause next to him. 

Sanders is well-known for his vigilant and strong sponsoring bills that hold up the support for the underprivileged masses. He actively introduces bills for the living wage or minimum wage earning community. He’s been a  persistent socialite and vocal on social problems. For instance, he supported the LGBTQ movement to anti-death penalty to alot more familiar causes. He also likes to refer himself as a feminist. He’s always stated his blunt opinions against the Trump administration. After all, Sanders’ opposition and criticism to Trump is not hidden from the public.

The Presidential Campaigns:

Bernie declared his determination to run for the presidency. It was back on April 30, 2015 when this statement was publicized. During the 2016 election, he ran for the Presidential nomination via Democratic Party. 

He was only supported via small personal donations instead of Super PACs. However, he made his mark and hit the jackpot only due to the small individual attention. This was never done before, it remains unparalleled till today. 

As the funding broke down all the records. Thus, Sanders owns the title to most contributions fairly! In accordance with various reports, he got approximately 1.3 million USD through contributions alone. By the end of March in the same year, the presidential campaign had gotten up to 96 Million USD. 

However, he may not have won the presidential campaign that year but he won the hearts of millions with his efforts & dedication towards his goal! In the end, Hilary Clinton won the presidency. Sanders advocated for her July 12, 2016. 

Sanders made an official announcement that he was gonna run again for the presidency in 2020. The masses took him more seriously after the 2019 and thus, he eradicated the title of an underdog successfully. 

The presidential campaign was similar like before. They followed the same strategy and gained attention of people via social media. The various social media podiums proved to be a huge reason for the campaign success. 

Do you know over 1M volunteers were recruited in only a week after the official announcement?

Sanders won the campaign in New Hampshire on February 11, 2020.

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The Private Life Of Sanders:

He got married to his college girlfriend Deborah Shiling (1964-1966). He also had a child with Levi (b.1969). The mother of Sanders’ child is Susan Mott. He got married to Jean O’Meara Driscoll in 1988. He has three childrens from that marriage. The names of three stepchildren are Dave, Heather & Carina. In total, he is grandfather to seven kids. He has published up to six books, six total till now. He has also launched his famous filibuster speech as well. 

The Real Estate:

Bernie posses the ownership of three household along with Jane Sanders. They also bought their permanent household which consists of a 4-bedroom. It is located at Chittenden County Vermont for up to 405,000 USD. They got the 324,000 USD for mortgage purpose through Congressional Federal Credit Union to afford the house. 

According to Zillow, the house is built on 2,300 square-feet of land. It has four bedrooms. The property values up to 440,000 USD.

They also purchased another household in Washington D.C in 2007. It costs around 488,999 USD. According to Zillow, the household value is 685,000 USD. As the other houses similar to Bernie were sold for approximately 800,000 USD or even more!

Bernie also owns a lavish vacation household worth up to 575,000 USD. The vacation homeland is located at Lake Champlain in Vermont. In past times, the property was worth up to 775,000 USD. The Vermant house comprises a two-story log and a cabin-style home built on 1.1 acres. 

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